Furniture parts

Furniture production has been developing at an intensive pace in recent years. Not only well-known large furniture factories offer their products, but also many small businesses.

If the giants of the industry are mainly engaged in the production of serial furniture, then small enterprises firmly occupy a niche for the manufacture of custom-made furniture.

Not every furniture production has a sufficiently large park of machines and equipment for the manufacture of modern, high-quality products.

In addition, it is not always advisable from a financial point of view: renting production areas, paying for electricity and maintaining a staff of highly qualified machine operators negate all the profits of small businesses. In these cases, it is much more profitable to purchase ready-made furniture parts. Many companies that already have their own machine park are ready to provide such a service.

Custom made furniture parts

Both small manufacturers working with custom-made furniture, and ordinary citizens who decide to update the interior on their own, can order the production of furniture parts according to the customer's size. Based on the created design sketch, a list of parts is created, taking into account the design requirements for furniture and the method of processing product cuts.

The managers of a company that provides such services, in a special program, create an optimal cutting sheet for sheet material, calculate the amount of material, including edging, and launch the order. Some companies have online chipboard cutters. In this case, it is important for the customer to remember that he is responsible for the correct dimensions.

In some companies, you can order not only sawing, pasting and shaped saws, but also the additive of products for furniture fittings: hinges, ties, Euro screws and screws. In these cases, assemblers can only assemble a structure like a constructor. Custom-made furniture parts are of good quality material and workmanship.

Services for the manufacture of custom-made furniture parts are offered by: TVC Potatushkin, Chaika, Keller and others.

Finished furniture parts and products from laminated chipboard

Laminated chipboard in recent years has practically replaced natural wood in furniture production. A wide variety of films allows you to produce a board with colors of different types of wood and even repeat its texture. Furniture made of laminated chipboard does not require a special temperature regime in the premises and is easy to clean.

The edges of laminated chipboard parts can be processed with melamine edging and PVC edging. If the first one can be easily glued at home, then the PVC edge is glued at the factory on special equipment. This guarantees the quality and durability of the product.

Chipboard is widely used in the manufacture of furniture parts. Considering that almost all products meet a certain standard, it is easy to guess which blanks will be purchased most often. This sheet material is easily sawn on modern equipment, not one sheet at a time, but 3-5 sheets. This significantly increases productivity and reduces the cost of finished furniture parts.

Examples of furniture parts made of chipboard

In addition to laminated chipboard, with a refined surface, in furniture production, parts from laminated chipboard, that is, laminated chipboard, are widely used. For example, internal parts of upholstered furniture, some parts of beds and furniture cases, which later turn out to be hidden from view.

Chipboard is widely used for shelves and racks in utility rooms, garages and during construction work. Chipboard parts can be made in any quantity and the desired configuration, moreover, they do not require edge finishing like chipboard.

MDF furniture parts

Sometimes, in order to update the interior, it is not at all necessary to change all the furniture: it is enough just to replace the facades. They can be made from both laminated chipboard and MDF.

The advantage of this material is that it can be milled like solid wood. This allows you to make products of any configuration, with threads and various patterns. Field of painting or pasting with special films, such facades can be washed like ordinary chipboard furniture.

This material is slightly heavier than chipboard, but more environmentally friendly. A huge selection of film allows you to make products under a tree or any fancy colors. Such products are well patented, which allows them to give them a more noble look.

Furniture details made of MDF make it possible to bring to life almost any designer's idea.

Furniture manufacturers and suppliers

The list of firms engaged in the manufacture and supply of furniture parts is very large.

In this area of ​​furniture production, companies such as:

  1. All-fanera. Provides services for cutting laminated chipboard, chipboard, plywood, MDF, OSB. Produces edging of parts and their additive. Orders are completed, packed and delivered to the customer's location.

  2. Pima Bastion. Provides a wide range of board materials from leading manufacturers of laminated chipboard.

  3. Furniture factory "Cutting Bistro". He works with individual orders, develops a project, manufactures furniture parts, completes the order with fittings.

Furniture parts from manufacturers in bulk

Small businesses that produce standard, standard furniture widely use ready-made furniture parts in their production.

Furniture parts from manufacturers are offered in bulk by manufacturers and large suppliers: "Korpus-A", "Lavr", Trade House "Server".

This allows you to significantly save time, payroll and other costs associated with production.

In addition, there is no need to maintain a large warehouse for semi-finished products and materials. Furniture parts can be delivered as needed, agreeing on a schedule with the manufacturer.

Order and buy furniture parts in Moscow

In such a large city as Moscow, the demand for furniture never decreases. As you know, our people have always been famous for their craving for needlework and a creative approach to everything that can be made with their own hands. There are many enterprises in Moscow that are ready to help the residents of the metropolis in this.

Here you can order furniture parts of any configuration from laminated chipboard, chipboard, MDF, plywood, DPV or HDF:

  • Chaika LLP offers not only a wide range of panel materials, but also the necessary accessories.

  • In the company "RASPILOV-KA.RU" you can buy everything you need to make furniture.

  • Mebetal - manufactures furniture parts, produces laminated chipboard, edging, hinge additive.

  • The Redkov Group of Companies, if necessary, will deliver the order to the buyer's door.

  • In addition to furniture parts for cases, you can order furniture fronts, doors for sliding wardrobes, stained-glass windows in the Drobeks company.

Modern furniture details: examples, finished products from manufacturers and suppliers are on display at the annual Mebel exhibition.