Furniture products

Furniture is an integral part of the life of any person, it is necessary for equipping household and industrial premises. Furniture production is constantly growing, new technologies and materials are being introduced.

The construction of compact studio apartments has led to the appearance on the market of built-in and compact furniture, which allows furnishing small rooms.

On the other hand, the development of suburban real estate contributed to the expansion of the production of custom-made furniture. According to the legislation, each new type of furniture must comply with the requirements for hygiene and safety.

Certification of furniture products: TR and CU on safety

On July 1, 2014, the CU TR entered into force - the technical regulation of the Customs Union on the safety of furniture products, according to which furniture and its further operation must meet the requirements of protecting life, human health, animals and the environment. The technical regulations cover the production of furniture products for residential and public premises.

In order to issue a certificate for the manufactured furniture, the manufacturer must submit an application to an accredited certification body.

There are four main groups for the furniture declaration procedure:

  • tables;
  • chairs (sofas, armchairs);
  • beds;
  • wardrobes.

The validity period of the issued certificate is set for a maximum of 5 years.

Furniture manufacturers and suppliers

A large number of manufacturers and suppliers of furniture products operate in Russia.

Furniture factory "Shatura", founded in 1961, produces products for home and office that meet all the requirements of customers. The factory sells both luxury and budget furniture.

"Tria" makes furniture from environmentally friendly wood material, works on European equipment. Prices for such products are quite affordable for any budget.

Kaliningrad furniture factory "Lazurit" produces cabinet furniture from high quality materials, such as rattan, bamboo. Accordingly, prices for their products are above average.

Premium Company supplies its products for apartments and commercial premises, which are appreciated by buyers for decent quality and reasonable prices.

The Yekaterinburg factory "Soyuz-mebel" offers a wide range of furniture, which is covered by an 18-month warranty. Kitchen worktops are highly resistant to chipping and scratching.

Another reliable furniture manufacturer is the Silva company. High-quality goods are manufactured on German and Italian equipment. Fast delivery and reasonable prices.

Courage produces furniture for household needs on a modular basis. Its products are of high quality and an 18-month warranty. Good ratio of quality and price.

Promotion of various types of furniture products at the exhibition

The Furniture Exhibition is, first of all, an opportunity provided by the organizers of the event, the project participants, through which they can demonstrate their new developments. Young companies, led by budding businessmen, will participate along with experienced "sharks" - true experts in their field.

Every year, furniture design technology develops rapidly, leading experts carefully monitor the quality of the manufactured goods, and designers painstakingly work on sketches of new collections.

In recent years, production has stepped forward so much, and the rows with products today are so crowded that it is very difficult for a modern person to independently figure out which of the proposed models is better, and which product will best meet the needs.

The Furniture Exhibition offers a selection of only the best manufacturers of our time, in a price-quality ratio. At the Expocentre sites, goods from both foreign and domestic manufacturers will be demonstrated.

Furniture products at the exhibition are divided into the following categories:

  • upholstered and cabinet furniture;
  • specialized models;
  • for children;
  • kitchen furniture;
  • tourist, etc.

All types of furniture should be used clearly for their intended purpose, otherwise it threatens to break down quickly.

The Furniture Exhibition in Moscow is a grandiose event, during which everyone will be able to highlight something useful for themselves. It is visited by both entrepreneurs (owners of large companies, co-owners of chain stores, private entrepreneurs), in order to acquire important contacts and the opportunity to accept or offer cooperation at work, and practical users, that is, consumers.

The furniture exhibition in Moscow is very popular. One of the most demanded and frequently requested types of furniture can be called a nursery. Such products today occupy a fairly stable position on the market. Children grow up all the time, respectively, and furniture must be changed at regular intervals. Therefore, the demand for this category of products has always been, is and will be.

Promotion of children's and kitchen furniture at the exhibition

The exhibition of children's furniture in Moscow is presented in all kinds of variations. This is a huge number of different shapes of beds, and an abundance of designs for wardrobes, tables and other things.

Children's furniture must be:

  • safe - since many models belong to the transformer variety, therefore they are made of very durable material;

  • environmentally friendly - should not cause allergic reactions and skin inflammation;

  • practical and versatile;

  • aesthetically pleasing, bright.

Furniture for children must meet the highest standards.

The exhibition of kitchen furniture will delight the guests of the program with its abundance of products made in different stylistic solutions. These are angular, strict forms, variations with rough edges that fit perfectly into the interior of the minimalist style, classic headsets, as well as bright, juicy colors of fresh greenery, flaunting the elements of kitchen furniture, which perfectly fit into the design of an eclectic kitchen.

Promotion of designer furniture and other furniture products at the exhibition

The International Furniture Fair helps development and authoring products. Today, a nominal type of work is very common. The manufacturing procedure is often practiced with handmade elements.

The Design Furniture Exhibition offers its own perspective on the overview of the benefits of copyright products:

  • an opportunity to get a unique product of its kind;

  • a real work of art in interior decoration;

  • is the object of admiration for the guests of the house.

Not so long ago, the modern market was shocked by a new event - the product of the designer Haeyoen Kim, who created a chair in the form of a pedestal. Its name is Meditation Everyday. It resembles a low pedestal that rises 20-25 cm above the ground.

Climbing on it, you will not be able to take any pose, since it is designed to balance the body. It is possible to take a position on it, except in the lotus position, to concentrate and clear of unnecessary thoughts. Today this product has managed to win the attention of a thousandth audience.

Copyright novelties at the furniture exhibition are not only a bright accent of any room, but also the practicality of the product used for its intended purpose. At the thematic event, you can visually familiarize yourself with such masterpieces.

Furniture exhibitions in Russia actively contribute to the promotion of goods, many of which support domestic production, giving preference to Moscow manufacturers.

Promotion and promotion of the furniture market

Promotion to the furniture market of various domestic and foreign companies is carried out through:

  • mass media - through advertising on television, in magazines, on the vastness of Internet sites, on billboards and billboards.

  • monitoring and development of promotions by PR managers and leading marketers;

  • drafting a franchise agreement.

Many novice businessmen make the same mistakes, believing that the purchase of goods is already half the way to success. In fact, it takes a lot of work for a business to thrive and bear fruit in the form of income. The fact is that today the offer is so extensive that it is difficult to determine with the naked eye which model is better and which products will last a really long time.

In pursuit of the goal of running an effective and profitable business, you should take part in exhibitions, and in the course of your business you should regularly hold promotions and offer attractive discounts to the consumer.

Furniture Exhibition is a place for forming business acquaintances, concluding business deals, and participation can be regarded as an opportunity to find suitable products or to demonstrate them yourself at the exhibition stands.

You can learn more about furniture products, their TR, TS certification, promotion at the annual Mebel exhibition.