Conference on Furniture Business the Russian Way took place

22 / 11 / 2023

Today at the Mebel 2023 exhibition there was held a conference on Furniture Business the Russian Way organised by Furniture. Investments. Retail, an industry agency for sales and conversion in the furniture market, and EXPOCENTRE AO.

Founder and CEO at Furniture. Investments. Retail, Director General at ATLANTMZS (Furniture Procurement Union) Alexey Lopukhin introduced the event programme in his opening speech. He drew the attention of the conference attendees to its purely applied, practical nature and the organisers focus on giving the participants and visitors to the Mebel exhibition an opportunity to receive fresh analytics, a review of current strategies and tools directly from furniture professionals: owners, managers, and key executives of top furniture companies.

The main goal of the conference formulated by the organisers was to discuss and find effective answers to the core questions of the current industry agenda: how to attract customers in turbulent conditions, how to manage sales and production in such circumstances, and how to implement a vital business focus on increasing conversion rates in sales?

These and other aspects were reflected in their speeches, organised into five thematic blocks, by leading experts in the furniture business.

Technologies of working with clients from marketing were highlighted by the co-owner of Furniture. Investments. Retail, furniture marketer Radmila Kiryanova, and the owners of IMPORTER, a wholesale and retail furniture company, Roman and Oksana Pechenyuk.

The conference speaker Alexey Lopukhin and furniture retail development specialist Alexander Varlamov's reports were devoted to the analysis of sales management technologies.

Two separate blocks were devoted to the topic of personnel training and education. Here, the conference participants heard reports from HR specialists Ilya Datskevich and Svetlana Novikova, business coach Irina Fantaz, acting CEO at Mebel Renessans Anastasia Begetnik, and Antonina Zhukova, owner of the VashaKomnata.RF franchise.

The conference ended with the thematic block on The Owners Role in Business. Stages and Goals, where business psychologist Juliana Tselovalnikova spoke. Kirill Borovikov, Executive Director at Aurora Premium Sofas Factory, and Azat Dineev, owner of Mebel Grant, also shared their experience with colleagues. There was a practical analysis of specific strategies and solutions for real businesses.

At the end of the conference, all registered participants had an opportunity to get at their disposal methodological materials, instructions and regulations, discussed at the event, as well as to have individual networking with experts.

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO