Beds from the manufacturer

The modern furniture market offers customers a wide range of products of various qualities at affordable prices.

It is worth noting that most manufacturers prefer to focus on the production of a specific type of bed, providing customers with a wide range.

List of Russian bed manufacturers

Among the enterprises, one can single out the companies that occupy a leading position in the market of manufacturers of upholstered furniture for the bedroom:

  • Pinskdrev is a Belarusian furniture factory that offers a variety of designs and upholstery materials that allow everyone to choose the best sleeping place for themselves;

  • Borovichi-Furniture is a manufacturer of a wide profile, offering about 17 series of upholstered furniture, including modular systems for small living quarters;

  • Shatura-Mebel is a well-known Russian manufacturer of cabinet and upholstered furniture of "comfort" and "luxury" classes. Proven technologies and natural materials allow us to produce high quality beds in various styles, from the strict classic to the original avant-garde.

Examples of metal bed manufacturers in Russia

Forged elements and other openwork parts of metal beds are optimally combined with any modern interior, as well as classic solutions and any styles from minimalism to country. Manufacturers offer a wide range of metal beds in various configurations.

"Beds812" is a specialized production of metal beds with home delivery located in St. Petersburg.

The large area of ​​the warehouse-store allows each client to navigate the range of products and their technical characteristics in order to choose the best option for themselves.

Komplektopt is a Moscow manufacturer of economy-class metal beds, bunk and standard frame designs of various sizes.

Manufacturers of wooden beds in Russia

Various types of wood are used for the manufacture of beds, treated with varnishes and paints, which maintain an attractive appearance and functionality of the product.

It should be noted that the production process of durable beds is based on the selection of dried, dense and high quality wood. Laconic and original wooden beds will decorate the modern interior, giving the rooms a unique flavor of natural material.

Ecomebel is a manufacturer of natural solid wood beds based on standard designs or custom-made designs. The price of the finished product depends on wood species, sizes and decorative elements. The company's website provides customers with the opportunity to choose sizes, wood species, and varnish color for finished furniture.

"Array" is a furniture factory specializing in the production of bedroom sets from precious woods. High-income customers will appreciate the sophisticated design and durability of the product.

Pine bed manufacturers

Pine furniture is an affordable alternative to beech or oak, not inferior to the external and functional characteristics of more expensive species. Light shades of pine will be the perfect complement to a Scandinavian-style interior.

"Krovatto" is a manufacturer of affordable beds made of solid pine. The factory provides customers with the opportunity to choose a design project, a shade of wood, and also choose a mattress modification. In addition, Krovatto uses several varnishes for wood to choose from, which allows you to vary the color of the finished furniture.

Ormatek is a manufacturer of budget beds from solid pine, offering several options for standard modifications of bedroom furniture. The manufacturer provides an opportunity to order furniture on credit or by installments, the production process is based on the use of modern foreign wood processing technologies.

Manufacturers of beds with a lifting mechanism and drawers in Russia

Most owners of small apartments strive to effectively use all free space.

Beds with lifting mechanisms and spacious drawers for storing home textiles will help zealous housewives to correctly sort the necessary things. In the production of such beds, modern metal fittings and components are used to create functional and quiet systems.

Hinding Anders is a manufacturer of lifting beds based on successful Swedish and Finnish technologies. The combination of laconic Scandinavian design, high-quality fittings and technological design will allow each buyer to choose the best option.

Full House is a general furniture manufacturer providing modern bed frame designs with built-in lifters and storage solutions.

The combination of various options for modern design and technological decoration will allow each buyer to complement the bedroom with a suitable bed.

Beds with lifting mechanism 140x200

It should be noted that modern manufacturers widely use custom-made lifting mechanisms to take into account the individual dimensions of their customers' premises. Also popular is the standard size of a double bed, which is 140x200 cm.

Ormatek is a highly specialized manufacturer of beds with lifting mechanisms of various sizes, including the popular 140x200 cm.

"Lifemebel" is a manufacturer of beds with a lifting mechanism, using laconic Scandinavian design in the design of its products. Natural materials, technological processing and regular promotions will save buyers money.

Manufacturers of bunk beds in Russia

Compact bunk beds are a suitable solution for decorating a small children's room. Manufacturers of such structures use metal support elements and a variety of materials for decoration. Thus, a bunk bed can become the centerpiece of a nursery or a convenient way to zoning space in a small studio apartment.

"Grand Furniture" is an online store that provides a huge selection of bunk beds for children and bedrooms. Various modifications, sizes and materials will allow you to choose a bunk bed that fits perfectly into any interior. The manufacturer's online store provides detailed product descriptions, and a 5-year warranty for finished furniture is also provided.

Happy Home is a general furniture factory that provides high-tech bunk beds equipped with storage systems and built-in folding tabletops.

Russian manufacturers of double beds

The main technological feature of modern double beds is a wide base that allows you to place a mattress of any size. It should be noted that the production of such beds is carried out from various materials, the most popular are MDF and natural wood.

