Furniture Suppliers

Furniture is one of the most popular product categories on the market today. Products related to this segment may differ in purpose, design, materials, shape, installation method and cost.

Today on the market you can find many offers, both from factories that work with individuals and companies, and suppliers who buy furniture from manufacturers and sell products at a premium.

Suppliers of upholstered furniture

A large segment of the market is occupied by upholstered furniture: it includes sofas, armchairs, ottomans and other items with soft upholstery, intended for home and - less often - office use.

Well-known companies selling upholstered furniture:

  • Cozy House is a Vladimir factory offering a wide range of upholstered furniture for the home.

  • IMO Furniture is a company that produces and sells standard products and custom-made items according to individual sizes.

  • Sharm-Design is a Moscow supplier operating since 1998 and offering a huge selection of sofas and armchairs.

  • Nikos-Mebel is another Moscow firm with an office in Mytishchi. The company is engaged in production and quality control at every stage.

Children's furniture suppliers

Products for children, in addition to attractive design and appropriate dimensions, must comply with the SanPin requirements for environmental safety and no harm to health.

Quality furniture for children is produced and sold by the following companies:

  • "Fireweed". It is a manufacturer of children's toys, fold-out sofas, armchairs and rocking chairs, using safe materials for its products.

  • "Dana". The furniture factory has been operating since 2002, it offers a large selection of cabinet furniture, including for furnishing a nursery.

  • Balam. This company offers an extensive range of furniture for kindergartens and rooms, all products strictly meet the criteria for reliability and durability, unpretentious in maintenance.

  • The Little Humpbacked Horse. The company offers growth chairs and balancing chairs that have an ergonomic structure and allow you to develop correct posture.

Kindergarten Furniture Suppliers

Among the companies offering furniture for kindergartens, nurseries and other preschool institutions, there are Balam and Imperial firms. These companies manufacture and sell beds, tables, wardrobes, cabinets for hygiene items and pots, toy shelves, play furniture. All products are environmentally friendly and designed for high loads and active use.

Office Furniture Suppliers

Office products may differ in purpose, design and materials of manufacture. The most popular types of products are office sofas, armchairs, tables and chairs, metal and plastic shelves, cabinets, secure safes.

These products are manufactured and offered for sale by the following companies:

  • LLC Metkon is a Saratov-based company for the production of cabinets and cash safes.

  • Estelle is a company from Perm that offers cabinet furniture.

  • Legion Furniture is a company that manufactures products on a metal frame with a chrome coating.

  • Modny Komodik is a manufacturer of office furniture (tables, chairs, sofas, armchairs).

Kitchen furniture suppliers

Products for kitchens can be modular or free-standing, the most popular types are furniture walls, kitchen tables, chairs, sofas, cupboards and sink racks.

These products can be ordered from the following suppliers:

  • Zolotoy Oak is a company that produces a large selection of home furniture, including for installation in the kitchen. Office and production facilities are located in the Oryol region.

  • January is a company offering a variety of kitchen items, from headsets to cabinets and sofas.

  • Exclusive is a company from Kurgan that manufactures products for all premises, including kitchens, to order. The supplier also offers serial products.

  • ECO is a manufacturer of environmentally friendly items; the assortment includes tables, headsets, chairs, bar counters and much more.

Leading suppliers of furniture fabrics

The purchase of upholstery fabrics is in demand both among manufacturers of cabinet and built-in furniture, and firms that provide services for hauling and restoration. The most popular suppliers of such products are TextileData, Tex-Style, Riflesso, Panorama Decor, Arben and a number of others.

The services of suppliers of leather are in demand, which is used for the production and repair of office / trade sofas and armchairs. These include the companies "Polytex", "Biggar", "Lakavanna", "Trade-Modus" and "Soyuz-M".

Rattan Furniture Suppliers

Rattan products are lightweight, comfortable in design, environmentally friendly and reasonably priced. Rattan is often used for armchairs, chairs, tables, furniture for terraces and verandas.

Popular suppliers of such products:

  • "Terico" - the company offers artificial rattan furniture, works with wholesale and retail buyers. The office is located in Odessa.

  • Triumph is a Cherepovets company selling artificial rattan products for country houses and summer cottages. The company works with wholesalers, you can place an order in the amount of 60 thousand rubles.

Wholesale Furniture Suppliers

Companies offering wholesale supplies of products, as a rule, cooperate with resellers, large customers (for example, a large manufacturing or trading company, a social institution, and others). The purchase amount in such companies can start from 50-100 thousand rubles.

Most popular wholesalers:

  • Metal-Beds is a seller of metal solid and folding furniture, operating in Moscow and the region.

  • Trade House "Miassmebel" is a supplier of cabinet products, furniture in classic style.

  • "Golden Oak" is a factory operating since 1999 and offering wholesale and retail supplies.

  • Estelle is a Perm manufacturer of furniture for home, office and summer cottages.

  • January is a Bryansk supplier of cabinet products.

  • Greta is a cabinet-type kitchen furniture manufacturer working with wholesale customers.

Wholesale China Furniture Suppliers

Chinese products occupy a large segment of the market in the economy category: such furniture is much cheaper than Italian and American products, while combining a decent appearance with a good level of quality.

Manufactured furniture products from China serve for quite a long time, they are unpretentious in care and operation. Modern suppliers offer a wide range of Chinese upholstered, office, children's, classic furniture, rattan, MDF and fiberboard.

In addition, many hotels, restaurants and other public institutions order Chinese products, as this is the best way to create a beautiful interior and save money. The following companies are engaged in wholesale deliveries of furniture from China: "CHIN-RU", "ESF", "MBL Tour" & nbsp; and others.

