Wardrobes in Moscow from the manufacture

Various companies are engaged in the production of cabinets in Moscow. This piece of furniture can be purchased directly through suppliers depending on the working conditions. There are options for bulk deliveries or custom-made individual units.

The main list of enterprises presented here and the peculiarities of the work of furniture companies will significantly simplify the choice for everyone who wants to purchase a cabinet directly from the manufacturer.

Examples of cabinets in Moscow from the manufacturer

Wardrobes are wardrobe systems, the main purpose of which is to store things and small appliances. With their help, you can expand the space and use it profitably.

On the modern market there are such types as:

  • freestanding;
  • inline;
  • partially embedded.

The most relevant for purchase are swing, corner and modular options and wardrobes. In the assortment of companies, you can pick up not only wardrobes for the bedroom, but also bookcases for the living room, and furniture for the hallway.

For example, the furniture factory "Sharm-Design". Has been operating since 1998. In the production process, GOST standards are observed. The warranty period is 18 months. Furniture is supplied wholesale and retail.

There are also specialized enterprises in Moscow. So, LLC "MedKompleks" A.V.K. " has been operating for over 15 years. The main direction is the manufacture of furniture, including cabinets, required in medical institutions. All furniture is made from environmentally friendly materials using modern technologies.

Factory "Ronicon". Has been manufacturing various types of cabinets and other furniture for over 15 years. Interior items are of high quality, functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Sliding wardrobes in Moscow from the manufacturer

Sliding wardrobes are designs with sliding doors. Mostly they are made to order.

The following companies are engaged in the production of sliding wardrobes in Moscow:

  • MPI company. Engaged in the production of wardrobes to order. The key features are the ability to develop exclusive designs and use high quality materials;

  • Europeum Concept LLC. Has been working in the furniture industry for over 20 years. It makes sliding wardrobes using components and materials supplied only by trusted factories. Products comply with strict international standards;

  • World of MZ Cabinets LLC. Manufactures wardrobes according to individual measurements. Buyers can order furniture according to their preferences.

Wardrobes in Moscow from the manufacturer

Wardrobes are elements of cabinet furniture. These wardrobes are usually sold together with living room and bedroom headsets. This furniture is made by a large number of factories in Moscow.

Triumph company. Engaged in the manufacture of swing cabinets and other interior items. A distinctive feature of the product is its low cost.

V & amp; K Studio. Offers designer furniture made from composite materials. Quality products are guaranteed for up to 10 years. In the production process, materials of European quality are used.

Sakura company. Offers an extensive range of wardrobes for living rooms, children's rooms and hallways. Product prices are available to consumers, discounts are offered.

Corner cabinets from manufacturers in Moscow

Corner cabinets are in demand as they take up a minimum of space, which allows you to use free space to the maximum advantage.

Among the manufacturers of corner cabinets in Moscow:

  • the group of companies "Our Furniture". It specializes in the manufacture of wardrobes and other furniture, as well as in wholesale. The goods are of good quality and reasonable price;

  • MebelVia.ru is an online furniture hypermarket. Offers corner cabinets of its own production and a wide range of other furniture products.

Bookcases in Moscow from manufacturers

Bookcases are open structures that are installed in living rooms, bedrooms and offices.

Companies specializing in the manufacture of bookcases include:

  1. LLC "StolExpress". It is engaged in the production of high quality office furniture. The assortment includes bookcases that are created taking into account modern technologies.

  2. "Empire of furniture" Grand ". Offers an extensive range of bookcases. The products are of high build quality.

  3. LLC "Region-Supply". Manufactures and sells pieces of furniture made primarily of metal. The offered bookcases are of unique design and good quality.

Wardrobes in the hallway from manufacturers in Moscow

Wardrobes in the hallway are an essential attribute of this room, as they are designed to store wardrobe items, shoes and accessories.

This furniture is produced by:

  • Mebel Green factory. In the assortment of the company you can find wardrobes for the hallway with different constructions, sizes and designs;

  • Divama company. Offers modern solutions for interior design. Consumers can order quality hallway wardrobes;

  • SLAYN company. Has been on the market for over five years. Offers furniture from the Sline-K line of its own production.

Other cabinet manufacturers and suppliers in Moscow

On the territory of Moscow, a large number of cabinet suppliers offer their services. With the help of these companies, you can select high quality furniture from domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Tristan LLC. The company represents the interests of Russian furniture factories. We offer economy class goods at affordable prices.

"Spekt Furniture" company. Offers a wide range of cabinets in various configurations. There are more than one and a half thousand items of cabinet furniture to choose from.

Cozy House company. Offers wardrobes and other interior items, which are produced by domestic and foreign manufacturers. Provides favorable terms of cooperation and a wide range of products.

Modern wardrobes from manufacturers: examples of swing, compartment, bookcases; are demonstrated at the annual exhibition Mebel in the Central Exhibition Complex of Moscow.