Medical furniture companies in Russia

Medical furniture is conventionally divided into two large subcategories: furniture that is used for various kinds of procedures, and furniture that is used to decorate the interior of medical offices.

Medical furniture companies in Russia

In Russia, there are many well-known companies that sell medical furniture for various purposes. It is extremely profitable to buy furniture items from such companies.

First of all, they have a large list of furniture names, which makes it possible to choose the most profitable option. As a rule, such companies cooperate with furniture manufacturers directly, bypassing intermediaries. This leads to the fact that prices for furniture are several orders of magnitude lower, and the quality is also quite high.

I would like to dwell in more detail on the characteristics of the functioning of the most popular companies.

Medical furniture from Labromed

This company started its activity in 1997. A distinctive feature of Labromeda's activity is that she herself produces all the names of furniture elements, which are subsequently implemented by her. The total area of ​​the industrial and warehouse complex of the Labromeda company reaches 6 thousand m2.

The manufacturer's catalog contains furniture for the equipment of medical institutions, as well as laboratories. Its main qualities are reliability and high quality.

Since the end of the 90s, the range of furniture has been replenished with constructions, the frame of which is made of domestically produced aluminum.

The company specializes in the production of furniture of 4 series: Mobile, Standard, Metallica, Ideal. This has significantly expanded the list of the company's client base, as well as entering the international market. All furniture elements have received an international quality certificate, which confirms its quality, safety and practicality.

Medical furniture from Vitaly's company, Yekaterinburg

Furniture manufactured by Vitaly's company is produced from sheet steel, the thickness of which is 1 mm. A distinctive feature of the design of all types of furniture is that it is all-welded. This increases the level of strength and reliability of the furniture.

It is also worth noting that the furniture body is covered with a special protective polymer-powder coating, which provides reliable protection against the effects of a negative environment, and also prevents the occurrence and development of corrosion. If you wish, you can choose furniture of any color.

The company produces furniture in two series:

  • economy - drawers are equipped with high quality and reliable German roller guides, for opening doors, floating closing system (JET) hinges are used. The attractive design of the fronts is ensured by the use of chrome-plated handles;

  • deluxe - it uses the sliding system (HETTICH) and uses stainless steel handles.

Medical furniture from Arkodor

Arkodora Company is a leader among medical furniture developers and manufacturers, which has been operating for more than 10 years. All items of furniture fully comply with European standards and are exported abroad.

Along with the design of furniture, the company's specialists are engaged in its production and sale. Finished products are stored in warehouses under the most comfortable conditions.

The production process includes modern technologies and quality materials.

The company offers buyers furniture for the following purposes:

  • dentistry;
  • laboratories;
  • archives;
  • warehouses.

Medical furniture Ergomedix Novosibirsk

This company is engaged not only in the sale, but also in the production of furniture intended for equipping the interiors of medical institutions and offices, dental offices, veterinary clinics, beauty parlors and salons.

All models of medical furniture are distinguished by modern design, ergonomics, practicality and high quality. For their production, only high-quality materials are used, which guarantees a long service life of the furniture. All items of furniture can be ordered in the online store or bought directly from the warehouse.

Belva Company

It is safe to say that Belva is one of the market leaders in the production of medical furniture and equipment of the highest quality.

Under this brand, furniture is produced from high-quality materials using modern technologies. Belva's products include medical cabinets, racks, carts, sinks, dental chairs, stools, carts, trays, furniture for equipment in surgical rooms.

All names of medical furniture comply with European standards, which allows it to be exported to European countries.

Tekhstroy Company

Techstroy is rightfully considered one of the leading developers and manufacturers of medical furniture and equipment. The main direction of the company is the production of metal furniture for laboratories, offices and institutions.

A distinctive feature of all products released under this brand is their high quality, practicality, ease of installation, portability and long service life.

The manufacturing process is carried out using a steel alloy, which has a high level of strength and low weight. In the production of all types of furniture, modern equipment, the latest technologies and technology of powder coating of the surface of products are used.

Among the clients of the company are not only state, but also private medical institutions, offices and salons. There are also many foreign regular customers.

Medstal Company

Medical furniture should be characterized by such properties as functionality, reliability, practicality, aesthetics and high quality. This is the kind of furniture that Medstal has been producing for 12 years.

Representative offices of the company operate throughout the country. This contributes to an increase in the number of buyers.

Medstal's catalog contains a large list of medical furniture items: cabinets, tables, racks, cabinets, stools, chairs, armchairs, screens. These models can be successfully used for equipping medical offices, dental clinics, beauty salons, veterinary hospitals.

Medical furniture from Russia from site

This site presents furniture produced by the most famous domestic and foreign manufacturers. Here you can find a large list of medical furniture and equipment.