"" is the largest online store of double beds, providing website visitors with a detailed catalog and service for comparing models by various characteristics. The narrow specialization of the manufacturer allows us to provide modern designs and various sizes.

Home Furniture is a specialized online store equipped with a system for finding and selecting furniture according to user-defined characteristics. A convenient addition is a filter by price range, allowing you to choose a combination of appearance, finishing materials, as well as the presence of a box for storing bed linen.

Russian manufacturers of armchair beds

One of the possible design options for a guest bed is an armchair-bed, which can be easily placed in the kitchen or in the corridor of a small apartment. The manufacturing process for these products is focused on creating a compact and reliable folding structure.

It should be noted that the bases of armchair beds are most often made of metal, while the upholstery and decorative elements can be made of synthetic and natural materials.

Wally Tolly is a folding armchair manufacturer focused on modern designs for small apartments. Various ways of transforming an armchair into a full-fledged berth, as well as the availability of a variety of available upholstery materials, allow customers to independently choose the design of the finished product.

Avitel mebel is a supplier of budget options for armchairs, offering customers wholesale supplies. The combination of traditional design, affordable prices and the possibility of bulk purchases of products allows you to design commercial premises (hotel complexes, kindergartens, fitness clubs) with minimal costs. Flexible terms of payment and delivery allow customers to choose options for every taste, volume and budget of the order.

Russian manufacturers of sofa beds

A common version of upholstered furniture for a modern apartment is a sofa bed that combines the functions of a sleeping place and a piece of furniture for the living room. It should be noted that the modern production of sofa beds involves various ways of transformation. In addition to the common "book", there is a roll-out mechanism that creates a more spacious sleeping place.

"Stolline" is a specialized furniture factory specializing in the production of sofa beds of various sizes and modifications. The supplier pays attention to modern pull-out mechanisms and a wide range of sizes. Thanks to the 3D application, each client can analyze in advance the best option for arranging the finished furniture, which will ensure the best choice of products.

Cyber ​​Furniture is an Internet portal dedicated to miniature sofa beds of various modifications, ideal for miniature rooms. A flexible system of selection of ready-made models and the ability to make custom-made folding sofas at a pre-agreed price will allow each customer to choose the appropriate option.

Manufacturers of baby cots in Russia

Modern manufacturers of children's beds combine original thematic design and modular furniture design so that the baby can use the purchased furniture as long as possible. It is also worth noting the proliferation of storage units for toys and bedding that are built into children's beds.

"Infiniti" - comfort class children's furniture salons, offering technological and original solutions for kids and teenagers. A variety of thematic designs and designs will allow you to decorate a room for children of different ages and hobbies. The online version of the store is equipped with a 3D design tool to prepare a preliminary draft of the finished furnishings and select the appropriate design for a unique children's room.

"Nonton" is an online store of children's beds at an affordable price range, providing a laconic design and an acceptable level of quality at the most affordable prices.

Beds for children from 3 years old

As a rule, manufacturers of beds for grown-up babies are guided by the colorful design of the bed, as well as the use of natural hypoallergenic materials.

NewJoy is a manufacturer of themed beds for babies from 3 years old. Various designs based on fairytale characters and popular cartoons combine laconicism and colorfulness, which makes it easy to fit furniture into any interior. The presence of transforming mechanisms facilitates the distribution of living space in miniature children's rooms.

Boy's car beds

The production of themed car beds for boys is the creation of a frame (most often made of natural wood), stylized for a particular car brand, as well as the addition of a comfortable mattress to the bed.

The specialized Moscow store "In a typewriter" provides customers with a huge selection of cots in the form of various car models. The combination of themed designs that faithfully reproduce the car models and high quality materials create a cozy nursery. The manufacturer offers ready-made designs, as well as the opportunity to create a unique design according to your own project.

Russian manufacturers of mattresses and orthopedic bed bases

Most modern furniture showrooms offer clients ready-made or custom-made mattresses. The production process of such products is based on the use of modern technologies and polymer materials, so that the products retain their functionality and pleasant appearance longer.

"Raiton" is a specialized store of mattresses for beds made of various materials. The abundance of size range, as well as the richness of colors of upholstery materials allows you to choose the right mattress in any price category. The manufacturer also provides a wide range of specialized mattresses for children and products for newborns.

Hoff is a budget bed mattress brand that combines high quality products with affordable prices and flexible delivery times. Buyers can familiarize themselves with the assortment and pricing policy on the company's website.

Orthopedic bed base suppliers use the latest medical technology to create designs that improve posture while sleeping. Orthopedic bed bases enhance the healing effect of mattresses and also give owners a healthy, sound sleep.

Ascona is a leading manufacturer of orthopedic structures and mattresses for beds. The use of scientific developments in the field of orthopedics allows the manufacturer to provide treatment and prophylactic products for its customers. is an online store of orthopedic bed bases made of various materials. The range includes collapsible and lifting modifications, so that customers can choose the exact design that suits their living space.

