Bed manufacturers in Russia

Each furniture manufacturer tries to make a high-quality, durable and original bed. A sound sleep is a guarantee of excellent well-being, so the bed should be comfortable and beautiful, fit into the overall design of the room.

When choosing furniture for a bedroom, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

  • appearance;
  • dimensions;
  • design;
  • materials;
  • quality of construction and fittings.

There are many well-known manufacturers of beds in Russia, which have proven themselves well in the market, and are constantly demonstrating new models of furniture. Choosing a specific manufacturer is not easy. Our review presents furniture factories in Moscow and St. Petersburg, specializing in the production of beds.

Bed manufacturers in Moscow

To quickly find an excellent and inexpensive furniture manufacturer in Moscow, you should familiarize yourself with the list of the most popular bed companies. It is better to choose furniture factories that produce and sell their goods for a single year.

"Dream Land" - the company has been making exquisite bedroom furniture for more than 15 years, which meets all standards of quality, beauty and style. The main advantage of the furniture company is high quality, versatility and democratic prices. Most of the bed models are created by Italian and French designers.

"Steel Kit" is a furniture manufacturer, producing luxurious and expensive beds for about 6 years. The company sells exquisite bedroom furniture wholesale and retail, and also works on special projects. All products are created with modern equipment and durable materials.

Ryton is a bed and mattress factory. Bedroom furniture is made from natural materials (oak, pine, birch, linden), so all products are strong and durable.

Manufacturers of beds in St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg)

Among the manufacturers of beds in St. Petersburg, the company "Amalteya" can be noted, which has been manufacturing and selling furniture for more than 19 years. Beautiful bed models made of quality materials can be purchased at very low prices. The assortment of goods is huge, various designs and an abundance of colors.

"Practical quality" - a furniture manufacturer for many years in a row has been producing furniture that is appreciated for its quality, beauty and affordable price. Inexpensive, but original beds, according to customers, are comfortable, strong and durable. The manufacturer has a quality certificate for all products.

"Euro Korpus" - the company has been specializing in the manufacture and sale of cabinet furniture for 16 years. The main direction of the factory is bedroom furniture, which is made according to special projects from famous designers of St. Petersburg. Finished products can be bought at reasonable prices, wholesale and retail. "Euro Korpus" also works on individual orders.

Where to buy cheap beds and sofas from the manufacturer in Moscow and St. Petersburg

Today, most furniture factories sell beds with frames:

  • made of natural wood;
  • solid wood;
  • made of natural wood veneer;
  • metal;
  • made of chipboard, MDF, LDPS.

It's quite difficult to choose from such a variety. Let's take a look at the main list of factories that offer quality furniture at a reasonable cost.

Solid wood beds

Beds made of solid wood are characterized by increased strength characteristics, environmentally friendly and healthy.

Among the manufacturers, one can note the Rila company, which has been manufacturing various furniture for about 10 years. The company offers a wide range of products for comfortable sleep and relaxation.

The "Array" factory is a stylish, environmentally friendly solid wood furniture with an original decorative finish.

Bedroom furniture from the Ormatek company is made using new technologies, has a stylish design, is durable and practical. The range also includes solid wood cots.

Single beds

Each of us wants to create a warm atmosphere so that the bedroom is cozy and comfortable. A complete rest, you cannot imagine without a bed. Single beds provide a place to sleep and rest one adult or child.

Different companies are engaged in the production of single beds. For example, "Fabrika Uyuta" in St. Petersburg has existed for over 18 years. At the factory, you can choose a quality single bed at an affordable price that will last more than one year.

Double beds

Double beds are the most convenient option when decorating a bedroom. The size of this bed may vary. When choosing a double bed, it is important that the bed does not clutter up the space and looks harmonious.

Among the manufacturers of double beds, the company "Khorek Furniture" can be noted, where you can buy a high-quality and stylish set at a reasonable price.

The online store "Hoff" has a huge range of products, where you can choose double beds in different sizes and designs.

