Furniture technologies

Man has been producing furniture throughout his entire existence. But if before the furniture was made piece by piece, each thing took many hours and days, today the development of technology makes it possible to produce a large amount of furniture in a short period of time.

Every year there are more and more different technologies for the manufacture of furniture. To keep track of the development of production and always produce competitive goods, it is necessary to attend specialized events.

Furniture Technology Centers

Exhibitions or conferences are called furniture technology centers. The information obtained at these events will help in planning the course of development of your furniture company, in assessing the prospects for the furniture sales market and will show the vector of development of the entire furniture industry in the coming years.

Each visitor to the exhibition receives a booklet. There he can find out information about all the participants of the exhibition, about the name, location and number of stands. This will help to create the most convenient plan for visiting each stand, which will increase the quality of the time spent at the exhibition.

Visitors to furniture technology centers may be interested not only in obtaining information about new furniture technologies, but also in conducting marketing research.

To do this, you can use various sources that the exhibition provides:

  • printed materials (booklets, brochures and magazines);

  • consultations of company employees at the stands;

  • commercial offers from enterprises;

  • conferences and presentations;

  • announcements and press releases.

Working with information provided by furniture technology centers will help develop the company and make it the leader in its industry.

The use of advanced technologies will help to produce maximum volumes of products with minimum costs. This is the key to the prosperity and development of any production.

Technologies of furniture production

Furniture production includes the production of cabinet furniture, upholstered furniture, various fasteners, as well as mattresses, blinds and related accessories.

The furniture industry is not only about cutting and assembling parts. Manufacturing can also use processes such as:

  • markup;
  • bending parts;
  • drilling holes;
  • material layering;
  • pressing;
  • shaping materials and parts.

The most popular materials for the manufacture of furniture are wood, chipboard, MDF and various metals and alloys.

Plastics can be used for the production of parts and non-standard products. In addition, combinations of all of the above materials can be used, but this significantly increases production costs.

Design for future products can be done in design bureaus directly owned by the manufacturer, or performed by third-party developers.

The choice of design is one of the most important stages of production, because buyers most often choose exactly the furniture that is attractive in appearance.

Examples of modern furniture technologies at the exhibition

Today, advanced research in furniture production technologies is to improve the environmental friendliness of not only the products themselves, but also the production as a whole.

The governments of many countries are concerned that furniture companies are one of the sources of environmental pollution. Reducing the amount of pollutants that are released into the atmosphere, soil and water bodies should be a top priority for any modern company.

A large number of scientists are working on the creation of new materials for the production of furniture. Modern synthetic products already last much longer than their counterparts made from natural materials.

Furniture manufacturing companies that have already established themselves in the market or are just exploring this area of ​​business take part in the work of the Furniture Exhibition . The largest manufacturers and suppliers gather at the Expocentre Fairgrounds to present the latest developments in the field of furniture technologies and conduct market research.

Much attention is paid to exhibitions dedicated to the production of furniture. Thus, Azbuka Technologies LLC offers professional paints and varnishes, and Prime Material corporation offers natural leather.

Scientific and technical groups offer their ideas in various areas of furniture production. Newcomers demonstrate high-tech projects and are ready to cooperate with major players in the market.

At the Mebel exhibition at the Expocentre Fairgrounds, a variety of modern technologies and methods of manufacturing wood, metal, chipboard products are presented.

Particular attention is paid to the introduction of special types of fittings and modern materials that have increased characteristics in terms of wear resistance and comfort in use.

Almost all enterprises and factories take an active part in the work of the exhibition. After all, furniture made with the latest developments attracts more new buyers and investors.

The exhibition will definitely demonstrate modern furniture technologies from leading furniture companies!