The Mebel’2007 International Exhibition held on 12-14 November at Expocentre Fairgrounds successfully continued traditions of all the previous editions of the event and marked an important stage in the exhibition development. Mebel’2007 was organized by Expocentre with support from the Ministry of Industry and Energy of the Russian Federation and the Government of Moscow; and with assistance from the All-Russian public organization "Russian association workers of the furniture industry and trade "FURNITURE-MAKERS OF RUSSIA", the Russian Union of Timber Industrialists and Exporters, Centromebel ZAO and the Centerlesexpo Company. Since 2003 the Mebel Exhibition has been held under the auspices of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.

The high international status of the Exhibition is approved by UFI – the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry and RUEF – the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs.

Mebel’2007, the 19th International Exhibition for Furniture, Fittings and Upholstery, featured products by all world-famous brands. Confirming its status as the largest furniture industry event both in Russia and Eastern Europe, in 2007 the Mebel Exhibition brought together over 1 200 companies from 28 countries. 12 countries, namely China, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, and Thailand presented their national expositions. For the first time the Mebel Exhibition played host to Malaysian furniture makers that presented their products at a national collective stand.

The Exhibition occupied about 45 500 sq m.

Reflecting the pace and development trends of the domestic furniture market, the Russian exposition demonstrated almost all woodworking and furniture making regions of Russia. In 2007 the show welcomed 620 Russian companies for which the event is a unique platform for cooperation and networking with the best international furniture makers.

This year the organizers continued to arrange the exhibition space. For a more convenient display of products and effective work at the show the exhibits were grouped into thematic salons. The Kitchen and Accessories Salon was located in Pavilion #3, the Furniture Fittings and Upholstery Salon – in Pavilions #5 and #6, the Interior Show Salon – in the Manezh Central Exhibition Hall.

The Moscow International Salon Interior Show’2007 became a new integral part of the Mebel Exhibition by Expocentre. It was held in association with the Eidos Communications Media Agency of the Salon-Press Publishing House. The Salon demonstrated the art of interior design, offering creative solutions for the Russian elite property market. The Salon highlighted the world design history and showcased the most interesting modern ideas and projects in design and architecture.

The Fashion Home Collection Section put on display the most exquisite products of world-known fashion houses: furniture by Fendi, Missoni and Armani, rugs by Paul Smith and Vivienne Westwood, and tableware by Cacharel. The Interior Show Salon incorporated the Design Museum exposition, the Heritage. Moscow Embassies Interiors photo show, exhibition of works by the nominees for the Architectural Award’2007 International Contest, the participants of the ‘Russian Design’ Competition in Design of Objects, nominees of the Star’s House International Student Architectural Contest for which students from across the world had created house design projects for celebrities of the past and present such as Elisabeth II, Salvador Dali, Fyodor Bondarchuk, Mila Jovovich, - and the display of Welcome, Sochi! Hotel Room for a Champion’ design projects, and many others. The Programme of Events of Mebel’2007 was exceptionally varied and busy. General business communication was arranged in 2 formats: B2B and B2C. For the convenience of the participants the Business Centre was in operation in Hall 3 of Pavilion #8.

The Mebel’2007 Exhibition, that traditionally showcases the whole spectrum of the furniture products, included the 4th ZOW International Specialized Exhibition. This show was organized by SURVEY Marketing and Consulting (Germany) and RESTECTM Exhibition Company (Russia). On the show floor of 3 000 sq m 75 exhibitors put on display components, fittings and materials for the furniture industry.

The 2nd Moscow International Congress of the Furniture Industry – MIFIC – became one of the topical furniture industry events of unparalleled significance for Russia. A busy programme of seminars, conferences, master classes and round tables offered the participants an opportunity to discuss all aspects of the furniture industry development. The speakers at the conference were renowned specialists in marketing, advertising and business psychology, leading IT and copyright specialists, famous designers and heads of companies.

The expansion of the Mebel’2007 show made it even more interesting for the furniture industry specialists. Mebel’2007 and its related events were attended by 33 710 people; the number of professional visitors increased by 1.5 times compared to the previous show. This year specialist attendance reached 88% (29 660 people) of the total attendance. The total visitor attendance was 52 000.

The Exhibition provided furniture specialists with new opportunities for networking and will, undoubtedly, favour the development of the furniture market, promote domestic furniture products and enhance the prestige of Russian furniture manufacturers.

 The Exhibition organizers are glad to invite you to Mebel’2008, the 20th Anniversary International Exhibition for Furniture, Fittings and Upholstery held at Expocentre Fairgrounds on 24–28 November 2008, and to the Moscow International Salon Interior Show’2008, held in the Manezh Central Exhibition Hall during the same period.