Leather furniture

Genuine leather furniture has always been not only comfortable and beautiful, but also indicated the refined taste and position of its owners. An interior in which such furniture is present looks more solid and expensive, regardless of the style in which it is made.

Thanks to modern technologies of furniture production, methods of processing natural leather and novelties in the textile industry, the range of application of this material in furniture has significantly expanded. Leather is used not only as upholstery of upholstered furniture, but also as a decorative finishing material for cabinet furniture and its facades.

Leather furniture production

Leather has been used in the production of upholstered furniture for a long time. For this, the skin is treated in a special way and dyed. All genuine leather is divided into categories from the most inexpensive and denser and coarse, to thin and soft, which is significantly higher in price. Each of the buyers has their own preferences in the choice of upholstery.

The correct choice of leather in accordance with the model of upholstered furniture can put upholstered furniture in a better light, even with inexpensive natural leather.

It is fairly believed that leather furniture is an expensive pleasure. Basically, upholstered furniture made entirely of genuine leather is produced only to order. Typical furniture manufacturers usually combine natural and artificial leather.

Natural material is used on the armrests and those surfaces that are visible and in contact with the human body during use, the rest of the details are covered with artificial leather.

Modern artificial leather is no different from natural and is able to convey not only color, but also the texture of natural material. At the same time, artificial leather can imitate the skin of exotic animals and amphibians. Its use significantly reduces the cost of furniture in general, which makes it available to a wider range of consumers.

Leather is increasingly used as decorative fragments or coatings in the manufacture of facades of wardrobes, chests of drawers and other cabinet furniture.

Any leather is thoroughly checked for defects before being cut: tears, scratches, unpainted. Such leather is not allowed for further use.

Custom leather furniture

Large factories of upholstered furniture have several typical models in which leather is used as upholstery fabric. At the request of the customer, the factory will produce furniture with any design you like and with any kind of leather. In some cases, there may be slight changes in the size of the model or a change in the location of the corner of the sofa.

Enterprises specializing in the production of custom-made furniture are able to make furniture according to projects drawn up in cooperation with the designer and customers. In this case, the price of such a kit will be much more expensive. The same applies to the finishing of the facades of cabinet furniture with leather. Such furniture looks unusual and expensive, but due to its high labor intensity it significantly exceeds the price of ordinary furniture.

Manufacturers and suppliers of leather furniture

Almost every large furniture factory has a line of leather furniture in its assortment:

  1. "Factory on March 8". It produces mainly classic style furniture, which is suitable not only in the living room, but also to complement the interior of offices and libraries,

  2. "Kind style". Furniture from this manufacturer will make any home cozy and comfortable. Comfortable soft corners with easy-to-use transformation mechanisms are suitable for both guest rooms and living rooms where the whole family gathers.

  3. "Devyatkovo". Leather furniture is made in various style solutions, so it is easy to choose the necessary model for the interior, made in any style.

  4. "Pinskdrev". It represents not only genuine leather furniture, but also artificial ones.

Means for repairing leather furniture

No matter how carefully leather furniture is used, sooner or later, microcracks, scuffs, scratches and other damage may appear on it. This is due to the fact that natural leather is a very delicate material that requires delicate handling. That is why such furniture is not recommended for pet lovers, whose claws are capable of piercing and tearing expensive upholstery.

What if the damage did happen?

There are several materials that can restore surfaces to their previous appearance:

  1. Dense repair compound. It is widely used in the restoration of scuffs, scratches and tears that often appear on the armrests and seats of sofas. The composition of the material is a white paste, which can be easily given the desired color by adding pigment. It is applied to the cleaned damaged area in several layers. If necessary, the first layers are sanded to completely level with the total surface of the coating.

  2. Liquid Repair Mortar is mainly used for cracking. This is a very plastic compound that, like butter, fills in all the lesions and adheres securely to the skin. You can dry it with a simple hairdryer without overheating the skin. As it dries, the composition will, as it were, fall into cracks, so the work will need to be done in several layers, each time sanding the area that needs to be restored.

  3. Means for texture repair of leather. In case of damage to rough leather with a large texture pattern, it is necessary not only to fill the hole, but also to make the damaged area invisible, restoring its texture. To do this, use a tool for texture repair of the skin.

  4. Skin softener. Used to restore softness and elasticity to rough skin. This phenomenon can occur if the indoor air is too dry or the wrong skin care product is selected. The softener will restore the skin to its original appearance.

Means for cleaning and caring for leather furniture

Dlya togo chtoby kozhanaya mebel' sluzhila dolgiye gody, neobkhodimo regulyarno i pravil'no za ney ukhazhivat'. Pravila ukhoda i rekomendatsii po vyboru chistyashchikh sredstv obychno ukazany v instruktsii ot proizvoditelya, kotoraya obyazatel'no prilagayetsya k izdeliyu.

Yesli instruktsiya uteryana, to nachinat' chistku nuzhno s delikatnykh sredstv, predvaritel'no ispytav sostav na prilagayemykh kusochkakh obivki ili v nezametnykh mestakh. V sluchayakh sil'nogo zagryazneniya luchshe obratit'sya v kliringovyye firmy, spetsialisty kotorykh legko podberut neobkhodimuyu khimiyu dlya chistki mebeli. Yezhednevnyy ukhod svoditsya k protiraniyu sukhoy chistoy tkan'yu.