Employees of the company are confident that the health of patients of institutions that are clients of hospitals and clinics, beauty salons and veterinary clinics, medical institutions and sanatoriums depends on the quality of the products they offer.

All goods presented on the site correspond to European quality. The furniture is of high quality, reliability, practicality and absolute safety.

The site has an opportunity to choose not only goods of the required purpose, but also at an affordable price.

Optimekh Company

PP OJSC Optimekh appeared on the medical equipment market in 1993. The main activity of the company is the development and production of medical and laboratory furniture. It is used to equip medical laboratories and institutions.

The company's catalog contains more than 150 items of goods, each of which is distinguished by quality and reliability, practicality and functionality. The enterprise uses modern equipment and advanced technologies, which contributes to the improvement of product quality.

Avista Company

This company has been known for over 18 years. She is a leading manufacturer of medical equipment and furniture. Products manufactured by Avista specialists are exported abroad. This is a confirmation of its quality and reliability.

Among the products you can find medical couches and tables, armchairs and chairs, racks and cabinets, sinks and shelves. The company's products have earned a lot of positive feedback from grateful buyers.

Strum Company

Among the advantages of this company are many years of experience (since 1990), the presence of certificates and licenses of European quality, excellent quality of all goods, a wide range of products, compliance with international requirements and trends.

The product catalog of this company contains furniture for medical offices and laboratories, which is popular with domestic and foreign customers.

Medical furniture ilfe

Hospitals and clinics, outpatient clinics and laboratories, salons and offices need special medical furniture. It is this kind of furniture that is produced under the Hilfe brand. Its popularity among users is due to the high quality, reliability, practicality, versatility and affordable price of all its names. The modern design of the furniture allows you to use it for furnishing the interior of rooms decorated in any style.

Maggie Medical Furniture Company

This is a group of companies that specialize in the production and development of an extensive list of medical furniture. The list of companies' products is periodically updated and supplemented. Now its number reaches 350 items.

Yunola LLC: medical furniture factory from Russia

Under the brand name of the Yunola LLC factory, medical equipment and furniture are produced, which are notable for ease of use, ease of care.

When releasing each product, all the wishes of customers, their needs and the characteristics of enterprises are taken into account. The furniture produced at this factory meets the highest quality and reliability requirements. It is used to equip private and public medical diagnostic, preventive and medical institutions.

Medelia Company

This is a well-known trading and manufacturing company that specializes in the implementation and production of an extensive list of medical furniture. For the manufacture of all products, only the highest quality materials and accessories are used, both domestic and imported. A distinctive feature of products is not only their quality and reliability, but also practicality and safety.

Ergomedix Company

The production and sale of medical equipment and furniture is the main activity of this company. Several factories and factories located on the territory of the country operate for the production of products.

When developing products, the company's specialists take into account not only the latest methods and technologies, but also the needs of medicine.

No medical institution can provide quality services without practical furniture, which is used to equip wards and offices, laboratories and salons, clinics and clinics. In every city of our country there are companies that are engaged not only in the sale of furniture for this purpose, but practice its development and production.

Medical furniture companies in Moscow

In the capital of our country there is a fairly large list of companies, the main activity of which is the production and sale of medical furniture of the highest quality.

Some of the largest and most famous enterprises are:

LLC Medical Company ASK. This company has been known in the Russian and European markets for more than 10 years. It is worth noting that the assortment of the company's product names is constantly being replenished and updated.

Today in the catalog you can find:

  • furniture made on a metal or aluminum frame - its distinctive feature is that the frame structure is made of durable metal or aluminum. This gives all products strength, practicality and long service life;

  • cabinet medical furniture made of high-quality and inexpensive laminated chipboard material - two series of furniture are produced (Best and Economy). Furniture elements of the Economy series include furniture designed for furnishing the interiors of hospital wards and offices of medical institutions. Its design is laconic and practical. It is easy to use and does not require any special care for its surface. Furniture of the Best series is a qualitatively new furniture, the design of which looks original, stylish and modern. The material for its release is exactly the same as for the previous series (laminated chipboard);

  • furniture for the neonatology department is special furniture, the design of which is created in such a way as to create the most comfortable and practical conditions for newborn children. There are beds available, which are adapted for the installation of special equipment for heating babies.

The high quality of the furniture is due to the use of modern technology and work methods, as well as the availability of qualified employees.

Tech-Med LLC was founded in 2005. The main strategy of its work is to provide its numerous clients with high-quality, functional and inexpensive medical furniture from the most famous manufacturers. For a short period of its existence, the company has earned a lot of positive feedback from grateful customers.

This company represents products of leading manufacturers from all over the world, with whom bilateral agreements on long-term cooperation have been concluded. In addition to the fact that here you can buy medical furniture that meets international standards, the company's specialists provide a range of services for the repair and installation of all elements of the purchased furniture.