Furniture Suppliers from Malaysia

Malaysian products are less common on the market, but their popularity is quite high. Some of the suppliers of such products are, for example, the companies "Mebwill", "Mik Mebel", "M-lion".

From suppliers you can order interior items for the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom or hallway. Furniture from Malaysia is practical and durable.

Italian furniture suppliers

Products from Italy are in great demand among wealthy people who are ready to pay not only for quality and style, but also prestige: its cost is considered one of the highest. Italian furniture should be bought in trusted stores, where original goods are presented in the assortment; these include, for example, the supplier Arredo.

In the catalog you can find products of the Mediterranean factories Altamoda, Bamax, Francesco Molon, Il loft, Ligne Roset, Mascheroni, Turri and a number of others. Such products are of high quality and exclusive design, expensive types of wood are often used for their manufacture, and decoration can be done using mosaics, stone, smalt.

Furniture suppliers in Moscow

The Moscow market is represented by hundreds of offers, both from factories and resellers.

Popular Metropolitan Suppliers:

  • "12 chairs" - a company selling office and upholstered hotel furniture.

  • Ikea is a Swedish subsidiary selling items for the home, office and shops, from beds and armchairs to cabinets and racks.

  • SKY Furniture is a manufacturer of products for home, summer cottages and restaurants.

  • Studio Bar is a manufacturer of bar counters, restaurant equipment and furniture for cafes, canteens and hotels.

  • LianozovoMebel is a manufacturer of cabinet products.

  • Shatura Furniture is a company that produces cabinet and modular products for home and office.

Market of furniture suppliers

Furniture is a constantly demanded product. The demand for interior objects is always relevant. This is facilitated by fashion trends that change annually, the emergence of new materials and a variety of manufacturers.

Hundreds of companies are represented on the furniture market, each of which offers an exclusive line of products. Major furniture suppliers stand out among them. These are furniture resellers.

The company purchases interior objects directly from the manufacturer and then sells them at its own margin. This opens up wide opportunities for income and financial growth. With a well-designed pricing policy and established partnerships, you can recoup the initial costs in a few months.

The range of products is practically unlimited. Sofas, furniture walls, kitchen sets, beds and designer accessories are on sale. In recent years, exclusive furniture from private designers has been popular. Moreover, we are talking not only about foreign brands, but also about domestic manufacturers that provide no less quality products.

Where to find suppliers and manufacturers of furniture?

It is obvious that it is difficult for a novice entrepreneur with no experience and connections to enlist the support of famous brands. You need to start with domestic companies.

There are several companies in each region that manufacture custom-made furniture. These are small factories with low production volumes. Workshop prices are minimal, and the level of performance is not inferior to world standards.

You can work with furniture factories under bilateral agreements. The entrepreneur orders both ready-made furniture products and leaves applications for the production of exclusive interior objects. Thanks to this, it is possible to expand the consumer audience.

Owners of country houses and offices with non-standard layouts prefer to order the production of furniture according to individual sketches.

Pricing flexibility is the basis for commercial growth. In the provinces, consumer options are limited. Too high a markup will scare customers away. Selling luxury furniture is useless at first. Better to focus on objects made of artificial wood - a budgetary and durable material designed for long-term use.

How to sell and promote furniture to suppliers?

Furniture suppliers with a solid budget open stationary showrooms. This is a rational step. It is easier to buy a sofa in a salon, where you can see and touch it, than in an online store. However, the cost of setting up a professional store is high.

You will have to spend money on renting premises (in the central regions, these are huge sums), hiring personnel (you need sales consultants, office workers, security guards, loaders), shop decoration and advertising. To implement the tasks, serious investments are required, which are problematic to find without third-party support.

Working on the Internet is more promising. Furniture brands have their own online marketplaces. The costs of developing a web resource are minimal and will not hit your pocket. You can order a website in professional web studios. Designers will create an exclusive website with a responsive interface and unique design.

Internet sales provide an opportunity to work with a multi-million audience of customers. These can be both residents of a particular city or region, and representatives of other regions. Marketing promotion on the Internet is effective and gives a guaranteed result, but at the same time requires minimal investment.

For a novice businessman, online marketing is the best option for advertising promotion.

Promotion of furniture products must be carried out according to a preliminary plan. It is rational to trust professionals. Services of advertising agencies will not hit your pocket and will allow you to achieve your goals in a short time.

The marketer uses social networks and search engines as the main tools. In social networks, you can get in direct contact with the buyer and carry out targeted promotion. Search engine ratings make it possible to raise the web resource of an online store to top positions for queries.

The use of banner and outdoor advertising is irrelevant. The costs of producing posters and renting space are too high and do not respond to the return.

Exhibitions, for example, at the Furniture exhibition, are becoming an alternative option.

Major furniture suppliers at the exhibition

Many companies and individuals who are going to order furniture products do not know how to choose and where to look for suppliers who will offer quality products.

One of the best ways is to visit specialized exhibitions. One of the major events of this type is the Mebel exhibition, which is held by the Expocentre Fairgrounds .

During the exhibition, visitors have the opportunity to get acquainted with manufacturing materials, production technologies, and see finished samples.

The exhibition is attended by several dozen different companies, both domestic and foreign. Thus, it is much easier to compare different brands and offers than to travel to offices or search for information on the net.

Many major furniture suppliers offer promotional catalogs that you can pick up and explore in a more relaxed environment. The catalog usually contains the entire assortment, which is impossible to mark out within one exposition.

Choosing your furniture supplier wisely is a good way to select high-quality, inexpensive and aesthetic products.