Furniture bases in Russia

Buying furniture is a responsible business that risks taking a lot of time if you don't understand the list of suppliers and manufacturers. It is even more important to know where to buy wholesale in bulk for entrepreneurs running their own furniture selling business.

Furniture bases in Moscow

There are dozens of bases in Moscow and the Moscow region where suppliers and manufacturers of Russian and foreign furniture are represented. There are organizations that specialize in a certain type of furniture.

The base of the furniture factory "March 8" offers sofas and other upholstered furniture. Comfortable furniture for the kitchen is presented on the basis of the Yantar factory. "Commander-Center" offers a wardrobe, walls, living rooms, hallways, dressing rooms.

There are companies that represent almost the entire furniture segment. In the furniture complex ROOMER and in the center "Grand" there are about a hundred products of famous furniture brands.

Perovsk furniture base

One of the largest Moscow furniture companies is Perovskaya Furniture Base. The base cooperates with leading Russian manufacturers of solid wood furniture: Mann Group, Progress, Manini Mobili. These factories offer furniture of different styles and types: from classic to modern, from massive interior items to lightweight products that take up almost no space, leaving it open.

The furniture presented at Perovskaya Furniture Base can be reproduced in other modifications and adapted to the client's needs. Prices are maintained at the manufacturer's level, which allows you to get additional benefits from the purchase of products.

Furniture bases in Krasnodar

Krasnodar is one of the cities in Russia, which has many of its own private workshops for the production of furniture.

  • on the basis of "Kubanlesstroy" you can order cots;
  • a wide range of armchairs for conference halls, theaters, cinemas is presented at the warehouse of "Alex Theater Furniture Factory";
  • furniture with a metal frame is offered by the POLLET factory.

Among the wholesale bases with a wide range of furniture are:

  • Tetramebel;
  • Yugmebel is a representative of the factories "Yana", "SKF", "Elegy." StavropolMebel, "Mary-Mebel".

Krasnoyarsk furniture base on Kalinina

Krasnoyarsk furniture base on the street. Kalinina, 43 specializes in the sale of upholstered furniture. It is one of the five largest enterprises of this kind in the city.

The company has the name "Furniture Available to Everyone", which speaks for itself about the range. On this base, you can also purchase children's, kitchen and cabinet furniture at the lowest prices.

Furniture bases in Perm

There are many furniture stores in Perm offering excellent products from high quality materials:

  • a large assortment of upholstered furniture is presented on the basis of the Aurora factory;
  • the base of the Tonapo factory is specialized trade and museum furniture;
  • "Kvant" - furniture for schools, libraries, hotels, offices;
  • Octa-design - various options for furniture on a frame.

Furniture bases on Sviyazeva

Several large bases and wholesale stores are located in Perm on Sviyazeva Street, 41. On the territory of the Nagorny shopping and warehouse complex there are several furniture bases for fittings, fabrics and components and a large wholesale and retail center Mebelevo.

Another option to purchase the furniture of your dreams in Perm is to go to the furniture base on the street. Architect Sviyazev, 39. Many local and regional manufacturers of upholstered, office, cabinet furniture are represented here. Some of them sell furniture through online stores.

Furniture base Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad Furniture Base sells furniture through a network of salons. This company is one of the leading enterprises in the city. The base offers consumers furniture for the kitchen, for children's rooms, upholstered and office furniture. On the basis of the furniture factory "ROSSIBALT" there are kitchen sets, hallways, options for bathrooms and living rooms.

In addition, a large assortment can be seen at the factories' bases:

  • "Prussia";
  • "Interdesign";
  • Formula of comfort.

A large selection of beds and bedroom sets is presented at the wholesale base of the Meridian factory.

Furniture stores, warehouses, bases of Simferopol

In Simferopol, furniture stores are presented in a wide variety: from salons of private craftsmen to warehouses representing several factories. Among them, the wholesale Furniture Base Crimea stands out, offering the largest assortment of furniture at affordable prices. Kitchen corners from the Star factory, wholesale and retail, can be purchased from a warehouse in Furniture Crimea Wholesale. More than 5,000 product names are presented at the Crimea-furniture warehouse.

The best furniture factories in Russia are presented in the catalog of the Fox Furniture Crimea store: Gloria, BTS, Bravo, Interior Center. A large assortment is offered by the Mebelny Dom store.

Furniture base Rechitsa (Ramensky district)

The enterprise "Furniture Base" in the village of Rechitsa, Ramensky District, Moscow Region, offers buyers furniture from the countries of Southeast Asia. Since 1993 the company has been supplying bedroom furniture, wardrobes, upholstered furniture to Russia from:

  • China;
  • Indonesia;
  • Malaysia.

Furniture bases in St. Petersburg area

The well-known enterprise "Furniture Base" in St. Petersburg is represented in several districts: in Pushkin, in Gatchina, in Krasnoe Selo. Residents of the city can pick up the goods on their own or order delivery from the nearest branch to their homes.

Furniture base Gatchina

The Furniture Base salon in Gatchina not only sells, but also delivers, lifts and assembles furniture. Here you can buy any furniture for your home in a short time: many products are in stock, you do not need to wait for them. The pricing policy is designed for any buyer.

Furniture base of the Russian city of Pushkin

Salon "Furniture Base" in Pushkin is located on the street. Moskovskaya, 25. Here you can buy upholstered and cabinet furniture for the home. The assortment of the company also includes office furniture, interesting interior solutions and glass fittings.

Furniture base Krasnoe Selo

Salon "Furniture Base" in Krasnoe Selo offers customers a wide range of goods.

Kitchen furniture, cabinets, cabinets, shelves can be made to order in the desired color and style. The company offers special conditions to many categories of buyers: newcomers, regular customers.

Furniture bases Nizhny Novgorod

Among the large furniture bases in Nizhny Novgorod:

  • Center "Open Continent";
  • Furniture Bazaar;
  • Boom.

Also, furniture is offered by the bases of the factories "Furniture Paradise", "Nizhegorodmebel and K", "Visa", Lora. Here you can pick up different furniture and make all your dreams of a modern, stylish interior come true.

Furniture bases in Voronezh

The base of the Meiko furniture factory in Voronezh offers cabinet furniture. The base of the "Christina" factory organizes prompt delivery and assembly of furniture. In the center "MEGA FURNITURE" it is possible to equip an apartment with all the necessary items in one day. At the same time, prices please even the most economical buyers.

Furniture base Izhevsk

Shopping center "Furniture base" in Izhevsk on the street. Mayakovsky, 28, offers:

  • sofas;
  • armchairs;
  • beds;
  • bedroom furniture;
  • hallways.

The color and texture of the furniture can be selected individually.

Furniture base Petrozavodsk

"Central Furniture Base" in the city of Petrozavodsk made kitchen furniture and upholstered furniture as the basis of its assortment. Here you can buy sofas, beds, poufs, armchairs. The company is located on Shuyskoye highway, building 2A.

Representatives of large furniture bases in Russia and other countries demonstrate their products at the Furniture exhibition in the Expocentre Fairgrounds .