Furniture production in Yekaterinburg, Yaroslavl and other cities

Furniture has always been a relevant accessory for the formation of a certain stylistic solution for premises for various purposes.

In most cases, furniture & ndash; it is the basis for the design of an apartment, a house, a small bedroom and solid offices in offices and government agencies.

Furniture production in Yekaterinburg

Various noble varieties of trees grow in the Urals, which provides great opportunities for the creativity of cabinetmakers working in the individual sector and creating furniture for mass production.

More than fifty specialized factories, workshops and ateliers are engaged in the manufacture of furniture in Yekaterinburg, which fully satisfy the demand in the city, region and region as a whole.

The most famous companies are:

  • 'Furniture Tycoon' & ndash; over five years of work, the company's employees have designed and implemented more than 2 thousand kitchens;

  • 'Artsofa' & ndash; the assortment includes models of straight, corner and combined sofas, with various transformation systems;

  • 'Diana' & ndash; Ekaterinburg upholstered furniture factory;

  • 'Vanguard furniture' & ndash; manufactures cabinet furniture for office and home & ndash; these are reception desks, conference tables, metal shelves, computer tables and partitions;

  • 'Neo-furniture' specializes in the production of economy-class armchairs, sofas, poufs and kitchen nooks.

Custom metal furniture production in Yekaterinburg

In modern design, furniture that has elements of casting, forging or is completely made of metal fits quite organically. It can be used for interior stylish solutions of living quarters and decoration of the local area.

The production of metal furniture to order in Yekaterinburg is carried out by the companies Steel Furniture, Seifburg, Uralgrandis. and other manufacturing facilities.

Furniture production Yaroslavl

White-stone Yaroslavl is one of the oldest Russian cities with centuries-old traditions in various industries, including furniture making.

Modern cabinet furniture is offered by Forward Furniture, Vetta Furniture, Style Life Furniture.

You can make custom-made furniture in the following companies: Furniture Factory Mebeleor, Prague Furniture and others.

Furniture production Stavropol

Manufacturing of furniture in Stavropol and the cities of the region is carried out at large furniture enterprises, where mass production is mastered, small-scale production workshops and tailor-made ateliers.

The individual order will be fulfilled by Komod, Furniture Bureau, Kitchen Furniture Salon, Maxi Kitchens, Vista Furniture, Furniture. Service, BRV-furniture.

Mass production is carried out by Stavropolmebel, Olmeko furniture factory, Rosmebel, Mary, XXI century.

Thanks to modern technologies, a potential buyer and trading companies can study all the offers and make a choice, even make an advance payment for the selected model, without leaving home.

Furniture enterprises in Stavropol offer: excellent quality, modern design and different conditions for production, volumes and delivery.

Furniture production in Krasnoyarsk

How to update the style and design of a new, completely uninhabited or already boring apartment.

To make the home modern, furnished in strict accordance with fashion trends, starting with the renewal of furnishings & ndash; advice from any interior designer. This can be a radical update of the entire furniture set or the acquisition of one thing that will completely change the mood in the room.

Furniture production in Krasnoyarsk & ndash; a sufficiently developed industry that allows us to satisfy all customer needs, without exception, both in terms of quality and aesthetics, and in terms of price.

The most famous companies are:

  • 'NKM-furniture' specializes in cabinet furniture;

  • 'Yar-comfort' & ndash; makes different models of sofas and armchairs;

  • 'Your Furniture' & ndash; factory for the production of economy class furniture;

  • Ego & ndash; the factory produces sofas and armchairs in the form of standard models and modular systems.

Furniture production in Novosibirsk

Modern furniture production in Novosibirsk is widely represented. Companies offer exclusive options for the large home, office headsets for the office and modular systems for small spaces.

Among the Novosibirsk manufacturers, one can single out such enterprises as:

  • Romanchenko furniture factory & ndash; specializes in custom-made office, children's, cabinet and kitchen furniture;

  • factory of upholstered furniture "Relax" & ndash; offers beds, armchairs, poufs, chairs and sofas;

  • Mebek Camping Furniture Factory & ndash; manufactures folding tables and chairs, bar and garden furniture.

  • MF `` Triana '' & ndash; custom-made cabinet furniture.

Furniture production in Chelyabinsk

Modern furniture production in Chelyabinsk is distinguished by a high level of technical equipment.

Furniture manufacturing companies include:

  • & laquo; Yunusov & amp; K & raquo; makes sofas, armchairs, beds;

  • 'Interior Premiere' & ndash; in the company's catalog cabinet furniture, wardrobes, kitchens, children's, hallways, walls, trade equipment;

  • 'Planta' & ndash; manufactures tables for the kitchen, kitchen sets from solid wood;

  • Edis Plus & ndash; these are different types of office furniture.

Furniture production Irkutsk

The following companies are engaged in furniture production in Irkutsk:

  • 'Irkutsk Furniture Factory' specializes in kitchen and nursery furniture;

  • 'Empire of Furniture' & ndash; one of the largest furniture factories in Irkutsk makes walls, kitchens, nurseries, bedrooms;

  • 'Baikal Furniture Factory' (BMK) offers solid wood furniture and interior elements, office models;

  • furniture factory Harmony offers a wide range of products with almost all types of furniture.

You can learn more about furniture production in Yekaterinburg, Yaroslavl, Stavropol, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk and other countries at the annual Mebel exhibition.