Business ideas: furniture production

One of the attractive areas of modern production is the furniture business. There is a place in this niche for both small businesses and big serious players.

The furniture business consists of three components:

  • creating furniture;
  • work with fittings and components;
  • sale.

You can immediately start a large-scale business and cover all these three areas, or choose one of the above.

Why the furniture business is profitable

More than 300 billion rubles is the annual turnover of the furniture business. This size is comparable to the building materials market. But in this area, it is important to correctly identify and firmly occupy your niche.

In addition to its large scale, the furniture business is multifaceted. You can start producing elite wooden furniture or focus on kitchen sets of the economy segment, launch a large production or take only individual orders, open a small salon or immediately rent a space for a hypermarket. It is also possible to sell different brands or take a franchise and fly under the flag of one of the brands.

Business furniture store

The starting amount for opening a furniture store depends on the assortment and pricing policy. Standard calculations show that hall refurbishment and outdoor advertising eat up up to 45% of the estimated cost of opening, but the flashiness, convenience and a sense of coziness are worth it. Inventory - another 40-45% of the estimate. The rest is rent and advance payment to sellers.

Modern formats of the furniture business:

  • Standard furniture store, area 300-1000 sq. m, assortment from 200 commodity items. Such a point of sale covers the urgent needs for upholstered and frame furniture, bedroom and kitchen furniture, children's and office furniture. The main task is to achieve good cross-country ability, and, therefore, quick and easy purchases.

  • Furniture salon (exhibition hall) of about the same area, but with exclusive options (emphasized "not consumer goods"). Usually there are few visitors, but everyone is courted like a VIP client.

  • Furniture hypermarket, usually two- or three-story, from 1 sq. km area. It combines a standard shop and a salon, offering a wide selection, both in price and in assortment. Service is discreet, polite.

  • Specialized furniture sells sets, sets, small parties. There are also unusual samples (say, a table fountain) that set off specialization. Average prices, orientation to work with organizations, excursion style.

Ready business furniture production

When buying an existing furniture production, the key issue is profitability. It can be a workshop with 60% per annum on leased areas in the near Moscow region with investments of about 300 thousand dollars, or a factory in the regional center, two to three times more expensive and less than 50% per annum, but with the acquisition of a real estate base in ownership. < / p>

As a rule, a ready-made business is bought based on plans to modernize it or replace links in the supply and distribution chain.

It is important to work carefully with personnel: often profitability is lost, and the company collapses when a healthy core of the team is lost.

Business furniture workshop

To open requires: a non-residential premises, with a production area of ​​about 200 sq. m. Non-production area will be occupied by warehouses, utility room, office, and can vary greatly in size depending on the cost of rent, policy and technology.

The production of blanks will require at least two more warehouses of 200 sq. m, or even more, taking into account the technology.

The main production equipment should be adequate for the workshop.

Hired workers of the shop must own a tool, read drawings, set up machines (for example, with a CNC). A lot of involved specialists (designers, electricians, drivers, programmers) will also be required, with whom the work schedule must be clearly negotiated (self-financing, hourly wages, bonuses for urgent work are possible).

Business furniture fittings and facades

The manufacture of fittings requires high-precision specialized equipment, but the workshop will take up a much smaller area compared to the manufacture of furniture. There is a high dependence on the conjuncture market.

The production of furniture facades is a multi-step process. It is important to maintain good informal contact with customers here.

Marketing and advertising ideas in the furniture business

In furniture production, it is important to constantly conduct marketing research of the market, this is the only way to stay afloat. Statistics show that the majority of Russians prefer multifunctional furniture in the economy segment. In addition, both businessmen and ordinary buyers are looking for information about products on the Internet. Therefore, it is important for any representatives of the furniture business to somehow identify themselves in the network.

A furniture store is a room with a constant "change of scenery" in every corner, but without internal design delights. Outdoor is required: signboard, banners, signs. This is the only way to attract a potential buyer. To promote your store, it is important to give visitors a reason to just go in.

Many representatives of the furniture business participate as exhibitors at the Mebel exhibition at the Expocentre Fairgrounds.