Medical Furniture Sites

Reliability, high quality, comfort, resistance to damage and durability are the most important requirements for the modern market of medical furniture and equipment. When choosing the necessary products, you should at least have a little idea of ​​which manufacturing companies exist on the market and whom you can safely trust.

As a rule, medical institutions trust domestic manufacturers more. The prices of Russian companies are noticeably lower than those of foreign ones, and the quality of domestic producers is in no way inferior to foreign ones. If you study the official websites of some manufacturers, you can be sure of this.

Website of the Obverse trading house: medical furniture and equipment

One of such companies is the Avers Trading House, which is engaged in equipping private and state medical institutions with modern furniture for special and general purposes from domestic manufacturers. The trading house supplies reliable and high-quality furniture approved by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

To date, there are about 500 items of goods with a wide color palette, including equipment for laboratory research, remedies for rehabilitation after severe injuries, medical metal furniture and other goods for medicine.

Site of medical furniture from Mega, Ufa

The group of companies has been equipping the medical furniture market since 1995. Megi manufactures furniture for treatment rooms (couches, wardrobes), operating rooms and hospital wards (tables, beds, bedside tables). To date, the company has developed a wide range of furniture (about 350 items), which is constantly growing.

In addition, the company produces many products for various purposes:

  • trolleys for transporting patients;
  • infusion racks;
  • screens;
  • bactericidal recirculators for disinfection.

Website of furniture in the Borovichi medical center

The Borovichi Medical Center is a fairly young institution where you can undergo a comprehensive examination of the body at a time convenient for the client. The center was opened in February 2008 and has already acquired highly qualified personnel who can carry out high-quality laboratory diagnostics in the shortest possible time.

The cost of the services provided directly depends on the type and nature of the disease. The specialist will competently and in detail draw up an individual treatment plan, be sure to explain the cost of the necessary procedures and services. The medical center is equipped with modern furniture from reliable foreign and domestic manufacturers that meet all the requirements of comfort and quality.

Site of TD ASK Nizhny Novgorod

The ASK company is engaged in the production of a wide range of medical equipment and furniture. The entire range has the necessary certificates of conformity, registration certificates and declarations of conformity.

Furniture is presented among the manufactured goods:

  • on a metal frame (couches, benches and tool tables);

  • cabinet (cabinets, cabinets and tables - Best and Economy series;

  • laboratory on an aluminum frame ("Elite", "Standard", "Economy");

  • equipment for neonatology (sanitizing tables and heated beds for newborns).

Site of medical furniture from Avanta

Avanta, a domestic furniture manufacturer, produces furniture based on innovative technology. The range includes products for dental offices, pharmacies, educational medical institutions, clinics and hospitals, as well as cosmetic and dental laboratories and offices.

The group of companies provides a guarantee of high quality, flexibility of modeling, modern design and a large color palette. The Avanta company can also manufacture equipment and furniture according to individual drawings and sketches from the customer.

Website of medical furniture from Aibolit 2000

Aibolit-2000 appeared on the market in 1999 and immediately established itself as one of the best suppliers of products for the medical field.

To date, more than 200 modern models of medical furniture are presented, created using high-tech equipment from proven Japanese, German and Italian manufacturers.

It is interesting that initially the company worked in the form of a cooperative producing exercise equipment for children with musculoskeletal problems.

Site of medical furniture Lavkor

The Lavkor trademark is one of the parts of the Medkompleks AVK corporation, which supplies medical furniture and equipment to the domestic market and the near abroad.

The products of the brand are in high demand, because they are made from environmentally friendly materials in compliance with all state standards. The wide range of products includes not only furniture for operating rooms, laboratories and wards, but also for equipping nursing posts and emergency rooms. or

Many representatives of well-known medical furniture sites and furniture media participate in the annual Furniture exhibition.