Furniture factories in Russia

The furniture industry in modern Russia is highly competitive. Furniture factories in Russia are competing for buyers not only with European and Chinese brands, but also among themselves.

Cabinet furniture factories in Russia have great production potential:

  • highly qualified personnel work in the industry;

  • innovative technologies are constantly being improved;

  • quality materials are used.

Thus, the production of furniture at the Orelmebel plant is carried out using high-tech equipment. In addition, the factory has a streamlined delivery system.

In some areas, cabinet furniture factories are the main industrial enterprises. The Russian factory "Dana" is the only plant in the urban settlement of Nakhabino. The company manufactures products using Spanish technology. The assortment includes: living rooms, kitchens, nurseries, hallways, showcases, dressing tables, desks, sideboards.

There are regions where the number of furniture factories is quite large. More than 25 furniture production facilities operate in Krasnoyarsk. One of them - the "Grand Mebel" factory began its history in 1993.

The company occupies one of the leading positions in the furniture industry market in the regions of Siberia and the Far East. The company is constantly expanding and improving its assortment.

Upholstered furniture factories in Russia

Russian factories of upholstered furniture produce the entire range of products: sofas, poufs, armchairs. Enterprises are constantly being modernized.

For example, the Geniuspark factory was opened in 2007. For 10 years the company has grown into a major manufacturer of upholstered furniture. The shops of the Geniuspark factory are open not only in central Russia, but also in the cities of the Far East - Khabarovsk and Vladivostok.

The DE MARCA factory located in Tatarstan produces upholstered furniture with various designs and color palettes. Experts carry out quality control at all stages of production. The plant produces recliners, armchairs, modular sofas and other products.

The Gloria factory (Novosibirsk) differs from other manufacturers of upholstered furniture in a flexible system of cooperation and an individual approach to each client. Gloria produces dressers, corner sofas, hallways, computer tables and other upholstered furniture.

Children's furniture factories in Russia

Special requirements for safety and ergonomics are imposed on products manufactured at factories for children's furniture. Despite this, the number of companies specializing in this area is constantly growing.

LLC "Nylginskaya Furniture Factory" (Izhevsk) operates under the slogan: "Best for children!" Furniture for children is made of solid birch in accordance with all safety standards. The main assortment - cribs are decorated with carvings or paintings.

In the company directory:

  • chairs and tables for children;
  • dressers;
  • toy boxes;
  • rocking chair;
  • whiteboards.

The INFINITI factory (Moscow) manufactures products according to European quality standards. The production uses shungite crumb, which has medicinal properties and is beneficial to health. Therefore, INFINITI furniture is often purchased by kindergartens.

All products are made of high quality materials that are resistant to humidity, temperature extremes and light. All production is fully automated.

The Forest Manufactory Factory (Sverdlovsk Region) has a half-century history of working with wood. Currently, production is carried out on high-tech equipment. The factory produces children's playgrounds, wooden toys, children's furniture, decorative interior items.

The Balam factory (Salavat city, Republic of Bashkortostan) is engaged in the production of a full range of children's furniture for preschool educational institutions and schools. Manufacturing takes place according to individual sketches and meets the latest safety requirements.

It is impossible to find brightly colored furniture in the collection - the manufacturer does not use such a range so as not to irritate the eyes of babies.

Modular and cabinet furniture from Russian factories

Each of us is used to making our life easier, and the comfort itself is better. And this will undoubtedly help cabinet furniture. With its help, we store our things, dishes, write, dine and relax. This type of furniture is named due to the rigid elements that form its structure.

At the present time, without cabinet furniture, it is difficult for us to imagine the design of any living space. This includes furniture for bedrooms and children's rooms, living rooms, hallways, kitchens, offices. This furniture is obliged to provide comfort, all functional needs, aesthetic requirements, as well as to embody ideas for the design of the interior of the room. All these requirements can be met by factories manufacturing cabinet furniture in Russia .

You ask, what is this type of furniture product?

Modular cabinet furniture represents separate elements (modules), with the help of which their owner is able to independently easily shape the interior of his room, relying on his needs, size of housing and functional requirements.

Furniture factories in Russia strive to satisfy the needs of every potential consumer, even the most demanding and fastidious target audience. They constantly update the range of products they produce, and also do not stop there, developing more and more modern models. Cabinet modular furniture is an integral element for the formation of modern housing.

Factories of cabinet furniture in Russia for the manufacture of these products use a variety of materials: fiberboard, chipboard, MDF and solid wood.

All raw materials used by Russian factories are environmentally friendly and absolutely harmless to human health. In confirmation of this, there are certificates of quality and conformity.

More recently, several decades ago, a massive wall was considered the most popular cabinet furniture. At the present time, everything has changed dramatically.

Now such furniture has remained in the distant past. It is being replaced by lightweight and multifunctional walls for living rooms, which consist of light cabinets, shelves, mezzanines and side tables.

In addition to all this, such furniture can add free space and comfort to any living space. By purchasing cabinet furniture from Russian factories, you are guaranteed to receive aesthetic, stylish, reliable and durable furniture products.

Most Russian cabinet furniture factories , in order to achieve the maximum service life of their products, use special facing materials that have moisture-repellent properties. These include lacquered laminate or veneer. And their edges are protected with a specially designed PVC material. This prevents moisture from entering.

And in order to obtain widespread use of cabinet furniture, factories use various combinations of finishes using aluminum, mirror and glass. This combination of materials can add flavor and beautify your interior.

Representatives of furniture factories from Russia and other countries at the exhibition

Furniture Exhibition Expocentre Fairgrounds is one of the most important events for the Russian furniture market.

Exhibition "Furniture" allows manufacturers to get acquainted with the latest achievements of the furniture industry. For Russian companies, this is a great opportunity to demonstrate their new products, find business partners and investors.

In the Russian market, import substitution of furniture products is underway and export is actively developing. At the Mebel exhibition you can see Russian furniture, which corresponds to, and in many respects surpasses its foreign counterparts.

In order to increase the number of their consumers and sales of cabinet furniture, Russian enterprises demonstrate their products at various exhibitions.

The Mebel Exhibition is quite famous not only in Russia, but also in Europe.

For more than 40 years, this international event has gathered in one place a huge number of companies not only from our country, but also from Europe, America and Asia. The exhibition will also be attended by representatives of leading factories and plants.