The company "All for Health" specializes in the implementation of direct supplies of medical furniture from Russian manufacturers, bypassing intermediaries. Thanks to this, all products are sold at affordable prices. The company's catalog contains products for special and general purposes. It can be used both for the equipment of medical institutions, preventive centers and sanatorium complexes. In addition, here you can buy laboratory furniture, as well as equipment for the rehabilitation of patients.

Among the large list of companies that sell or produce medical furniture, buyers have the opportunity to choose exactly the one that fully meets all their needs in terms of assortment, quality and cost.

Medical furniture companies in St. Petersburg (SPb)

Companies manufacturing and distributing medical furniture in St. Petersburg offer their customers products that fully meet international standards.

Some of the most famous companies are:

  1. Plant for the production of medical furniture BMK. The company uses not only modern equipment, but also materials of the highest quality. All materials are resistant to negative environmental factors, which provides them with a long service life of the furniture produced at the plant. All products can be used under a variety of conditions. The catalog of the plant contains such names as tables for laboratories, medical cabinets, furniture for dental offices, stools, cabinets, cabinets, armchairs. All products differ not only in quality, but also completely safe to use.

  2. DVK Company. This company sells medfurniture of such brands as Praktik, Rommel, Metal Zavod and Valberg. You can see the full list of product names in the catalog with photos. Among the products popular with customers are medical cabinets, cabinets, trolleys, equipment and apparatus racks, tables and beds. All products are functional and practical.

  3. OOO Artikul-Furniture. The specialization of this company is the production of medical furniture on a frame made of metal. It is used for the equipment of laboratories and medical institutions. The company's specialists themselves develop designs for all types of furniture, taking into account the wishes of customers. All products are certified and meet international standards.

A large list of companies that specialize in the production or sale of medical furniture gives buyers a choice.

Medical furniture companies in other cities of Russia

Companies producing medical furniture are located not only in large cities of Russia, but also in small ones.

Medical furniture from Novosibirsk

The company selling medical furniture eWell offers its customers two series of products: made of chipboard (for the equipment of hospital rooms and clinics of medical institutions), as well as furniture, the frame of which is made of durable metal or aluminum. You can choose and order any item in the company's catalog or directly at its warehouse.

Ergomedix is ​​a no less popular company in the rating. Its main area of ​​activity is the design and manufacture of medical furniture. Each product is durable and practical. Since the furniture is manufactured in-house, its cost is affordable for every customer.

The well-known company Inversion, founded in 1993, is engaged in the supply of medical equipment and furniture in Novosibirsk. The company's specialists take part in international exhibitions and conferences, which gives them the opportunity to keep abreast of the latest innovations in the field of medical furniture.

Medical furniture in Krasnoyarsk

The North-South company, which is located in Krasnoyarsk, is known as a supplier of medical furniture throughout our country. The company's catalog contains a fairly large list of names: medical tables, stools, cabinets, carts and racks. The use of such furniture in the equipment of medical institutions will help create the most comfortable conditions for patients and employees.

The Avicena medical furniture store in Novosibirsk offers its customers a large list of medical furniture from leading suppliers all over the world. All furniture items comply with European standards. Purchases are carried out directly from manufacturers' factories, which helps to reduce the cost of furniture.

The company Ferrum, which specializes in the supply of medical furniture throughout the country, has also earned a lot of positive feedback from grateful customers. All products are of high quality, reliability and functionality.

Medical furniture in Voronezh

Among the manufacturers of medical furniture in Voronezh, it is worth noting the Meddesign company, which has been manufacturing medical furniture on metal frames for more than 15 years. All products are durable and durable. In terms of quality, the furniture is not inferior to imported products.

The Vescenter store is well known not only in Voronezh, but also in other cities of Russia. In this store, you can choose the most suitable furniture for your educational institution, which is not only practical, but also affordable.

If you need to buy medical furniture for medical institutions or laboratories, you can choose the most suitable option for you in Aibolit 36. A distinctive feature of each catalog item is the presence of a metal frame in its structure, which gives it strength and ensures a long service life.

Medical furniture companies in Belarus

There are many companies in Belarus that sell or manufacture medical furniture. For example, such companies as Strum CJSC, Artinox ChUP, Topstandard specialize in the manufacture of medical furniture. For its manufacture, high-quality materials and fittings are used, which ensures its reliability and practicality. A distinctive feature of the furniture is its affordable price.

Vostok Plus LLC, Medical Equipment, Price Pulse - these are just some of the companies whose main activity is the sale of medical furniture from well-known manufacturers.

Deliveries are carried out directly from the manufacturers' factories, bypassing intermediaries. This affects the formation of an affordable price for all products.

Medical furniture must meet certain standards and regulations. Only if all the necessary standards are observed can this furniture be used in medical institutions.

Many companies producing and supplying medical furniture from Russia and Belarus take part in the annual exhibition Mebel.