Roll-up beds

Lifting beds can significantly save space in a room, which, in addition to a bedroom, serves as a study or living room. The bed is cleaned during the day and laid out at night.

The structure can be of two types:

  • horizontal - attached to the wall along the length of the bed;
  • vertical - short side of the wall.

Among the domestic manufacturers of lifting beds, one can single out the Vitra company, which has been creating furniture for over 22 years. In the catalog, everyone can choose a comfortable lifting bed made in Provence, retro or Hi-Tech style.

A large assortment of lifting beds from the Optimum company meets all quality indicators and has reasonable prices.

Children's beds

Children's beds must meet certain requirements:

  • by the height and depth of the sides;
  • by the distance between the lattice slats;
  • according to the size of the bed;
  • according to the materials used for manufacturing.

Mebelvia is a furniture manufacturer that sells its products in St. Petersburg and throughout Russia. The company is dynamically developing and produces the most popular models of baby cots.

Loft bed

A loft bed is a furniture structure, the main element of which is a sleeping place located at a certain height from the floor (on average 1-1.8 meters).

Additionally, the furniture can be completed with:

  • work or play area;
  • storage system;
  • lower bed.

The loft bed can include drawers, cabinets, wardrobe, shelves, desk. Steps are provided to access the sleeping area.

In Moscow, the YKA Mebel factory is engaged in the production of loft beds. All products are valued for their durability and versatility. All sleeping furniture is comfortable and practical.


A chair-bed is a chair that can be transformed and become a full-fledged place to sleep. The folding mechanism of the chair determines how flat the lying surface will be.

The most popular mechanisms are:

  • roll-out;
  • accordion;
  • dolphin;
  • eurobook (tick-tock);
  • clamshell.

The smoother the sleeping place, the more comfortable the sleep will be.

In St. Petersburg, such companies as Avitel Mebel, Fabrika Uyuta, Focus and others are engaged in the production of armchairs. The assortment of the Moscow furniture factory "ANDERSSEN" includes different armchair-beds.

Sofa bed

A sofa bed, unlike an armchair of a bed, when unfolded, can become a full-fledged sleeping place for 2 people. The transformation mechanisms of the sofa bed will be the same as that of the chair beds, but more durable.

"Fiesta" is a popular furniture factory in Russia that manufactures and sells furniture for sleeping. A wide range of sofa beds has a different transformation (zero wall, eurobook, accordion, sofa) and meets all quality standards. The company produces custom-made furniture according to individual projects.

Manufacturers of beds from other cities of Russia

Today in Russia there are a huge number of large and medium-sized furniture factories, as well as small private workshops, where you can buy high-quality, modern and solid beds.

  1. "Dream Land" is a furniture factory for the manufacture of exquisite beds for the bedroom. For more than 15 years, the manufacturer has never ceased to amaze its customers with furniture that meets all standards of quality, style and beauty. The main advantage of the furniture factory is its versatility and affordable prices. Luxurious bed models are made by designers from France and Italy.
  2. "Normis" is a company for the production of cabinet furniture in Voronezh, which boasts a large assortment of its products: beds, tables, chairs, stools and banquets. All furniture is made using the most modern technologies, goods are made from high quality materials: solid wood, veneer, MDF and plastic. The furniture factory offers the most original design solutions according to the latest fashion trends.
  3. Abris is a factory that produces cabinet and metal furniture in Krasnoyarsk. The furniture company manufactures and sells beds, shelves, folding beds and upholstered furniture. For more than 6 years, these products have been renowned for their attractive appearance, practicality, durability and inexpensive price.
  4. Artwood is a company that has been manufacturing and selling furniture in Chelyabinsk for over 18 years. A wide range of products with unique designs appeals to many customers: beds and sofas, armchairs and stools, tables and chairs. Products can be bought wholesale and retail, as well as order your own individual design. The furniture factory has a quality certificate, all products are made from environmentally friendly materials.