Where to buy an inexpensive bed in Russia from the manufacturer?

Most often, bed manufacturers are widely represented in furniture showrooms, as well as on online sites.

The most famous of them are:

  • Aquilon;
  • Furniture Hall;
  • Center furniture.

These companies operate in Moscow, St. Petersburg and major cities of Russia.

It should be noted that the majority of furniture salons of the middle and premium price category provide an opportunity to save money by providing regular discounts and promotions for regular customers.

Low Price Beds Sale

Most furniture salons and manufacturers regularly provide discounts to regular customers. Among such stores it is worth noting SK Design in the comfort and luxury segment, MosDomMebel for connoisseurs of inexpensive good quality goods, and Mebelmall for shoppers with a limited budget.

Modern furniture showrooms and online stores also have detailed catalogs to make the choice of finished products as comfortable as possible.

Solid wood beds from the manufacturer

When choosing furniture for a bedroom, it is customary to pay attention not only to the price and quality, but also to the environmental friendliness of the material from which it is made.

The undisputed leader in this is the solid wood beds, which are noticeably distinguished by their solidity and special gloss.

The use of various technologies when working with natural wood makes it possible to create products with a unique, original design. Of course, natural wood products are more capricious than their counterparts from laminated chipboard and MDF.

In order for such a bed to serve for many years, it is necessary to comply with the requirements for the temperature regime in the room, to maintain a certain level of humidity.

How to buy luxury solid wood beds from the manufacturer?

It is not customary to buy expensive furniture in ordinary furniture stores. It is purchased for more than one year, so the requirements for it are increased. Most often it is made to order, observing the conditions of harmonious combination with the interior of the bedroom and other furniture. This can be done only by purchasing furniture directly from the manufacturer.

All reputable furniture firms working with solid wood have their own retail outlets in Moscow. Most often, here you can not only buy a ready-made bed, but also make an order according to individual sizes.

Each manager has a catalog with standard products, types of decors used for furniture finishing, as well as wood samples. This allows you to determine the color, model and decor of the bed. You can order a mattress in stores with suitable filling.

Salon consultants will not only accept an order for the manufacture of a bed and make a purchase, but also provide information on the proper care of solid wood furniture.

By purchasing a bed from the manufacturer, you can be sure that if it breaks down, it can be easily and quickly repaired, as well as make an additional order of furniture made in the same style as the bed.

Manufacturers of solid wood beds in Moscow and Moscow region

There are several companies working with natural wood in Moscow and the Moscow region:

  • Letto bed factory. Here you can buy double, teenage and bunk beds.

  • 77 Beds Factory. In addition to the standard types of beds, they produce a single ottoman, an adult bed with high sides, children's beds, loft beds and cottage beds.

  • Russian Bogatyr company. Located in Odintsovo. Beds from this manufacturer have an unusual design. The products are widely used in leather, wood carving.

Inexpensive solid wood beds from the manufacturer

The price of a solid wood bed will depend not only on the brand, decor and exclusivity of the product.

The wood from which it will be made has a great influence on the price. In Russia, in the manufacture of inexpensive beds, it is customary to use pine and birch.

Standard products are usually an order of magnitude lower than exclusive models or custom-made beds. Moreover, the choice of such products is large enough to be able to choose a sleeping place for an interior of any style.

Solid pine beds from the manufacturer

Pine is the most popular material for making furniture. Modern technologies make it possible to paint this wood in any color.

The natural color of pine can be:

  • brown;
  • beige-yellow;
  • white with slight pink stains.

Pines growing on sandy soils have a pronounced pattern of annual layers. Wood requires additional drying before processing. This ensures the quality of the product and the durability of its further operation.

When purchasing furniture from the manufacturer, you can verify the quality of raw materials on the spot. Due to the fact that pine is a soft material, it easily lends itself to any mechanical and manual processing, which significantly reduces its cost. This wood species gratefully accepts any dyes, so the product can be given any color that imitates more expensive wood species.

When using it, it is important to remember that due to the softness of the wood, the product is easy to scratch or damage. But the smell of a pine bed will fill the bedroom with a unique and useful scent.

Children's beds made of solid wood from the manufacturer

The baby's health depends on which bed the baby sleeps in. No matter how beautiful a bed made of chipboard or MDF would be, it cannot replace an ordinary bed made of solid wood.

Wood does not emit any harmful substances, and conifers also emit a large amount of beneficial aromas into the air. The child sleeps in the manufacturer's solid wood beds calmly, his respiratory tract is not irritated by the pungent odor.

You can order an exclusive baby bed from the manufacturer, and, along with furniture, purchase other solid wood decor elements. This will make the nursery a real fairy-tale world.

Samples of modern beds from leading manufacturers and suppliers are demonstrated at the annual Mebel exhibition at the Expocentre Fairgrounds!