Springless mattresses

Springless (orthopedic) mattresses are a specialized type of furniture for sleeping, their main function is to create the most comfortable conditions, relieve stress from the spine and skeleton, provide the most physiological posture for sleeping, including for people with disabilities or those forced to lead a sedentary (recumbent) lifestyle.

Springless mattresses must meet specific safety, hygiene, quality and comfort requirements.

Classification of springless mattresses

There are 5 degrees of hardness of orthopedic springless mattresses:

  1. Soft - made of polyurethane foam, foam rubber, felt, etc.

  2. Soft mattresses with hard elements are mattresses made of soft materials with the addition of a thin layer of coconut coir, seaweed or sisal.

  3. Medium hardness - two-sided models, "winter-summer". The sides of these mattresses are made of fillers of various rigidity and elasticity in a 50/50 ratio. It can be latex, coconut coir, polyurethane foam, etc.

  4. Hard - made of medium to high hardness materials: coconut coir, algae, artificial or natural latex.

  5. Extra-hard mattresses are specialized mattresses for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, which are made from coconut fiber, sisal and artificial latex.

In the manufacture of elite models, horsehair, abacus, coconut spring and other raw materials of natural origin can be used. Organic raw materials must have certificates confirming their quality and safety.

Materials with memory effect Memory, Visca, Memorex, Memory foam, previously used exclusively in the manufacture of mattresses for disabled people and people with limited mobility, are becoming more affordable, which is why their popularity among ordinary consumers is growing.

Market of manufacturers of springless mattresses

Despite the presence of several large players, the Russian market of springless orthopedic mattresses is far from saturation, making it one of the most promising in Eastern Europe.

A significant market share is occupied by products of 4 large domestic companies: Ascona, Toris, Consul and Ormatek, as well as one manufacturer from the Republic of Belarus - Vegas.

The main stake Russian manufacturers make on the production of products in the middle price category, available to the general consumer. Also in their assortment there are economy class products and elite models.

The availability of modern production equipment and its own technological base allows Russian companies to manufacture products that meet international quality and safety standards. The products are sold through our own retail chains and through partner companies.

Also on the market are products of the world's largest industrial associations, such as Sealy, Simmons (TM Sleepeezee) and Serta, however, due to the instability of the Russian national currency, the share of imported products is constantly decreasing. The rest of the market is occupied by lesser-known companies from Europe, China, Thailand, Malaysia and other countries.

Examples of modern springless mattresses are demonstrated by leading manufacturers and suppliers at the annual Mebel.