Beds from manufacturers in Nizhny Novgorod

There are several furniture factories in Novgorod that produce beds - these are:

ANTEL is a company whose main activity is the manufacture of baby cots, dressers with a changing table and transforming beds;

Stolplit is a furniture factory that has been creating furniture for more than 18 years. With a modern production base, environmentally friendly materials and advanced technology, the company produces quality products at reasonable prices. The main advantage of the company is the abundance of products, where everyone can choose a bed of any size, style and color.

Manufacturers of beds in Novosibirsk

There are many furniture factories in Novosibirsk that offer excellent products made from high quality materials.

Lazurit is a network of furniture factories in Russia for the production of upholstered and cabinet furniture for home, hotels and offices. The manufacturer has 500 brand stores and an official website, where original furniture models are presented. Distinctive features of the products are high quality, reliability and versatility. Bedroom furniture is made in the following stylistic directions: classic, minimalism and modern.

"Diamant-M" is a production that has been manufacturing and selling furniture for 15 years in Novosibirsk and throughout Russia. Throughout its existence, the furniture factory has become the winner of regional exhibitions more than once, therefore it has diplomas, certificates and quality certificates. The furniture is made of solid beech, chipboard and plastic and has an original decorative finish (eco-leather, metal, mirrors).

Beds from the manufacturer in Chelyabinsk

A large number of furniture companies and factories are represented in Chelyabinsk.

"Elphis" is a furniture factory, the catalog of which contains both classic bed models and modern style options.

"Redo" is a Chelyabinsk furniture factory specializing in the creation of furniture for the home. All beds can be purchased wholesale and retail, delivery to almost all regions of Russia.

Beds in Vladimir from the manufacturer

Vladimir is one of the cities in Russia, which has several factories for the production of beds.

"Fokin" is a large manufacturer of beds, which is distinguished by high quality, durability and reasonable price of products. All products are made from natural environmentally friendly materials that are certified and meet all state standards. Modern furniture has trendy colors, beautiful style and original finishes.

Array is a furniture factory that has been on the market for over 12 years.

The assortment includes:

  • double and single beds;
  • children's loft bunk beds;
  • models with lifting mechanism;
  • elegant options with forging elements.

Beds in Penza from the manufacturer

There are several large furniture factories and workshops in Penza where you can order quality beds.

For 20 years of operation, the Penzamebel factory has managed to establish itself as a manufacturer of quality products. The assortment of the factory includes modern and ergonomic beds.

"Carpentry workshop" - a company that produces wooden furniture and stairs to order. All products are made from quality wood: oak, pine and ash.

Bed manufacturers in Krasnodar

Furniture factories in Krasnodar offer beds of different design trends and color palette.

Krasnodar furniture factory "Pollet" has been on the market for 24 years. The company's catalog contains a large assortment of beds and sofas, tables and chairs, hangers and stools. All products have a quality certificate, wear-resistant, durable and reliable.

Vega is a company that has been making furniture for over 16 years. The furniture factory is a leader in the Russian market.

Inexpensive beds in Ryazan from the manufacturer

Ryazan furniture factories and private companies create exquisite and reliable products that fit any interior.

The catalog of the Courage factory has more than 100 items. In addition to beds and bedroom sets, the assortment includes living rooms, office sets and other furniture products. All products have a quality certificate.

"SM-mebel" is a furniture production that sells products at low prices wholesale and retail. In the company, you can choose a bed or a bedroom set of economy or premium class.

Beds made of solid wood from the manufacturer from Murom

The Murom-Mebel company has been manufacturing natural furniture at low prices for over 22 years. A wide range of products is created in classic and modern versions: beds, tables, chairs, dressers and sideboards. A durable, beautiful and neat solid wood bed will last for more than one year.

Thanks to the large number of domestic furniture manufacturers and a wide range of products, you can choose a bed that will meet all your requirements.

Many large and start-up furniture companies participate in the Mebel exhibition, which is annually held at the Expocentre Fairgrounds.