Pri popadanii zhira na obivku mozhno vospol'zovat'sya tal'kom ili krakhmalom. Nebol'shiye pyatna legko smoyutsya pri pomoshchi detskogo myla. Ni v koyem sluchaye nel'zya primenyat' abrazivnyye materialy i spirtosoderzhashchiye sostavy. Mozhno vospol'zovat'sya sredstvami, kotoryye otnosyatsya k avtokosmetike, chast' iz nikh spetsial'no sozdana dlya ochistki salonov iz natural'noy kozhi.

Proizvoditeli i postavshchiki sredstv po ukhodu za kozhanoy mebel'yu

V nastoyashcheye vremya populyarny sredstva po ukhodu za kozhanoy mebel'yu sleduyushchikh kompaniy:

  • ZAO Dombytkhim proizvoditel' bytovoy khimii i penomoyushchikh kosmeticheskikh sredstv, predlagayet sredstva po ukhodu za kozhanoy obuv'yu pod markoy Flat;

  • OOO Shebekinskaya industrial'naya khimiya predlagayet krasku karandashi i laki po ukhodu za kozhey sobstvennogo proizvodstva i yavlyayetsya postavshchikom khimicheskikh preparatov Cromogenia Units i Piel Color;

  • OOO EMPARUS zanimayetsya proizvodstvom pod sobstvennoy torgovoy markoy Chist;

  • Centralin. Germanskaya firma, mnogoye gody postavlyayushchaya razlichnyye sredstva po ukhodu za kozhey na rossiyskiy rynok.

Mebel' iz kozhi stanet nastoyashchim ukrasheniyem lyubogo doma, podarit komfort i uyut. Soblyudaya elementarnyye pravila ukhoda, mozhno zametno prodlit' srok sluzhby etikh stil'nykh predmetov inter'yera.

Obychno stoimost' u proizvoditeley men'she, chem u postavshchikov. No posledniye mogut predlagat' boleye melkiye partii produktsii.

Zakazat' i kupit' optom chistyashchiye sredstva dlya ukhoda i remonta kozhanoy mebel'yu

U kazhdogo krupnogo proizvoditelya i postavshchika bytovoy khimii mozhno optom priobresti materialy po ukhodu i remontu kozhanoy mebeli.

Pri vybore sredstva neobkhodimo uchest':

  • osobennosti ispol'zovaniya;

  • vid kozhi, kotoryy sleduyet privesti v poryadok;

  • kolichestvo upakovok v partii;

  • vozmozhnost' dostavki;

  • skidki dlya postoyannykh kliyentov.

Bol'she o kozhanoy mebeli: proizvodstve, proizvoditelyakh, postavshchikakh, sredstva po ukhodu, remontu mozhno uznat' na yezhegodnoy vystavke Mebel'.

Postavshchiki mebeli
Mebel' dlya rukovoditelya
Mebel' iz duba
2986 / 5000

In order for leather furniture to serve for many years, it is necessary to regularly and properly care for it. The rules of care and recommendations for the choice of cleaning agents are usually indicated in the instructions from the manufacturer, which must be attached to the product.

If the instructions are lost, then you need to start cleaning with delicate products, having previously tested the composition on the supplied pieces of upholstery or in inconspicuous places. In cases of severe contamination, it is better to contact clearing firms, whose specialists can easily select the necessary chemicals for cleaning furniture. Daily care is reduced to wiping with a dry, clean cloth.

If grease gets on the upholstery, you can use talcum powder or starch. Small stains can be easily washed off with baby soap. In no case should abrasive materials and alcohol-containing compounds be used. You can use products that relate to car cosmetics, some of them are specially designed for cleaning genuine leather interiors.

Manufacturers and suppliers of leather furniture care products

Currently, the following companies are popular for the care of leather furniture:

  • CJSC Dombytkhim is a manufacturer of household chemicals and foam-washing cosmetics, offers leather shoe care products under the Flat brand;

  • LLC "Shebekinskaya Industrial Chemistry" offers paint, pencils and varnishes for skin care of its own production and is a supplier of chemicals Cromogenia Units and Piel Color;

  • LLC "EMPARUS" is engaged in production under its own brand "Chist";

  • Centralin. A German company that has been supplying various skin care products to the Russian market for many years.

Leather furniture will become a real decoration of any home, will give comfort and coziness. By observing the basic rules of care, you can significantly extend the service life of these stylish interior items.

Typically, manufacturers are less expensive than suppliers. But the latter may offer smaller quantities of products.

Order and buy wholesale cleaning products for the care and repair of leather furniture

Every major manufacturer and supplier of household chemicals offers wholesale materials for the care and repair of leather furniture.

When choosing a product, consider:

  • features of use;

  • the kind of leather that needs to be tidied;

  • number of packages in a batch;

  • possibility of delivery;

  • discounts for regular customers.

More about leather furniture: production, manufacturers, suppliers, care products, repairs can be found at the annual exhibition Mebel.