Mebel 2020 online programme of supporting events finished

02 / 12 / 2020

Today, on the last day of the online accompanying programme of the Mebel 2020 exhibition, three webinars and a panel, organised by Archdialog Company and EXPOCENTRE AO, were held.

Artem Boldyrev, architect and founder of the AC Bureau, called his speech "Re-design and Re-decor. How to make a stylish interior without much investment".

The architect believes that a person's desire to renovate an interior should be implemented quickly and cheaply. For this he offered many professional recommendations. For example, to place a folding table in the kitchen. This will increase the available space. Or use the window sill surface instead of the bedside table.

Artem Boldyrev spoke about the proper arrangement of furniture, which can adjust the room space. For example, placing vertical cabinets up to the ceiling will visually increase the height of the room. He also paid a lot of attention to dividing the flat into zones by using different colours for the walls and ceiling.

However, as he pointed out, when redesigning, it is better not to do it yourself, but to consult a professional.

Elena Mironova, interior designer and Head of the Bastet studio, gave an overview of trends and innovations at global online exhibitions. She told that due to the impossibility of holding exhibitions in a traditional format, the organisers of many European events have moved to an online format. Well-known designers presented a large number of interesting solutions, furniture, decoration and lighting items online.

Among the key trends, Elena singled out environmental friendliness and sustainable consumption. "The online exhibitions present not only furniture or decorative items made of recycled materials, but also equipment for sorting waste and recycling materials," the speaker stressed. "Most designers try to use natural materials in their work.

According to the designer, client preferences have changed in this challenging year, and the design community has responded quite quickly to these changes. Thus, people started to miss nature, and in the trends of décor there was a demand for plant prints. Forced isolation has created a need for tactile contacts, and designers offer modular designs with pleasant fabrics and materials that can be assembled by yourself.

"The trends of 2021 can safely be called handmade ceramics, ethnic motifs in combination with modern forms, comfortable minimalism," said Elena. "As for the colour, we can confidently say about the leadership of brown shades.

At the webinar Was it possible? 10 supernovations in the furniture market that surprised the designer, Blum representative Evgeny Izotov suggested ideas for functional furniture designs. The Austrian company Blum is introducing furniture fittings to the market.

The speaker presented innovative solutions for storage arrangement - Orga-line for Tandembox and Ambia-line for Legrabox - a zoning system for drawers, a narrow cabinet for Space twin bottles, as well as Space-step - a 25 cm high drawer platform that can be stepped on, with an additional drawer under the platform. The Space-step system was presented at the Mebel 2019 exhibition and aroused wide interest among visitors. These solutions are distinguished by their variability of design, convenience and ease of use, and ergonomics.

A webinar "Furniture Designer-Constructor. Search for compromise in the implementation of projects" was held in a round table format. Participants included Veronika Antelava (MrDoors), Konstantin Dudko (Flik) and Elena Paramonova (interior designer).

The essence of the problem was formulated by Elena Paramonova. Many different specialists are involved in any project, she said. Often everyone is only interested in the quality of their work. But everyone should work for a common result.

All parties therefore have a claim to each other. Designers face inattention of builders in reading the drawings, desire of builders to go the easy way, failure of deadlines and constant complaints from furniture manufacturers. For builders - "much is not clear": they complain on working drawings, unrealizable decisions, interruptions with deliveries of materials. Furniture makers complain on incoherence of actions of designers and builders, unrealizable decisions and deadlines.

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Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO