Furniture Franchising Salon expands its program at Mebel 2019

20 / 11 / 2019

The Mebelny Biznes magazine and Expocentre AO have again opened a thematic section, the Furniture Franchising Salon, at the Mebel 2019 exhibition.

Same as last year, the Salon operates on the second level of Expocentre's Pavilion No.1. Leading furniture brands present their business packages at their stands and at the Salon's supporting events.

"We have significantly broadened our program and gone beyond the limits of franchising as such," Mebelny Biznes Editor Valeria Kononenko said when she opened the Salon.

The Salon program is dedicated to the most pressing challenges for the traditional retail furniture market. Participants in the panel session on Transformation of the furniture retail from offline to online discussed threats posed by big omnichannel companies to retail furniture stores and ways of their deterrence.

In the opinion of the session speaker, Askona representative Roman Yershov, the Russian furniture market will be developing consistent with the global trends. The company is actively studying global practices and heavily investing in the development of omnichannel services. The expert shared company experience and told the audience about how Askona was building its retail strategy and what it was borrowing from global leaders.

The Mebelny Biznes magazine presented its special project Franchise Chronicles at the Salon. Major franchisers, such as Mr. Doors, Apriori, Mebel Moskva, Kukhonny Dvor, ElfaRus, Nasha Marka, and many others demonstrated their best practices.

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Press Service, Expocentre AO