International Exhibition Mebel2011

07 / 12 / 2011


Mebel2011, the 23rd International Exhibition for Furniture, Fittings and Upholstery was successfully held at the Expocentre Fairgrounds on November 21-25, 2011.

The Expocentre large-scale Project was arranged with the support and participation of the RF Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Union of Russian Timber Industrialists and Exporters, Association of the Russian Furniture and Woodworking Industry Enterprises, Centromebel ZAO and Centrlesexpo OAO; under the auspices of the RF Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Moscow City Government.

The Exhibition high international status and importance for the Russian furniture industry is confirmed with labels of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) and the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs (RUEF).

The Mebel show is a global professional event. It reflects all trends in the Russian and world furniture industry and is of decisive important for the Russian furniture market development.  The exhibition commercial efficiency is extremely high.  According to the estimation of an independent audit held in autumn 2011, the Mebel2011 exhibition buying potential amounted to 28, 4 39, 4 milliard rubles that exceeded the indices of the year 2010 by 50%.

Russian and foreign high-ranking guests took part in the official opening ceremony of the Mebel2011 exhibition.

Vladimir P. Strashko, the RF CCI Vice-President, welcomed the exhibition participants. Mr. Strashko noted that the RF Chamber of Commerce and industry considered the Mebel show as a component of social programmes realized in our country.  The exhibition eventually helped to make the furniture manufacturers goods and services more qualitative, meeting the users demands at the most.   

On behalf of the RF Ministry of Industry and Trade Valeriy A. Prilipov, Deputy Director of the Forestry and Light Industry Department congratulated the Exhibition participants and visitors. Mr. Prilipov said that the Mebel show had become the most representative industrial show demonstrating the Russian furniture industry potential. Participation in the Mebel2011main industrial exhibition, its saturated programme of business-related events would enable to raise competitive capacity of domestic furniture manufacturers and increase the industry export potential.

Addressing himself to the exhibition participants and organizers President of Association of the Russian Furniture and Woodworking Industry Enterprises Valentin I. Zverev pointed out that the main success in development of the exhibition that had become the Mebel leading industrial brand lay in significant growth of the Russian furniture manufacturers participation.  At the Show visitors could estimate the Russian furniture industry development, increase of its competitive capacity, new constructive and design solutions proposed by domestic enterprises. The positive industrial dynamics instilled confidence in the Russian furniture industry readiness to meet the time challenges.        

Participation of leading foreign furniture manufacturers in the Show confirmed the Mebel2011 high international rating.  This year representatives of 12 countries displayed their national expositions.  For the first time Companies from Serbia took part in the exhibition at the state level. State Secretary of the Republic of Serbia Ministry of Economics and Regional Development Goran Petkovich expressed his confidence that the participating companies and the states joint efforts on arranging the national exposition at the Mebel2011 International Exhibition would be successful and serve further development of business, co-operation among Russian and Serbian companies, and trade and economic relations of two countries as a whole.  

Director General of Centrlesexpo, Vice-President of the Union of Russian Timber Manufacturers and Exporters Timur R. Irtuganov, acting Director General of Centromebel Boris M. Smirnov and other distinguished guests took part in the opening ceremony of the 23rd International Exhibition Mebel2011.  

This year 815 companies from 36 countries participated in the Show. The total exposition space amounted to 84 715 sq. meters gross.

Companies from Bulgaria, the Republic of Belarus, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Iran, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Serbia and Spain presented their national expositions within the bounds of the Exhibition.  

Leading companies in the global furniture industry including Hettich (Germany), Hafele (Germany), Suddecor (Germany), Blum (Austria), Smeg (Italy), Camelgroup (Italy), Ballabio Ludovica Mascherotti (Italy), Alessandrex (Italy), Arredamenti Abbondi (Italy), Il Paralume Marina (Italy), MAB (Portugal), Antonio Alves (Portugal), ADC (Portugal), Asal Furniture (Egypt) and others were in the list of the Mebel2011 participants.

Participation of 553 companies from all regions of Russia is evidence of the domestic furniture industry successes.  The Russian furniture products were demonstrated by such well-known companies as Stolplit, Katjusha,   Möbel&Zeit, Fabrika Mebeli 8 Marta,  Grouppo 396, Unitex, Ametist, MDM-Complect,  MakMart, Askona, Miass Mebel, Kostroma Mebel, Borovichi-Mebel, Angstrem, Furniture of Chernozemye,  Ufamebel, Ul'yanovskiy MK, Mekran and many others.

The distinctly structured exposition encompassed all trends of the furniture market. 7 subject salons were organized for convenience of participants and visitors: Style international furniture (classics and modern); Comfort - upholstered and cabinet furniture for home, upholstery materials; Components - components and fittings for the furniture production; Kitchen - Kitchen World: furniture, appliances and accessories; Office - office and special-purpose furniture; Design interior design; Décor - separate furniture and décor items.  The exhibition wide subject range met demands of users of the all categories.  

