Wooden beds

Not a single person will feel a shortage of assortment when it becomes necessary to purchase a bed. The furniture industry is very developed, and manufacturers provide a selection of models of different types, types, purposes.

The basis of any bed is a frame, and the main materials that manufacturers use for their manufacture are wood, metal. And here it is worth noting that it is wooden models that are more popular and in demand, for which there are reasons.

Solid wood beds

Solid wood from which the base is made belongs to reliable and durable materials. The base can also be supplemented with elements such as metal, fabric or leather.

The advantages include a simple design and relatively low weight. Wood is the easiest way to create coziness and comfort in a room. Another plus is that it is a natural and environmentally friendly material, which is important when setting up a living space.

If we talk about the generally accepted sizes and standards of such beds, then manufacturers around the world use the norms of the regions to which they are attached.

Still, there are qualifications and dimensions that are typical for Europe, such beds constitute the bulk of the market:

  • Single bed are single bed models, dimensions: 90x200;

  • Double bed - double model, may be called "full", dimensions: 140x200;

  • Queen-sized bed - called royal, dimensions: 160x200;

  • King-sized bed - super-royal, dimensions: 180x200.

In most cases, beds are equipped with spacious drawers for linen and bedding.

Wooden beds for summer cottages

When a dacha is being set up, there is no question of purchasing expensive furniture. This is due to the fact that it will be used extremely rarely and the dacha is the place where old furniture can be taken.

But regarding the bed, such a decision is not always justified. After all, if the bed is in good condition, it is unlikely that the owner will take it to the dacha, so the sleeping place is not always comfortable and convenient, and proper rest and sleep is very important for health.

There is a range of inexpensive models on the market that have a simple design, but at the same time provide the necessary comfort during rest. For example, the EcoMebel store offers a wide selection of such products.

Children's wooden beds

With regard to beds for children, higher and more stringent requirements are put forward for them. Every parent wants to buy a model that will ensure healthy sleep and will be safe for the baby. Enterprises take into account all the moments and produce models that meet the required standards. You need to pay attention to the type of wood.

Give preference:

  • oak;
  • pine;
  • buku.

The listed species are strong and durable. In production, wood is processed, a coating is applied to it, which is a special varnish or paint. Complete safety is a prerequisite, therefore all coating products must be non-toxic. Children's wooden beds should not have sharp corners.

Children's wooden beds for children from 3 years old

Children's wooden beds for children from 3 years old are distinguished by the fact that, despite the independence of the child, it is important in the design to provide safe conditions for sleeping. The fact is that the child tosses and turns at night and may fall. It is not very convenient to use high sides, because the baby should be able to get out of bed and go back into it without the help of parents.

Therefore, children's wooden beds for children from 3 years old have low sides, as restraints for safe sleep. All components of the bed are hidden, and sharp corners are excluded in the design. In addition, this furniture should have the most durable frame.

The minimum bed height is selected so that the child can stand up without much effort, and in the event of a fall, he does not get injured.

There are several types of wooden cribs for children from 3 years old:

  • classic models;
  • with drawers;
  • sofa bed;
  • with lifting mechanism;
  • loft bed;
  • transformers.

The latest models are multifunctional, transformers are available with different configurations, may have niches, drawers, tables and cabinets. Such products are intended for children from 3 to 12 years old. A wide selection of different types of cots is provided by the Infanta store.

Double and single wooden beds

Double and single wooden beds are chosen depending on the size of the room where they will be installed and your own preferences. Of course, for a married couple, a bed for two sleeping places is chosen, but if the free space of the room allows, then such a bed can also be used for one person.

When choosing, the interior of the room is taken into account, since the models are made in a certain stylistic direction. Classic options can have luxurious headboards that are carved. There may be decorative elements made of metal.

Wooden bunk beds

Wooden bunk beds are a great option for children's rooms where there are two children in the family. You can comfortably equip the nursery and save useful space. But such structures must be made of durable woods, such as oak or pine.

When choosing, you should pay attention to the sides for the safety of the child. Most often there are drawers at the bottom. Manufacturers also offer a bunk version for one child. On the second floor there is a sleeping place, and on the first floor there is a place for classes and games, which is equipped with a table and soft seats.

Wooden beds with drawers and lifting mechanism

Wooden beds with drawers and lifting mechanism have been designed for maximum practicality and ergonomics. Such furniture allows you to comfortably equip a bed and get additional niches for things.

Models with drawers have a pull-out design, in other words, if it is necessary to hide the bedding, the owner pulls the drawers out from under the bed and folds everything.

In the version with a lifting mechanism, the berth itself rises. Such a bed is a box in which niches for accessories are placed, and on top there is a sleeping place that rises and falls with a simple movement.

Wooden bed manufacturers and suppliers

There are manufacturers who specialize in certain types of furniture, for example, they offer customers a range of fine woods.

Usually, these are elegant, luxurious wooden beds, but at a high price point. Other enterprises offer a fairly wide selection, ranging from economy options for summer cottages to expensive unique models.

Let's list some of them:

  • Ecomebel. Diverse assortment. It is possible to order a model in non-standard sizes.

  • "Array". Makes sleeping sets, but uses only valuable wood species in production.

  • Krovatto. He uses pine in production, but the assortment is quite wide, various color palettes and designs. You can order your own design.

  • Ormatek. It makes furniture from pine, the assortment is made up of available standard models.

  • Hinding Anders and Full House present a wide range of lift beds.

  • Happy Home specializes in bunk beds. There is a choice among multifunctional products.

  • Furniture for Home and Krovat.ru are large online stores that present double beds.

  • Infiniti. Furniture salon offering a large selection of beds for children.

  • NewJoy. They make thematic cribs for children from 3 years old.

Where to buy wholesale wooden beds in Moscow

Wholesale purchases of beds are best done from the manufacturers themselves and large suppliers. This will provide an opportunity to save money.

Large companies offer discounts to their regular customers, organize delivery, and carry out individual orders. One of the enterprises engaged in the production of wooden structures is the Akvilon factory.

The companies Center-Mebel and Mebel Hall are no less popular. The companies have been making beds for a long time and offer a wide range of products.

Examples of wooden beds at the exhibition

Exhibition Mebel is an opportunity to get acquainted with models of wooden beds in different price categories, and learn about new manufacturers.

The main goal of the exhibition is to acquaint buyers and retail chains with new products and to take the exhibiting company a certain place in the furniture market. During the exhibition, manufacturers establish new business contacts that will help in the further development of the enterprise.

At the Mebel exhibition samples of wooden beds will certainly be presented: for a children's room, for a summer residence, double, single, etc.