Day of Furniture Design at Mebel 2023

21 / 11 / 2023

Day of Furniture Design. From Idea to Implementation was held at Mebel 2023. It united several events, presented the whole palette of views on the relationship between designers and furniture makers, and offered an opportunity to exchange experience of effective interaction between those who design furniture and those who make it.

The participants in the Networking Panel on Cooperation of a Designer and a Furniture Maker. How to Find and Understand Each Other included Vera Dolina, the founder of Interior Workshop, creator of the For the Sake of Art project and furniture designer, Zhanna Fedorova, the head of New Interior anda member of the Association of Interior Designers and Decorators of Russia, and Ivan Khodenko, the head of the design and technology department, the design and architectural department and the order processing department of First Furniture Factory.

Finding a furniture supplier is the most important part of a designer's work, said Vera Dolina. She drew the attention to the crucial importance of effective communications for successful interaction between designers and managers of furniture companies.

The experience of furniture manufacturers in working with designers was shared by owner of Novy Interier Zhanna Fedorova, who gave a small step-by-step master class on building a productive dialogue with representatives of the creative community involved in designing a wide variety of furniture products. Ivan Khodenko, another representative of furniture production, spoke about the practical specifics of such interaction in terms of providing design and technological works.

Within Day of Furniture Design. From Idea to Implementation, a number of lectures were given. A presentation by head of the Style Home design studio Mikhail Grachev was dedicated to real cases and technologies for launching new furniture collections. The lecture on top mistakes designers make when working with customised furniture was given by the founders of PS Interiors design studio Alexandra Safronova and Tatiana Plotnikova. Interior designers' lawyer Elena Kryukova highlighted the topic of copyright in furniture design for designers and manufacturers.

The culmination of the day was the speech of the famous Russian designer, decorator and couturier Elena Teplitskaya. Her slogan More colour! became the trend of the day, designed to convince customers not to be afraid of bold solutions.

Day of Furniture Design. From Idea to Implementation concluded with a design tour around the show floor of Mebel 2023, clearly demonstrating all current trends in furniture design.

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO