Furniture fittings

Fittings play an extremely important role in the manufacture of quality furniture. Since in the production of furniture you have to put together a lot of parts and elements, you cannot do without special fittings.

Components, materials and accessories should be selected very carefully, giving preference only to reliable manufacturers and suppliers in order to obtain high quality products, stylish and ergonomic.

Furniture accessories: mechanisms, materials, spare parts, upholstery

Furniture fittings are extremely diverse. It includes fasteners, ties, hinges, shelf holders, magnets, frames, guides, decor. Upholstery, fillers, etc. are often referred to the category of accessories. Accessories are made from different types of metals and alloys, wood, plastic.

All fittings can be divided into three categories: facade, connecting and fixing. The first two categories are sometimes combined into one - front fittings.

A more detailed list of furniture fittings includes:

  • decorative details;
  • mechanisms;
  • spring blocks;
  • fasteners;
  • hardware;
  • adhesives;
  • upholstery - fabrics, leather and more;
  • technical fillers.

These are the most popular and demanded types of fittings that are used in the production of cabinet, upholstered and other types of furniture.

Features of fittings for the production of upholstered furniture

The production of upholstered furniture (for example, sofas or beds) is impossible without fittings. It allows you to make it more functional, beautiful and comfortable. Almost all sofas today have one or another folding mechanism. The mechanism also belongs to the category of furniture fittings.

In addition, fittings for the production of upholstered furniture may include:

  • metal frames;
  • mechanisms for folding sofas and for raising the bed;
  • metal and plastic decor;
  • supports;
  • spring blocks;
  • furniture adhesives;
  • fabrics and materials;
  • sewing accessories.

Manufacture of fittings for assembly, furniture manufacturing

The production of fittings for the assembly and manufacture of furniture usually includes two stages. At the first stage, blanks are made, cast from metal or plastic, and turned from wood. After that, the fittings are processed. It can be either processing with special equipment or manual work.

Often, processing consists in applying special compounds, especially if it is wooden fittings. Also, the fittings can include several elements or be a single piece. In the first case, an additional stage in the production of fittings will be assembly.

Furniture fittings manufacturers

There are many companies that produce furniture fittings, but not all of them are trustworthy.

Some of the most renowned manufacturers that have an excellent reputation and offer exceptional quality products include:

  • System - specializes in the production of supports and furniture handles;

  • Hafele - the main specialization of the company is furniture fittings technology;

  • Korner - manufacturer of skirting boards for worktops;

  • Rehau - produces skirting boards and furniture edges;

  • Blum - manufactures opening systems and sliding mechanisms;

  • Cebi - manufacturer of furniture handles;

  • Braun - aluminum sliding door systems;

  • Samet - offers runners, aluminum profiles and hinges;

  • Raumplus - sliding mechanisms for wardrobes and wardrobes;

  • Velam is a manufacturer of mattresses.

Not all factories are limited to one type of fittings, as a rule, their assortment is much wider. However, fittings, which have always been the main product of the brand, are distinguished by their special quality and reliability.

Ordering new furniture fittings

You can purchase furniture fittings in different ways. There are special stores where accessories are sold, but even with discounts, it is not profitable to make wholesale purchases there. You can contact the intermediaries, but their prices are usually much higher than the hardware actually costs.

The best way is to purchase furniture fittings directly from manufacturers or official suppliers. So you can get not only the most favorable conditions, but also a guarantee of the authenticity and quality of products.

Wholesale suppliers and warehouses selling furniture fittings

The following wholesale suppliers offering the purchase of furniture fittings can be distinguished:

  1. Mega-port - the company has been operating since 2005, specializing in the production of profile elements. The production uses the most modern equipment and technology.

  2. LLC "Divnogorsk Plant of Polymer Products" - offers plastic thrust bearings, supports, plate holders and other accessories for furniture.

  3. OOO TD Megapolis - produces a variety of accessories for upholstered furniture, kitchen sets, etc.

  4. MagnetSar - produces magnets for doors in cabinets, sideboards and other types of furniture with doors.

  5. UNIPLIT - offers door linings, boards for the production of furniture from LMDF and MDF.

  6. LLC Promresurs - specializes in the production of fasteners for furniture assembly.

These and many other companies offer a wide range of furniture fittings. The best products of the company are presented at various exhibitions that are held annually.

Where to buy wholesale quality fittings for furniture manufacturing

High-quality fittings can be bought directly from manufacturers, but enterprises usually ship goods in large quantities. Another option is to search for a solution on the Internet on specialized sites. In addition, you can buy fittings from foreign manufacturers, for example, in Chinese factories. Here it is important to attach great importance to quality and control over the supply in general. You should request a complete specification for the product so that there are no discrepancies with the actual fittings.

Hardware manufacturers at the exhibition

International Furniture Exhibition is one of the largest events in the furniture industry. The exhibition takes place in Moscow, on the territory of the Expocentre. Not only furniture companies, but also furniture fittings manufacturers present their products there. Here you can see the products of companies from different countries.

In addition to Russian firms, factories from Italy, Turkey, Denmark, China are participating in the exhibition.

Manufacturers from Eastern Europe are especially well represented. The inset gathers both representatives of the largest brands in the production of furniture and fittings, but also interior designers, architects to study the market, communicate and establish effective business relationships.

The exhibition allows you to get acquainted with current trends in the production of furniture fittings, allows you to unite suppliers, manufacturers in different directions with consumers.

Fittings, like furniture, are presented in various categories, luxury collections and budget options, furniture and fittings for living rooms, kitchens, nurseries, dining rooms and other premises.

Participation in the exhibition is beneficial for any manufacturer of accessories. In this case, the company can receive the following benefits:

  • opportunity to profitably present your products;
  • networking with consumers and intermediaries;
  • collecting information about competitors;
  • assistance in choosing the directions of the company's development;
  • development of the manufacturer's image;
  • assessment of the company's competitiveness and improvement of its position.

Thus, any manufacturer can benefit from participating in such an exhibition. To do this, you must first submit an application on the website or by phone.

Thus, more about furniture fittings: production, manufacturers, suppliers, wholesale purchase; can be found at the annual Mebel exhibition.