Built-in furniture and custom-made furniture wholesale

Many manufacturers and suppliers built-in furniture and custom-made furniture wholesaleparticipate in the annual exhibition MEBEL .

We invite you to familiarize yourself with a list of some of the leading companies that participated in our exhibition.

Company name Description Address Phone Website
ElfOla factory of furniture We offer a large selection of furniture for home: living rooms, bedroom sets, libraries, study rooms, modern kitchens, furniture for the nursery, hallway, cabinets, cupboards and cabinets for the bathroom, upholstered furniture. 1, Pugacheva Str., Yoshkar-Ola, Republic of Mariy El, Russia +7 (8362) 73-64-67 https://elf-mebel.ru
KUHONNIY DVOR Kuhonniy Dvor factory is one of the largest companies in the production of kitchen furniture. It invites partners from all over Russia and neighboring countries for cooperation. Business could be easy. 26, Lesopitomnik Str., Malakhovka Work Settlement, Lyubertsy District, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (495) 500-0404 http://www.frkd.ru
A-VIRA The A-VIRA company is a manufacturer of decorated aluminum profiles for wardrobes and a direct importer of furniture fittings from China. 2/5, Tsentralnaya Str., Residential District Podrezkovo, Khimki, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (927) 395-4999 http://avira58.com
GRAUM GRAUM is mirror furniture No.1. Due to the full cycle of the in-house equipment you get large volumes of quality products in a short time at an affordable price. 23/852, Lesozavodskaya Str., Izhevsk, Udmurtia Republic, Russia +7 (922) 517-1153 https://graumstore.ru
MOSSMAN Production and sale of kitchen sets. Cheboksary, Chuvash Republic, Russia 8 800 600-0706 http://mossman.ru
MAMA furniture company We are 13 years old! Every month we produce 526 wardrobes and children's wardrobes for 395 stores in Russia. We make 498 families happy and comfortable at home. And in 2020, we are going to export! 7, Krasnogorskiy Trakt, 427621, Glazov, Udmurtia Republic, Russia +7 (34141) 55-4-33, 3-70-87, (950) 828-1650 http://www.mamamebel.ru
UNIQUELY A furniture design workshop founded in 2012. We think outside of the box. We create solutions that help you find a harmonious and unique style. Pavilion Dom Remesel (House of Crafts), VDNH, Bldg. 47, 119, Prospekt Mira, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 409-9539 http://www.uniquely.ru
LARVIJ INTERNATIONAL LTD Wholesale trade in wire wardrobe systems, hardware goods such as furniture & garage hooks, casters, stoppers, brackets, glass, shelves & table legs under own brand LARVIJ. 12, Dobrovol'cheskaya Str., Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 912-7074 http://www.larvij.ru
SMART FURNITURE TECHNOLOGY (QMEBEL) Qmebel does not just produce furniture we produce intelligent furniture solutions for organized homes and people who see the point. Be Q! Find out how great it is to organize LIFE AT HOME! 1V, Leningradskaya Str., Khimki, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (495) 150-5469 http://qmebel.com
E-1 E1 is a major advanced company that produces sliding door wardrobes and offers them at affordable prices. In-house network of 20 regional warehouses improves logistics and reduces delivery times. We work with more than 3,000 partners. We have been producing sliding door wardrobes since 2007. 127, Lutsenko Str., Belorechensk, Krasnodar Territory, Russia 8 800 100 12 11 http://opt.e-1.ru
INTERIKA Production and sale of upholstered furniture, production of interior beds, poufs, bedside tables, chests of drawers, furniture manufacturing by individual orders. Office 301, Bldg. 3/5, 7, Komsomol'skiy Pereulok, Suponevo Village, Bryansk District, 241520, Bryansk Region, Russia +7 (4832) 32 04 25
DOM MECHTY Carved partitions, children's furniture, kitchens, radius cabinets, beds, furniture with a carriage screed, tailor-made furniture. 85A, Moskovskoe Shosse, Ulyanovsk, Russia +7 (960) 372-5101 http://.com
ARISTO ARISTO is the manufacturer and supplier of aluminum profiles and accessories for wardrobes, partitions, sliding doors, wardrobes and shelf systems, and custom-made furniture in classical style. Structure 6, Bldg. 2, 54, Pyatnitskoe Shosse, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 504-3741 http://www.aristo.ru
LAMBERTI DESIGNER FURNITURE FACTORY We create interior items real works of art of exclusive quality and bright design to order. In-house production. We work with metal, stone, glass, wood. Bldg. 1, 6, Proezd Yablochkova, Ryazan, Russia +7 (920) 639-9064 http://lberti.ru
WORKSHOPS OF KAZADAEV AND SALKOVSKY Production of highly artistic furniture and interior items made of precious wood to order, including sketches and museum samples. Modernity and tradition, quality and exclusivity since 1997. Premises 630-636, 34, Kozhevennaya Line, 199106, Saint Petersburg, Russia +7 (921) 931-82-15 http://www.kazadaev-furniture.ru
PARAMETRO STUDIO Design and manufacture of furniture from quartzite and terazzo. Bldg. 7, 23, Avtozavodskaya Str., Moscow, Russia +7 (903) 103-7333 http://www.parametro.ru
RAUFF Systems of aluminum profiles for the production of sliding doors, cloak rooms, kitchen facades, trade equipment for clothing stores and other structures made of aluminum. 46G, 2nd Stantsionnaya Str., 630041, Novosibirsk, Russia +7 (383) 367-0133 http://www.rauff.su
