Exhibition samples of sofas

Exhibitions of furniture, interior design and interior shows are very popular. Furniture exhibitions are the best way for manufacturers to declare themselves, demonstrate new designs, exchange experiences, find new buyers and partners.

Exhibition visitors can not only admire the new developments of designers, but also receive individual advice from specialists, learn about current trends in the furniture industry, and learn how to choose the right sofa.

Sofas at the exhibition

Manufacturers of upholstered furniture are guided not only by current trends in the world of design, but also by competitors' products, which are easiest to get acquainted with at the exhibition. A large number of furniture factories from Russia, near and far abroad take part in exhibitions of upholstered furniture.

Among the sofas at the exhibitions there are models with different transformation mechanisms: eurobook, click-blot, roll-out, dolphin. The configurations also differ - classic, angular, with springs or polyurethane foam inside. Flock, chenille, natural and artificial leather are used in the upholstery.

One of such events is the Furniture Exhibition , which is held by the Expocentre Exhibition Complex. During the exhibition, manufacturers and suppliers demonstrate not only sofas, but also all the components necessary to create such furniture.

Sofa exhibitions are a large-scale event in the furniture industry. The event takes place over a large area.

Show sofas and other show pieces

The idea to create furniture that saves space and does not compromise comfort is the dream of many designers and they do not hold back their fantasies, surprising visitors with their inventions.

Exhibition sofas and other exhibition samples demonstrate how you can turn a living room into a cozy bedroom, turning a wardrobe into a sofa, and in the morning return the usual interior again. There are sofas that transform into beds or fold out into several comfortable ottomans. Designers create compact sofas and full-size designs.

At the exhibition, furniture manufacturers use samples to equip living rooms in pavilions, clearly demonstrating how best to arrange furniture.

Sale of exhibition sofas in Moscow

Exhibition participants present a wide range of their products. But after the events, exhibition samples are not returned to showrooms - shops and are not sold at the original price. Upon completion of the event, these sofas will be sold at a deep discount.

To buy a sofa at the sale of exhibition samples is a profitable way to purchase furniture. As a rule, samples are prepared for the exhibition with the upholstery that looks the most attractive in order to impress the visitors. But in order to show more samples, the exposition has to be updated. The sofas that have been removed from the showroom are offered at sale prices, even though the models are free of defects.

Anyone wishing to purchase a quality sofa of an original or classic design can do it at the sale of exhibition samples, which is held by manufacturers of upholstered furniture. Sometimes discounts reach up to 70% of the original price.

Advantages of purchasing exhibition samples of sofas:

  • high quality furniture (the sample was made to impress);

  • ultra-modern design;

  • no waiting required, sofa is in stock;

  • attractive prices.

Many supplying companies participating in the exhibition work directly with manufacturers, so promotions and discounts on exhibition samples of sofas are always active.

Some manufacturers and participants of the Mebel exhibition after the end of the exhibition sell their exhibits (sofas, beds, wardrobes) at a good discount!