Large furniture companies

The furniture market in Russia is dominated by the products of Russian and Belarusian giants. These manufacturers offer furniture with world-class consumer characteristics at prices that are affordable for ordinary Russians.

This also includes the furniture of the IKEA company - the company is registered in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, but all large-sized furniture sold under this trademark in our country is produced at factories located in Russia.

Most of the Russian furniture factories are concentrated in the Central, North-West and Volga Federal Districts.

Also in the Russian market furniture from Italy is in demand & ndash; but this is a completely different price segment (luxury furniture).

Large furniture companies in Russia

The development of their own technological base and the use of the experience of foreign companies allowed Russian manufacturers to take leading positions in the furniture market in all price niches.

The largest furniture companies in Russia include the following enterprises:

  • Shatura. It has many branches and production units, has 600 brand stores in Russia and the CIS countries. The assortment is represented by all types of household furniture, as well as some types of furniture for offices and public spaces. The company is constantly expanding its assortment, offering consumers goods of all price categories. Supplier to IKEA.

  • Lapis Lazuli. The company sells its products through 500 branded showrooms located in 160 cities of Russia, and also sells goods through an online store. Modern technologies and safe materials are used to create furniture. Assortment & ndash; household furniture, furniture for offices and hotels.

  • Angstrem. The manufacturer sells products in 120 cities of Russia, and also supplies furniture to the countries of the Near Abroad. Angstrem produces cabinet and upholstered household furniture, mattresses, furniture for offices and public premises. The company offers its consumers the furniture economy, standard and premium class;

  • Stolplite. The company's products are presented in 13 regions of Russia. The basis of the assortment is made up of cabinet furniture made from high quality raw materials. The company specializes in the production of affordable and comfortable furniture, constantly expanding production capabilities and geography of presence in the regions;

  • ThreeYa . The association under the leadership of VKDP LLC specializes in the production of household and office furniture from high-quality wood-based panels (cabinet furniture), and also offers a wide selection of modern mattresses with spring blocks. Most of the goods produced under the trademark TriYa belongs to the classes economy and standard.

Other major furniture manufacturers in Russia include Miass Mebel, Chernozemye Mebel, Katyusha, Lot of Furniture. and some others.

These companies work for the federal market, as well as for export. In addition, in each region there are local large furniture manufacturers who fill the local market and even compete with federal giants.

Many large furniture companies from Russia and other countries participate in the annual Mebel exhibition.