Design hour discussed the latest industry trends

24 / 11 / 2022

The Design Hour seminar programme at Mebel 2022 ended with a discussion on the latest trends.

Tranquility and restraint are what we want in everyday life, and what is reflected in contemporary interior design solutions.

Comfortable and soft interiors with flowing natural lines, natural materials and muted natural colours are the main trend in recent design exhibitions, said interior designer Lina Knyazeva, head of the studio and participant in design internships in Italy, Germany and Macedonia.

Modern trends are slowing down, she noted. The theme of ecology is once again at the forefront. At the Paris and Milan fairs, manufacturers no longer present new collections every year, but rethink past ones and add details. Many companies present products made from recycled materials.

The latest decorative objects and textiles are offered to update interiors with minimal effort. These include handmade ceramics, fluffy lamps, round cushions, plush fabrics, boucle, layered bedroom textiles, modern carpets and much more.

Diana Balashova, an interior designer, founder of a design bureau for private and public interiors, and a regular participant in the Apartment Question TV, told us what should guide us in choosing partners.

In her opinion, the main thing is to monitor the status of the company and understand whether it is stable, develops new products and launches new collections, and whether the company has the resources to develop its business. Diana Balashova recommends choosing only those partners whose business is stable.

She considers the company's participation in trade shows to be indicative. In her opinion, this proves that the company is functioning well and is ready to develop its business, which means it is possible to work with it. To support a company that has serious problems is fraught with financial losses and reputational risks for the designer.

The planning horizon is now shorter for everyone - designers, clients and suppliers. You need everything and now. Russian clients are not prepared to wait for long deliveries from Europe, companies which can offer goods from stock now have priority, said Diana Balashova.

Nadezhda Lashku, interior designer, head of the Lashku design studio and member of the Moscow Union of Designers, also shared her experience. She spoke about new storage system technologies.

The founder and CEO of BRIGHT BURO, professional lighting technician and light designer Konstantin Tsepelev devoted his speech to the influence of light on the image of the interior.

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO