How to know your furniture customer

24 / 11 / 2021

As part of the Mebel 2021 conference programme, the Retail School and EXPOCENTRE AO held an event entitled "Neuromarketing for Sales Growth. Practical techniques".

Irina Borisova, founder of the Retail School workshop project, announced the topic of the first presentation - the Russian consumer.

 The behaviour that the consumer is now developing is important to consider for doing business," she said. "In turn, it is important to understand whether the habits of the business itself have changed, as the tools we use in our work depend on that. That's why today we will share tools that help not only in retail, but also in negotiations, in communication with consumers and suppliers.

Anastasia Sidorina from Romir Monitoring, a market research agency, spoke about research into consumer behaviour. Marketing experts believe that you need to know a detailed portrait of the customer. What he looks like, where he goes, what he pays attention to. Understand what environment he is in and what affects his spending, his wallet. The audience was introduced to a detailed analysis of consumer activity in today's transforming environment.

The hands-on event covered other topics: How neuromarketing helps increase sales; Emotional product groups. How to generate furniture shop traffic; Auditing a furniture shop through the eyes of the buyer and others.

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO