Booth Construction

Shell-scheme stand model

Standard model 1

Standard model 1

For stands under 9 sq.m.2

Standard model 2

Standard model 2
Standard stand Packagesq.m.3-89-1213-1516-2425-3233-45
Carpet color alternatives: gray, blue, red, green++++++
The height of the stand walls is 2,5 m++++++
Storage room with lockable door 1m x 1m--++++
Fascia boardpc.++++++
Lightning of the stand spacepc.1 spotlight 70W per 3 sq.m.
Plug socket 1kWpc.111122
Info counter h-1,1mpc.111111
Showcase h-1,1m (1x0,5) or 3 shelvespc.---122
Table alternatives: d-0,7m, 0,7x0,7m, 1,2x0,7m (please choose)pc.111222
Waste basketpc.111122
Clothes rackpc.111122
Stand elements Oracal covering-+++++

  • The producing of the logos is to be paid additionally
  • Additional equipment is provided in accordance with the price-list of OOO ExpoConsta

You can see a list of additional stand equipment (ordered and paid separately) in the Equipment Section here.

In case booth construction is carried out by an exhibitor independently or with the help of construction companies, you should pass the Technical Control in Expoconsta, OOO.

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