OGOGO Furnishings! We break stereotype that designer interior is expensive. Our goods are designed and made in line with the last fashionable trends, they are cheaper than goods of European trade marks. 29, Kuznetskaya Str., 156005, Kostroma, Russia 88003332978 http://www.ogogo.ru
BLAGO-MEBEL Production of furniture for anteroom, wardrobes. Ready-made kits and to order. 7, Olkhovskaya Str., P.O. Box 57, Yartsevo, Smolensk Region, Russia +7 (48143) 3-11-86 http://www.blago-mebel.ru
SHARP AX SHARP AX is a manufacturer of designer furniture. Unusual design, unique textures and handwork are the basis of the corporate identity, emphasizing the exclusivity of each product. 24A, Voskresenskoe Settlement, Moscow, Russia +7 (926) 620-3663 http://sharpax.ru
PARUS & K LLC PARUS & K LLC is the first Russian manufacturer of wire storage systems and walk-in wardrobes. Office 5, 33, 35, Bldg. 4, 116, Volokolamskoe Shosse, 125371, Moscow, Russia +7 (499) 755-1212 http://www.parus-k.ru
FIRST FURNITURE FACTORY The factory area covers 52 thousand square meters. Productive capacity is 25 thousand units of furniture per year. 20-year quality guarantee. Production of a set of furniture for a 1-room apartment in 24 days. Turnkey delivery and installation. 4A, Mebel'ny Proezd, Saint Petersburg, Russia 8 800 555-0646, +7 (812) 244-9030 https://www.1mf.ru
MONA JSC A supplier of double-sided adhesive tapes for metal, wood, glass, plastics, paper, cardboard, laminate materials as well as of structural, spray, heat-activated adhesives, abrasives, PPE. Bldg. 1, 6, Kedrova Str., 115583, Moscow, Russia 8 800 505-7839 http://www.mona.ru
RIAL-DOORS Production of doors for the compartment, sale of furniture accessories, decorative glass, photo printing, sandblasting of mirrors, stained-glass windows, MDF facades, decorative MDF, sinks, table tops. 14, Domodedovskoe Shosse, Podolsk, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (495) 744-8695 http://www.rial-doors.ru
INLUX LLC Inlux is an experienced manufacturer of exclusive wardrobes and a reliable supplier of profiles and accessories. 10/7, Shmitovskiy Proezd, 123100, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 502-9218 http://www.inlux-m.ru
LART LART factory of furniture is the federal dynamically developing enterprise. Since 2001, we have been manufacturing and selling upholstered and cabinet furniture. We make home cozy and the life more comfortable. Uchastok 38, Smirnovskoe Ushchel'e, Saratov, Russia 88007008067 http://www.lartshop.ru
CHYSTY LIST Chysty List Furniture Studio produces 20 types of beds-transformers. The company produces individual cabinet furniture, wardrobes, hide-away beds, also a line of modular furniture. Room 24, 16, Prosechnaya Str., Malakhovka Settlement, Lyubertsy District, 140032, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (495) 799-1445 http://www.studio4list.ru
TOTAL M Manufacturer of Absolut Doors System for sliding-door wardrobes and cabinet furniture, as well as Cosmos suspension systems. Exclusive official dealer of Italian SM'art TSS slabs in the territory of the Russian Federation since 2018. 118A, Yaroslavskoe Shosse, Mytishchi, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (495) 980-0105 http://www.tot-kom.ru
ELFARUS Exclusive distributor of the Swedish concern Elfa International AB in the Russian and CIS markets. The company's products are functional wardrobe systems and storage systems for any place in your home. 22, Prospekt Andropova, 115533, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 215-0808 http://www.elfarus.ru
ART FASAD ART FASAD is one of the largest manufacturers of furniture facades of solid wood and MDF on the Russian market. We are able to satisfy any needs and requirements of the customer in the manufacture of kitchen furniture. 7, Podgornaya Str., Verkhnerusskoe Settlement, Stavropol Territory, Russia 88007003625 http://www.art-fasad-ug.ru
CONCEPT LIFE Factory produces painted furniture facades and sliding doors made of MDF. 5D, Stankostroiteley Str., Ivanovo, Russia +7 (930) 340-1366
Mr.Doors Mr.Doors offers a unique and exciting brand of custom-designed furniture for home, office or workplace. The company was established in 1996. The network contains more than 150 own and dealer shops. Room 2, Litera M, 40, Shosseynaya Str., Malakhovka Settlement, Lyubertsy District, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (495) 733-9380 http://www.mrdoors.ru
ERTA Production of copies and replicas of modern models of chairs and tables in the premium segment. Furniture manufacturing according to customer's designs. Work on design projects. 5/15, Pereulok Kommunalny, Orenburg, Russia +7 (9023) 65-55-17 http://erta56.ru
NEW STYLE NEW STYLE furniture factory is the manufacturer of upholstered furniture and modularized packages. Furniture manufacturing of customized dimensions and design. 2A, 2nd Inzhenerny Proezd, Ulyanovsk, Russia +7 (9272) 73-40-06, (927) 270-7521 http://ns-mebel.com

We are waiting for small and large companies, suppliers and manufacturers built-in furniture and custom-made furniture wholesale as exhibitors of the MEBEL exhibition and professional visitors from various fields of the furniture industry.