Upholstered furniture companies

Each of us strives not to make a mistake when choosing when it comes to buying upholstered furniture. We are sure that our rating of some of the best manufacturers will help you make all your plans come true.

Upholstered furniture companies

Of course, there are many companies that produce and sell upholstered furniture in the modern world.

Let's single out 6 companies from the post-Soviet space, which managed to recommend themselves from the best side:

  1. Belarusian company Pinskdrev. The assortment of the company includes a huge number of models of upholstered furniture, which they say, for every taste and budget. You can buy both sofas and armchairs from the production, as well as corners, headsets and much more.

  2. Russian company Rival. If you are looking for upholstered furniture, then pay attention to the models of this well-known company. Sofas and armchairs with removable covers are a godsend for those who have pets in their apartment. And families raising small children are also increasingly purchasing such furniture.

  3. Belarusian company Laguna. The company successfully makes corner beds, beds, mattresses, poufs, sofas. The manufacturer has established itself in that the furniture (regardless of cost) is particularly reliable and has served its owners for many years.

  4. Russian firm Mebel-Holding. Couches, ottomans or sofas - all this is produced by a well-known furniture company. Today this brand is considered one of the most popular among all manufacturers of upholstered furniture from the post-Soviet space. In addition, non-standard models can be ordered at the factory, which are produced to order.

  5. Russian company Anderssen. Sofas, armchairs, couches from this manufacturer are not cheap. But the furniture is of unsurpassed quality, beauty and reliability.

  6. Russian firm Shatura-Furniture. Products from this manufacturer can be found in IKEA stores. It offers a huge assortment of sofas, armchairs and couches that will find their place not only in your country house or apartment, but also in your office.

More upholstered furniture companies

If the budget for the purchase of upholstered furniture is limited, then it is better to opt for the Pinksdrev and Rival brands. If, first of all, you need to buy high-quality sofas and armchairs that will last for many years, then you should pay attention to products from Laguna and Mebel-Holding. If you can afford really luxurious upholstered furniture, then visit Shatura-Mebel and Anderssen.

Upholstered furniture hauling firms

Furniture hauling firms offer a huge number of services. Let's dwell on the main ones.

Specialists make partial or complete replacement at your request:

  • upholstery material;

  • elements of the frame of a sofa or armchair (foam rubber, padding polyester, spring blocks).

Many companies offer to restore old antique furniture.

Addresses of some workshops in Moscow:

  • Franch-Guide http://www.profremontmebeli.ru/peretjazhka-mebeli.html;

  • 'Viscount' http://mmvikont.ru/peretyazhka_mebeli;

  • specialized restoration atelier-workshop 'Mebelink' http://mebelink.com/.

In addition, the masters can be found on specialized services, for example, http://remont.youdo.com/furniture/hauling/ or https://belgorod.profi.ru/remont/mebel/peretyazhka-i-obivka-mebeli /.

Upholstered furniture cleaning companies

Sofas, armchairs and poufs may sooner or later lose their original appearance due to stains that appear even with the most careful use. Of course, it makes no sense to change the entire headset.

It is very, very difficult to get rid of stains from oil, wine, blood, brilliant green or potassium permanganate on your own. It is better to immediately order the services of a professional dry cleaning of furniture. Moreover, today this service can be done directly at the client's home. There are companies that specialize only in upholstered furniture, and companies that offer to put any textile products in order. In addition to stains, dry cleaning can eliminate unpleasant odors.

List of dry cleaners of upholstered furniture in Moscow:

  • Eco Cleaning LLC http://www.eco-chistka.ru/chistka-divanov.shtml;

  • 'Express cleaning' http://express-chistka.ru/;

  • 'AQUA cleaning' https://aqua-chistka.ru/himchistka-divanov/.

To make the right choice, look through the profiles, read the price list. Another option is & ndash; these are reviews from previous customers.

How to find a good company serving upholstered furniture

Remember that those who are looking will always find the furniture they need. If you have at least roughly decided on the choice, then it is better to make a purchase in online stores. There, prices are cheaper, and the whole range of upholstered furniture, as they say, is in front of your eyes. After all, ordinary retail outlets exhibit in their halls about 10% of all goods sold due to the high rent of premises.

Again, read reviews of companies on the Internet on third-party resources, and not on the websites of manufacturing companies. And do not chase after cheapness: really good upholstered furniture cannot cost a penny.

Many leading firms for the production, manufacture, banner, cleaning of upholstered furniture participate in the annual exhibition MEBEL.