Equipment for the production of furniture

Modern equipment for furniture production should ensure a consistently high quality of products with minimal costs for their manufacture.

Equipment for woodworking and production of solid wood furniture

Natural wood furniture has been appreciated at all times. Nowadays, the demand for such products is also quite high and therefore many companies are engaged in their production. The main technology of this process is the production of blanks from a bar and the creation of glued panels.

Based on this process, the company selects the necessary equipment:

  1. A grinding machine is needed to level the planes and grind them. The workpieces are calibrated using a grinding machine.

  2. The milling machine is used for processing metal parts, rotating elements, flat and shaped surfaces.
  3. Thicknesser is necessary in the process of milling boards of different thicknesses, boards and beams.

  4. Edgebander - the unit can be either manual or automatic. The machine is required for gluing decorative edges on the side parts of the panels.

  5. Drilling and filler machine is used to add various elements of furniture (shelves, fronts, racks).

Equipment for the production of cabinet furniture

Today, a huge number of large and small enterprises are engaged in the manufacture of cabinet furniture.

In principle, in order to assemble cabinet furniture from blanks, complex equipment is not required. But if a company is keen to keep costs down, then universal machines will be needed.

Of the most demanded units for the furniture shop, the following can be distinguished:

  • a casing-format machine is necessary for cutting out various elements of cabinet furniture (racks, shelves, facades);

  • an edgebander is a unit with which a protective edge is glued to parts and a film to facades;

  • an additive machine is needed to drill various parts of cabinet furniture;

  • the press machine is used to create facades and other decorative parts.

In addition to machines for assembling cabinet furniture, you need a simple power tool, for example:

  • electric jigsaw;
  • electric drill;
  • screwdriver;
  • sander.

Additionally required: hammers, planer, screwdrivers, glue gun and other hand tools. Most of the companies that produce cabinet furniture make products to order. This process requires a computer with a special program in which you can draw a model in 3D graphics. Thus, the time between the development of a furniture set and its production is significantly reduced.

Equipment for the production of upholstered furniture

The production of upholstered furniture is now considered a profitable business that will generate income for the owner, despite the high competition in this area.

In order to launch the production of upholstered furniture, you need the following equipment:

  1. Woodworking machine. Its main task is to create special blanks from solid wood.

  2. Edging machine. Designed to produce various details for furniture.

  3. Milling machine. Used for processing flat wooden and metal surfaces.

  4. Grinding unit. Used for grinding and leveling various elements.

  5. Circular saw. Allows you to create round or rounded elements.

  6. Facing machine. It is needed for gluing a decorative edge or film on end parts.

  7. Cutting table. The material used in the production of upholstered furniture is cut on it.

In addition to the complex equipment listed above, you will need a simple and electric tool:

  • electric jigsaw;
  • drill;
  • sander;
  • screwdriver;
  • furniture stapler;
  • sewing machine.

Equipment for the production of furniture from chipboard

Now chipboard is one of the most popular materials used for the production of tables, cabinets, kitchens. In principle, working with chipboard requires the same equipment as for creating cabinet furniture.

For example, in a chipboard furniture workshop, the following should be installed:

  • manual or automatic edge banding machine;

  • grinding, filler and milling machines.

To work on assembling chipboard furniture you will need:

  • electric drill;

  • electric jigsaw;

  • miter box;

  • set of knives and drills;

  • puncher;

  • screwdriver.

Equipment for the production of kitchen furniture

In the production of kitchen sets, different materials (chipboard, wood, MDF) are used to work with which special equipment is required. In many ways, these are the same machines that are used in the production of cabinet furniture. But there is also a peculiarity - these are the devices on which kitchen facades are created.

The list of required equipment includes:

  • welding machine;

  • edging and cutting machines;

  • a milling machine is needed for drawing patterns on kitchen facades made of MDF and wood;

  • a machine for gluing PVC film on the embossed parts of the facade, you will also need a vacuum press for this process;

  • a hand-held router is required for applying film to curved surfaces.

When assembling kitchen furniture, you will need hand and power tools.

For example:

  • electric jigsaw;
  • drill;
  • screwdriver;
  • miter box;
  • special knife;
  • hammer set.

Where can I buy furniture manufacturing equipment

Today, equipment for a furniture enterprise can be purchased at specialized exhibitions, from companies that sell such equipment. For example, AMSG supplies machine tools from European and Japanese manufacturers to the domestic market.

Quality equipment from different brands is offered by the KAMI Association.

Furniture manufacturing equipment manufacturers and suppliers

Among Russian companies, MDM-Techno is one of the largest suppliers of machines and equipment for woodworking and the production of cabinet furniture. The company "Negotsiant-Engineering" is an official dealer of more than one hundred manufacturers of equipment for the production of furniture from all over the world.

The following companies are supplying equipment: Saprom, Variobalt, Ducon.

Among the world's most famous brands of machine tools and equipment for the production of furniture are the following companies:

  • Brandt, Germany. The company develops a variety of machines for working in furniture or woodworking industries;

  • Griggio, Italy. The company supplies machines to the markets of European and other countries, allowing you to do various operations, including in furniture production;

  • Scm Group, Italy. The company develops and sells sophisticated machine tools with software that can create various elements of furniture facades. The company produces machines necessary for furniture production;

  • Morbidelli, Italy. The company produces technological lines for the production of furniture facades from a variety of materials.

Exhibition of equipment for the production of furniture

Today, many manufacturers and suppliers of equipment for furniture production exhibit their products at specialized exhibitions. In addition to demonstrating their own developments, at such events, representatives of the furniture business have the opportunity to get acquainted with competitors' products.

Thanks to specialized exhibitions, manufacturers have the opportunity to conclude new cooperation agreements and explore new markets for the sale of equipment.

Among such large-scale events, the Mebel Exhibition of the Expocentre Central Exhibition Complex, where a huge number of well-known Russian and foreign companies gathers, stands out.