Equipment tables

The table is a versatile product that can be used in a wide variety of areas of human activity. It is difficult to imagine the work of catering establishments, schools, offices without a table.

In industrial plants, tables serve as stands for various machines and units.

In medicine, special & nbsp; tables are used that allow you to examine the patient and carry out special procedures. In other words, the table is an integral part of the modern production process.

Various types of tables for special equipment

Tables are made from different materials, ranging from chipboard to special metal profiles. Therefore, in the process of assembling the table, a wide variety of equipment is used.

So, if you need to assemble a desk from solid wood, you will need:

  • electric planer;
  • drilling unit;
  • grinding machine;
  • special cutter.

If the table is assembled from chipboard, then you will need:

  • sawing machine. It is needed for cutting a chipboard sheet;
  • filler machine;
  • grinding machine (grinder);
  • electric drill;
  • screwdriver;
  • electric jigsaw.

For the production of specialized tables that are used in the field of public catering, medicine, pharmaceuticals, complex industrial machines are required that can accurately process metal blanks.

Equipment includes:

  • CNC lathes. Equipment like this can produce accurate parts in large quantities;
  • milling machines;
  • hydraulic press. Used to create production table top covers with built-in sinks and sinks.

In the process of assembling specialized furniture, materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, steel, plastic, glass are used. This allows you to make lightweight, but reliable and durable structures.

Tables for kitchen equipment

A person who has no idea about the structure of a professional kitchen may think that the table does not play a big role here, especially when compared to a stove or a refrigerator. However, every chef knows how important it is to have a quality production table in the workplace.

The chef performs most of the manipulations with products on the table, and therefore the choice of this element of the kitchen is extremely important.

Most modern kitchen tables are made from special food grade stainless steel. This material does not absorb odors, so both vegetables and meat can be cut on a stainless steel. Typically, such a table has one shelf under the table top for storing dishes or tools.

When choosing a production kitchen table, you should study the main characteristics. The table should be convenient in terms of configuration and size.

Choosing the right countertop is important. If meat will often be cut on the table, it is better to take a model with a steel or plastic surface. If you are going to mainly cut vegetables on the table, the wooden version will do.

Tables with built-in sinks are considered very comfortable, this simplifies many manipulations in the kitchen.

Buffet equipment

The buffet is a popular way to set a dining room. With this method, different dishes can be offered to a large number of visitors at the same time. Most often, this method of serving is used in resort hotels and catering establishments.

In addition to the table itself, this method of serving food uses various additional equipment. For example:

  • glass showcases that attract visitors with a selection of dishes. There are showcases that are able to support special conditions for storing food;

  • special heating equipment like bain-marie and chafinji. Maintain the required temperature of food;

  • tabletop transparent showcases equipped with air circulation devices. This keeps the food fresh;

  • special containers that contain hot coffee or tea. In some cases, this is done using a coffee machine or alcohol burner.

Trading tables for equipment

Trading tables are a type of specialized furniture designed for the arrangement of retail outlets and shops. The quality of this equipment often determines the company's profit.

Manufacturers produce a wide range of trading tables. Various materials are used in the assembly process, from wood and chipboard to metal alloys.

The main requirements that trading tables must meet are equipment:

  • economy (low price);
  • compliance with sanitary standards;
  • aesthetic appearance;
  • ergonomics;
  • good performance.

Performance is critical. Trading tables should be comfortable for the seller and the buyer. Convenient if the equipment is easy to disassemble, which allows you to quickly transport furniture.

According to sanitary standards, trading tables must easily withstand mechanical, chemical and temperature effects.

Modern trade equipment has attractive aesthetic properties. This factor can seriously affect sales at a particular outlet.

Industrial tables for various equipment

No production can do without a well-equipped workplace. It should be convenient for a specialist to perform the necessary manipulations.

Industrial tables and equipment can be made from various materials (wood, metal profile, stainless steel). It all depends on the scope.

In most cases, chipboard is used in the production of industrial tables. A standard industrial table is a metal frame on which chipboard is laid. From above, the tabletop can be covered with textolite, since this material is able to withstand serious mechanical stress.

The metal parts of the table are painted with powder paint, which protects it from corrosion. The product turns out to be simple, but at the same time quite strong and reliable.

Massage tables and equipment

Manufacturers of medical equipment produce a wide range of massage tables for every taste and pocket. All massage tables are divided into three groups.

Stationary massage tables are designed to equip massage rooms and hospitals. Stationary massage tables are distinguished by their impressive dimensions and heavy weight. On the other hand, the equipment can provide a high level of patient comfort.

Folding massage tables are small in size and can be easily assembled if necessary. Folding tables are not too heavy and are often used by professionals for massage at home. This group of equipment is the most popular.

Massage couch: the simplest option for portable equipment. Although there are models that can be folded out and adjusted in height.

Tables-stands for equipment

In production, small machines and units are often used that require a special stand. To accomplish this task, furniture manufacturers produce special tables-stands.

Models can be assembled from different materials (chipboard, wood, metal, plastic) and used in different production areas. The main quality of such equipment is their stability. Equipment stands must be able to withstand heavy loads.

Tables for sewing equipment

Tables for sewing equipment can have different configurations and dimensions. For example, if you need to install a small sewing machine, a simple table made of chipboard will do.

If a table is required for serious industrial equipment, it is important that the design:

  • met all the requirements for ergonomics;

  • may have been regulated;

  • had a dedicated overlock surface;

  • in some cases was supplemented with an elevator to lift the car.

There are models of folding tables that can be assembled after completion of the work. Basically, tables for sewing equipment are assembled from a metal profile and wood.

Tables for medical equipment

In hospitals and clinics, different types of special tables are used, which are necessary for medical operations, manipulations and examination of patients.

There are tables that are designed for specific medical specialties (dentists, anesthesiologists, otolaryngologists).

The main thing that unites such equipment is strict sanitary norms and standards. Basically, medical tables are assembled from a special type of steel. Medical equipment tables should be as functional as possible. Therefore, the structures are equipped with additional shelves for medical instruments and other items.

Manufacturers and suppliers of equipment tables

Various companies are engaged in the production and sale of specialized furniture, including production tables.

These companies include the following:

  • the company "Metmebelgroup" - is engaged in the production and sale of industrial, medical, trading tables, assembled from metal alloy and steel. The company has been operating for several years in the domestic market;

  • The Stol-Pro company has been manufacturing equipment from a metal frame for more than 7 years, including tables for sewing workshops;

  • Legion Furniture supplies high-quality imported production tables especially for equipping restaurants, canteens and cafes;

  • ASK medical company is a manufacturer of instrument tables.

Modern tables for various types of equipment and purposes are demonstrated at the annual Mebel exhibition.