Sites of furniture factories

If you were looking for new sofas and armchairs in your apartment or country house, you probably visited the websites of furniture factories in our country. Agree, they really can compete with well-known manufacturers from Europe, including in design.

Today, almost every self-respecting furniture manufacturer has their own Internet portals. In addition, information about the sites is necessary for everyone who decided to open their own furniture store or already has retail outlets, but needs new business partners.

Let's take a closer look at how to choose furniture on the Internet.

Sites of Russian furniture factories

You can take a look at furniture portals, and you will find all the addresses of interest for the websites of manufacturing factories. We are talking about such resources as,,, But how, in the end, can you not make a mistake and choose exactly the online store where a really high-quality product is sold?

Pay attention first of all to the site itself. The site should be attractive, convenient for every potential buyer. Pages should be well-designed, with a description under each product. Of course, a photo of upholstered furniture sold is required. It's good if there are reviews from former clients of the company. See how many negative points are indicated. If people point out a lot of disadvantages once purchasing a product here, it is better to look for another online store.

Of course, there should be feedback as well. How to trust the seller when there is no way to consult with a specialist, ask a question of interest online? Otherwise, you risk buying a "pig in a poke" and not quality furniture.

When choosing an online store, you shouldn't give preference to suppliers. Better to trust the manufacturers right away. Then you will save money, and you will definitely receive a guarantee. In addition, the manufacturers will carry out the repairs themselves if you are interested. Find out about the availability of promotions, discounts for regular customers. Who knows, you may be able to buy furniture at really ridiculous prices.

Sites of Moscow furniture factories

Most of the furniture factories are located in the capital of our country and in the Moscow region. On the Internet, you will find a catalog of furniture factories from small to large.

This is how the most visited website of furniture makers looks like (the rating is based on the number of visitors and the number of views in June 2017):

Sites of furniture factories in St. Petersburg

You can find out about the websites of furniture factories in St. Petersburg in specialized catalogs or . A large catalog is presented at .

Famous furniture manufacturers include the following companies:

Furniture factories in Kirov

In the rating of the most popular furniture factories in Kirov, the first places belong to:

Furniture factories of the city of Chelyabinsk

Specialized products are of great importance in this industrial region. One of the famous manufacturers of laboratory furniture is the AROSA factory . The company "Furniture Technologies" offers a range of products for educational institutions, hostels, catering organizations, medical offices.

Furniture factories in Volgodonsk

In Volgodonsk, there are more than 70 furniture manufactures of various levels. The federal brands include Lyubimy Dom, under which the Almaz factory operates . Other well-known companies - this furniture production "Phoenix", the factory "Alfa-Peak" and others .

Furniture factories of Kazan

In Kazan, they are represented as large manufacturers, for example, the furniture factory "ROS" < / a>; Kazan Furniture Factory and small businesses.

Birch Factory production of furniture with a metal base for public institutions, schools, clinics, hotels.

Furniture factories Nizhny Novgorod

Among the famous furniture factories in Nizhny Novgorod:

Furniture factories of Bryansk

One of the largest furniture manufacturers in Bryanka is Mebelgrad , specializing in the production of cabinet, upholstered furniture and options from the array. Also, beds, tables, chairs, bedside tables are made of solid wood at the Darina factory . Other notable factories:

Furniture factories in Kuznetsk

Among furniture manufacturers in Kuznetsk, there are many cabinet furniture factories - these are the following companies:

Russian manufacturers know how to surprise even the most fastidious client now.

Representatives of large websites of Russian furniture factories demonstrate their products at Mebel exhibition in the Expocentre Fairgrounds.