Medical furniture manufacturers

The effective functioning of any institution in the field of medical services is ensured not only by a professional team, but also by the use of modern and high-quality medical furniture.

In order to simplify as much as possible the possibility of the final selection and purchase of the necessary medical furniture, you can use the catalog. In the catalog, all furniture names are classified according to the principle of their use. By entering the required subgroup, you can quickly find the name of the furniture that the buyer is interested in at the moment.

Each name is accompanied by a short description of the product and its image. This gives the buyer the opportunity to make the final choice.

Russian manufacturers of medical furniture

Various domestic companies specialize in the production and supply of medical furniture.

  • trading house "Avers" - is engaged in the supply of medical furniture and equipment. The main thing that the company's specialists focus on is the versatility and high quality of the products offered;

  • Metal medical furniture factory - the enterprise began its activity in 1925. During this time, the product catalog has significantly expanded and updated. In it you can find all the necessary furniture for the effective work of a medical institution of any direction. Each product name manufactured by the company is distinguished by quality, reliability, practicality and safety of use;

  • Ergomedix is ​​a domestic enterprise that occupies one of the leading positions among well-known manufacturers of furniture for medical institutions and laboratories. All names of manufactured products are of high quality, environmental friendliness, safety and efficiency of use. The modern design of medical furniture, which harmoniously combines with its functionality, is also important.

Foreign manufacturers of medical furniture

The medical equipment market is a set of companies that specialize in the supply of medical equipment to our country.

Some of the most famous are:

  • B-BRAUN, Germany - specializes in furniture and equipment for hemodialysis and dialysis procedures. The company supplies all the components necessary for the effective use of the products;

  • Merivaara - the company has been operating since 1901. The Merivaara brand produces comfortable patient beds, couches and operating tables. The company is engaged in the design, production and supply of medical furniture of various types. Her regular clients include more than 100 countries of the world;

  • Vernipoll is a company known in the medical equipment and furniture market for over 25 years. The product catalog mainly consists of furniture for medical institutions, made of metal and alloys. A distinctive feature of each item is practicality and high quality.

These are just some of the foreign companies that specialize in the production and supply of furniture for medical institutions of various types.

Manufacturers and suppliers of medical furniture at the exhibition

One of the well-known exhibition events, in which famous foreign and domestic manufacturers of medical furniture and equipment participate, is the Mebel exhibition of the Expocentre Fairgrounds .

The main goal of the exhibition is to acquaint a wide range of consumers with well-known and start-up companies operating in the furniture industry.

Order and buy medical furniture from the manufacturer

You can place an order and buy the necessary pieces of furniture directly from the manufacturer or online. Large enterprises and suppliers have Internet resources where you can find descriptions and characteristics of each item.

The main difference between suppliers and manufacturers is that the catalog of suppliers additionally contains offers from several companies. Due to this, you can choose medical furniture of different brands. On the other hand, manufacturers' prices are usually lower.

Many leading Russian and foreign manufacturers of medical furniture participate in the annual Mebel Exhibition.