The Mebel2011 exposition embraced a various programme of business related events. Participants discussed a number of professional issues, exchanged opinions and experience, found ways to solve vital branch problems and elaborated the development strategy.   

The Mebel as Business International Forum, the largest in modern history of Russia meeting of the furniture business first persons organized by the Imperia Congress and Exhibition Company took place at the Expocentre Fairgrounds on November, 21-22, 2011. Over 200 delegates attended the Forum.  Managers of small and medium-sized enterprises from 56 cities and 12 countries besides representatives of such well-known companies as Shatura, Ronikon, Mariya, öbel&Zeit, Dyatkovo, Pervaya Mebelnaya Fabrika and others came to the Forum to listen to experts speeches.   

Over 500 representatives of the furniture market participated in laying down the Forum programme. Just they chose key subjects for the Forum that included retail sale promotion; work with dealers, and furniture internet-trade.   

Strategic issues related to the furniture sale during lessening of customer demand, organization of the retail outlets effective work, settlement of disputes between customers and furniture companies were discussed at the Forum. Knowledge got by the delegates will undoubtedly enable them in future to avoid troubles which at times end in court and with serious financial losses.  

Representatives from 3 countries, namely, Poland, Russia, and Ukraine spoke at the session related to furniture internet-shops. Delegates had an opportunity to compare the state of affairs in the virtual sale market in different countries and discuss efficiency of various tools of the internet-marketing. Heated debates were held on issues related to the furniture promotion in social networks.    

The Forum business-related programme embraced the well-known experts master-classes on such topical subjects as Foreign Manufacturers Access to the Russian Market; Points of Customers Cooperation, and Visual Merchandising.   

Representatives of a community organized by the furniture manufacturers attended the Forum for the purpose to establish valuable business relations, get useful knowledge, and become aware of new ideas for their business as well. 

For the first time announcement of results and awarding of Russian Cabriole, the 6th All-Russian Contest for the National Industrial Furniture Design Award winners took place within the bounds of the 23rd International Exhibition Mebel2011. 

The rewarding ceremony of this prestigious Contest winners held on November 22, 2011 was organized by the Sectorial Art and Technical Council on Furniture, Association of the Russian Furniture and Woodworking Industry Enterprises, the Russian Union of Designers, and Expocentre.  

Winners of elimination rounds held during the year at the largest international and regional exhibitions in Russia became the National Award nominees.  They were 58 furniture companies from 34 regions of the country as well as design works by students of the Russian Art institutes of higher education.  

This year according to the expert commissions decision 48 participating companies were decorated with 12 gold medals, 9 silver and 9 bronze ones.  The highest award, the Russian Cabriole statuette was given to 9 companies.   

Moreover, Mebel2011 encompassed a traditional elimination round of the 7th All-Russian Contest for the National Industrial Furniture Design Award Russian Cabriole.

According to the results of the elimination round the Contest participants were presented with Certificates and Diplomas of Association of the Russian Furniture and Woodworking Industry Enterprises, the Russian Union of Designers, Nonprofit Partnership Mebel. Design. Russia, the Sectorial Art and Technical Council as well as the Contest winners Grand Prix.

The 23rd International Exhibition Mebel2011 was completed with announcement of results of the 7th International Contest in the following categories: for the Best Consumer Properties Award and for Successful Promotion of High Quality Products Award. The Contest was organized by the RF CCI Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization Soyuzexpertiza and Expocentre. 

According to the Contest commissions decision participants were presented with as follows: in the category for the Best Consumer Properties Award - 35 diplomas of the Ist degree and 35 gold medals, 13 diplomas of the IInd degree and 13 silver medals; in the category for Successful Promotion of High Quality Products Award - 3 diplomas with conferring the Contest label for further marketing their products.  

Demonstration of new and already known furniture trade marks, business communication with partners attract numerous professionals of the industry, representatives of business community and mass visitors every year.   The Mebel2011 exposition was attended by 49 620 people; 81% of them were the industry specialists.

The Mebel2011 International Exhibition traditionally afforded new opportunities for the furniture industry specialists business communication. Professionals of the industry had a unique opportunity to familiarize themselves with the best samples of furniture products, obtain information on modern manufacturing technologies, furniture materials and components.

The Show had undoubtedly a very positive effect on the domestic market development, successful promotion of the Russian products and helped to enhance the domestic manufacturers authority.

The Show organizers will be glad to welcome participants and guests of the 24th International Exhibition Mebel2012. The event will take place at the Expocentre Fairgrounds on November 19-23, 2012.    

Expocentre Press Service