Furniture components

Accessories & ndash; these are important components of any piece of furniture. With the help of fittings, individual pieces of furniture are fastened together, such details, as a rule, are hidden inside the product. Components used for decoration are located outside.

Manufacture of furniture components

Components and fittings are manufactured at furniture factories. These products are essential for furniture manufacturers and retailers.

In the production of furniture fittings, different types of machines are used: milling, turning, drilling, thread rolling.

Details for furniture are made from different raw materials: wood, metal, plastic, a combination of these elements is possible. External elements are polished, painted, powder coated.

There are several manufacturers of components for furniture production in Russia. Most of the material is purchased abroad.

Types of furniture components for furniture production

Manufacturers of furniture components and accessories produce a huge range of products.

Furniture fittings and components include:

  • countertops;

  • furniture boards and facades;

  • spring blocks for upholstered furniture;

  • fasteners: hinges, corners, pins, hardware, screws, hooks and much more;

  • furniture accessories: shelves, blinds, connecting elements;

  • finishing profiles;

  • sinks for kitchens.

This is not a complete list, the range of products of furniture companies includes more than a thousand different items.

Wholesale of furniture fittings and components

The sale of furniture fittings is carried out by supplying firms that purchase consignments of goods from domestic and foreign manufacturers. Products go to furniture manufacturers and companies that sell components at retail.

Furniture component manufacturers and suppliers

Furniture components come to suppliers, as a rule, from abroad, but there are also small factories for the production of components in Russia.

The most popular manufacturing firms are:

  • a company from Spain Amig has been operating on the market since 1940, produces interchangeable fittings;

  • The Austrian company Blum produces unique cabinet doors and fastening parts;

  • Boyard one of the largest in Russia, supplies products to all major cities of the country;

  • Valmax produces mainly facade fittings;

  • 'Polymerkomplekt' manufactures sliding and folding systems, metaboxes.

Note that Russian products are of low cost and high quality.

Learn more about furniture components: production, manufacturers, suppliers; available at the annual Mebel exhibition.