Day of Creativity at Mebel 2023

23 / 11 / 2023

The fourth day of Mebel 2023 was dedicated to creativity.  The Day programme included a series of lectures by leading design experts. The event was organised by Archdialog and EXPOCENTRE AO.  

Day of Creativity became a meeting place for design professionals and amateurs. Participants discussed the latest innovations and trends that would shape the industry in the coming years.

The lecture by Lena Goryacheva, who represented the MR.D.SIGN studio, was called Must Know. The Most Replicated Items of Furniture Design. How to Distinguish a Fake From an Original.

Evgenia Krivosheeva, the creator and inspirer of Sewing Workshop No.1, held a lecture on Trends in Design 2024. Looking at World Furniture Exhibitions. It introduced the latest new products and trends in the world of textile design.

Sergey Tregubov, a well-known designer and founder of the Iroom design studio, gave a lecture on How to Not Repeat an Idea? Where to Get Inspiration and References for Cool Projects.

Sergey his main mission as an interior designer in creating emotional design: To create a whole world in a flat or a customer's house, which will tell a new story every day and fill every person who is inside the space created by me with energy. According to the speaker, only if the interior evokes emotions it becomes memorable. And if the interior is invested with meaning, it becomes unforgettable.

The customers don't need to be sold to, they need to be inspired to buy, to tell a story, to be intrigued. If you can inspire the customer, the project goes more easily, says Sergey Tregubov.

As for inspiration, the techniques for finding it are quite traditional. These are travel (new places and cultures can give unique ideas), art (visiting museums, galleries, exhibitions), nature (shades, textures and shapes can inspire unique interiors), literature and cinema (stories and visual images stimulate creativity), fashion (fashion trends in clothes and accessories often echo trends in interiors). But the secret to truly creative and inspiring interiors lies in non-linear thinking, as the designer believes.

Sergey Tregubov acted as the Day's ambassador, sharing his unique vision of design and creativity on a tour around the trade show.

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO