Cabinet manufacturers

One of the main criteria that you should pay attention to when buying a cabinet is its manufacturer. The cabinet from a well-known manufacturer will have a solid construction and a long service life.

Renowned cabinet makers

Laminated cabinets from Komandor are very popular in Russia. The doors of the cabinets of this brand have a silent closing mechanism and can be combined, glass, mirrored and panel. The Schlegel acts as a seal to prevent dust from entering the cabinet.

For safety, the mirrors are covered with a special film that does not allow the broken mirror to fly into small fragments. Glass doors are made of impact resistant glass.

The height of the doors reaches 275 cm, but a mezzanine with drop-down or sliding doors can further increase the height of the cabinet.

The second most popular is the German manufacturer STALEY. It has a unique manufacturing technology. Most companies first take measurements at the customer's place, then manufacture parts for them, and then assemble the cabinet on site.

In order for the cabinet to fit perfectly into its intended place, STANLEY adjusts every detail to the specifics of the template made by the customer. Then, the cabinet is assembled.

There are other companies in the list of well-known cabinet manufacturers:

  • the German brand Raum +, offering innovative solutions for built-in and cabinet furniture. In the company's catalog: sliding wardrobes, corner models, furniture for offices and libraries, office options;

  • Polish company Absolut Doors System produces wardrobes with a sliding door system developed by the brand's specialists;

  • products under the Alutech brand are represented in more than 65 countries of the world, the production of the company's products in Russia is carried out at the Alutech Siberia plant. The company specializes in sliding doors, roller shutter systems, and industrial wardrobes.

Aristo is a well-known Russian cabinet manufacturer. For more than a decade of its existence, the Aristo brand has established itself as a reliable manufacturer and supplier of cabinets, aluminum profiles, components and fittings. The company has a wide network of dealerships throughout the country from Moscow to Vladivostok.

Custom cabinet manufacturers of various types

First of all, when making a custom-made cabinet, for certain parameters, measurements are taken and various nuances are taken into account. In parallel, the customer will have to choose a cabinet design or seek help from a designer manufacturer.

Further, the designer, based on measurements and the selected design, forms the project of the future cabinet. Then, the finished design data is transferred to production. Manufacturers usually have a special order distribution system that allows them to complete a large number of projects in a short time.

Well-known manufacturers of custom-made wardrobes in Russia are Mr.Doors, Elisa and Anri.

Radius cabinet manufacturers

The radius cabinet differs from other cabinets by its shape - the doors and their holders are made in the form of an arc. The manufacturing process of radius cabinets is quite complicated, but they can perfectly fit into the interior and give it volume. From other cabinets, they are distinguished by a large selection of cabinet front options and its execution. Basically, such cabinets are assembled on site, at the customer's place.

Mebelain, Radial and ArtMax are among the leaders in the production of radius cabinets in Russia.

Corner cabinet manufacturers

Corner cabinets allow you to use the space in the room rationally. They are roomy and compact at the same time. Perfectly combined with the interior of the room, becoming its irreplaceable part.

Corner cabinets have different modifications - from inexpensive ones with the simplest design to complex ones equipped with mezzanines, additional shelves and drawers.

In order for the cabinet to fit well into the interior, it is necessary to pay special attention to its dimensions and design. The main share of the Russian furniture market is occupied by cabinets from Stanwood, Aelita and Aleana Mebel.

Swing cabinet manufacturers

Wardrobes are a popular type of furniture. They are simple in design and few in parts, making them inexpensive. Despite the low price, their quality and practicality are not inferior to cabinets from higher price segments. Most often, a swing cabinet is made of chipboard or planks with pressed shavings, it is also possible to use more expensive materials, it all depends on the price of the cabinet.

A swing cabinet is a great choice when design is not important to the buyer. Buying this cabinet is an economical and practical option. These cabinets do not have guides, their doors are fixed with ordinary hinges.

Some of the leading manufacturers of swing cabinets in Russia are Intedi, Elisa and Borovichi.

Solid wood cabinet manufacturers

Wardrobes made of solid wood such as alder, oak, birch have high liquidity in the furniture market. They not only indicate good taste, security of the owner, but also have a positive effect on his health. Thanks to the base made of natural wood species, they are particularly durable.

Solid wood wardrobes belong to the high price segment or premium class. Often they are made to order to better match the interior of the room. In order to give the furniture a sophisticated shape, the woodworking process is carried out by several experienced craftsmen.

Popular manufacturers of solid wood cabinets in Russia are Leon, Dana and Verdi.

Wardrobes in the hallway from the manufacturer

The wardrobe in the hallway should be roomy, reliable, functional and have a solid facade, because a large number of shoes and outerwear are stored in the hallway. It is necessary that the storage of clothes of each type has a clear order, and each type of wardrobe has a shelf and a mezzanine reserved for it.

The most practical option for a hallway would be a wardrobe with sliding mirrored doors. Cabinets from E1, Stanwood and Aelita are very popular on the Russian market.

Manufacturers of metal wardrobes

Metal wardrobes are used to protect valuable items from theft. Most often they are installed in locker rooms, office buildings, supermarkets and other public places. The design of the metal cabinets is quite simple: a latch lock to close the cabinet, one or two shelves and a metal case.

These cabinets are most often sold ready-made, they are rarely made to order. In Russia, the leaders in the production of metal cabinets are the domestic companies Metal-Zavod, Promet and Praktik.

Wardrobes manufacturers

A wardrobe is an integral part of home improvement. Its practical design allows you to free up a significant part of the room space and hide wardrobe and household items. During its production, high strength materials from European manufacturers are used. The color of its facade is matched to the interior of the room. The most popular colors are laminate and solid wood. The customer can choose other options depending on their preferences.

The main feature of the wardrobe is the sliding door mechanism, which slide open with the help of special hinges

For 2017, the Russian cabinetry market is one of the leaders of the company "Stanwood", "Staley" and "Aelita".

Major cabinet manufacturers at the show

All types of wardrobes from various manufacturers can be seen at the Mebel exhibition held by the Expocentre Fairgrounds. At the exhibition you can see domestic and foreign brands specializing in various types of furniture: metal, wood, designer, custom, premium.

The exhibition brings together manufacturers, suppliers and trading companies.

Members can:

  • agree on mutual cooperation;
  • to conduct business negotiations;
  • to outline new sales markets.

With the help of Mebel Exhibition it is possible to increase brand and company awareness for investors. Thanks to this large-scale event in the furniture industry, the quality of production can be raised to a new level.

The Mebel Exhibition influences the development of the furniture industry. After the event, many furniture manufacturers improve the quality of their products, improve technologies.

Leading manufacturers of cabinets of various types will also participate in the exhibition.