Experts shared furniture export roadmap 2022

24 / 11 / 2021

Within the conference programme of the Mebel 2021 exhibition at EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds, a Workshop on Furniture Export Roadmap. I/Z-2022: how to start exporting without mistakes and risks took place. The hybrid offline and online format of the workshop enabled the audience to be enlarged by the direct participation of experts from abroad.

The workshop looked at the successive steps of the roadmap for furniture companies in 2022 in export destinations such as the near abroad, Europe, China, the USA and the Middle East.

Reputable experts in marketing, logistics, intellectual property protection and product certification, as well as in building sales channels, took part as speakers in the workshop. They detailed the fundamentals that will help start exporting. Nikolay Evdokimov, executive director of marketing agency HENRY, Rod Tuvaev, CEO and founder of RODUP.US (Los Angeles, USA), Mikhail Medvedev, digital expert, co-founder of Inter Trade Bridges (ITB), Pavel Katkov, owner of Katkov & Partners law firm (KIP), member of the RF CCI Committee on Entrepreneurship in Media Communications and others shared their experience and knowledge.

The event was moderated by Viktoria Kuracheva, head of the Your Choice Business Support Centre, who has worked in the furniture business for more than 10 years. She noted that over the last decade, companies have greatly increased their production base in the furniture industry. Many have invested in buying machinery, training staff and trying out different sales channels, including online. But even though they were proactive, everyone felt the market was collapsing, losing market share. One of the steps for a confident company is to be able to scale up and develop an export policy, the expert is convinced.

The speakers primarily addressed those companies and enterprises that are keen to work for the future, ready to open up new areas of development as early as 2022 and who understand that they need to change their product range in order to enter global markets. Particular attention was paid to what indicators are most important when selecting an export destination, what are the special features of these destinations, what is the difference between product certification, what sales channels to use, what are the risks when entering foreign markets and how to mitigate them, as well as to object design, intellectual property protection in the furniture industry and other issues of great practical relevance.

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