Participants in Mebel 2020 online programme were told about specifics of layout of flats and antique furniture

01 / 12 / 2020

As part of the online business programme of the Mebel 2020 exhibition, two webinars were held today, organised by Archdialog together with EXPOCENTRE AO.

The first was called "Small flats. How to squeeze out the maximum". In her presentation, Olga Ryzhkova, head of the design studio, presented various layouts for creating comfortable space in a small flat. Using examples of specific flats, the speaker showed the possibilities of furniture placement and space allocation for one, two people and a family with children.

As Olga Ryzhkova stressed, "any layout must be individual to take into account the requirements of the people living in this flat. Any layout must be reasonable and take into account how much time you are going to live in this flat and what budget you are going to spend.

Webinar "Antique furniture in the interior: selection, testing and restoration. Expert recommendations" was conducted by Natalia Eliseeva, an expert in the selection of art objects for interiors.

She noted that "now the demand for an antique flat has increased. Not everyone is close to antiques in the house. But today there are more people who are ready to experiment. Antique objects in the house are self-sufficient and begin to dictate their own rules of space in the flat. They ask for their place in the flat.

The expert talked about where to buy antique furniture and what documents are required for its design when leaving other countries, and explained to the audience the specifics of placing antique furniture in flats.

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Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO