Metal beds

New design developments and technologies of furniture production allow combining various materials. This makes it possible to create interesting models of metal beds that can decorate any home.

Beds with wrought iron headboards, children's bright cribs and metal bunk beds will compete with solid wood or chipboard furniture. Such furniture is used in hostels, soldiers 'barracks, inexpensive hotels like hostels, kindergartens, workers' cabins.

Children's metal beds

All children are very mobile and restless. The most favorite fun for a child is jumping on the bed. Any bed made of chipboard or wood will quickly become unusable because of this. This happens not only due to the breakdown of the base under the mattress, but also due to loosening of the joints of the parts of the bed frame.

The solution to problems in this case is metal beds. These reliable, proven designs for generations will provide the child with safety, correct, comfortable body position during sleep, which will not harm posture. In the manufacture of metal furniture, only safe paints and other materials are used.

The modern metal design of toddler cribs, which are suitable for both newborns and preschoolers, allows for a variety of interiors.

Headboards can be made in a minimalist style and have a completely neutral effect on the interior. Products imitating forging can set the tone for a nursery decorated in a classic or country style.

Usually, these beds are equipped with special bumpers, canopies, mosquito nets. The child feels calm and comfortable in them. They are stable and difficult to swing or turn over.

Another advantage of metal cribs for children is that they can last for several generations. After the baby has grown, its sleeping place is easy to disassemble and remove for a while out of sight.

If a second baby is expected in the family, it is enough to assemble and install the crib, without doubting its reliability. Even a person who does not have the skills to assemble furniture can do this.

Metal bunk beds for children

The best option for arranging sleeping places for a family with two or more children would be a bunk bed. Furniture stores offer a large selection of beds made of wood, chipboard and metal.

Sets of solid wood and chipboard have an interesting design and are completed with various lockers and workstations. But the service life of cribs made of these materials is much shorter than that of metal ones.

The advantages of metal bunk beds are:

  • strength and reliability. Even if the weight of the child is slightly above average, you do not need to worry about the safety of the entire structure. It perfectly withstands any mechanical stress and weight loads;

  • metal is fireproof;

  • , unlike wood or laminated chipboard, metal is not subject to decay, the development of fungus or bacteria. The product is easy to care for;

  • beds don't look massive thanks to metal uprights and headboards;

  • due to the airiness of the structure, the beds do not impede the movement of air in the room and provide fresh air for sleeping places.

The disadvantage is the metal's susceptibility to corrosion. In addition, this material is always cold, which can cause some discomfort in our climate. On the other hand, paint on metal is easy to restore, and new technologies make the coating more pleasant to the touch.

Metal beds for workers

Another place of application of metal beds is the assembly of change houses for workers.

Most construction sites or enterprises where employees work on a rotational basis have small temporary work camps, consisting of several cabins. These beds are reliable, have a long service life, easily withstand frequent exposure to household chemicals, and are comfortable.

For workers who use cabins for a short period of time or change one another, it is very important that the sleeping place can be quickly put in order. These beds are also often used in hospitals, hostels, hotels.

Metal bunk beds for workers

Working hostels, change houses, hostels often require placing as many sleeping places as possible in a limited space. The best option for this is metal bunk beds.

The weight of such a bed is 30-40 kg. For their painting, powder paints of gray, white or black are used. Other colors can be applied on request. The paint reliably protects against the development of corrosion, fungus, bacteria.

There are two types of grids:

  • from a rolling spring. Such meshes are quite elastic, but they bend and can stretch over time;

  • welded, with cells 100x100, 50x100, 50x50. Metal thickness 4 mm. This makes the netting stiff, but allows the bed to be used longer as the product does not flex.

Manufacturers and suppliers of metal beds

In the Russian Federation, metal beds are produced and supplied by the following companies:

  1. LLC "Profmetall", Moscow. Manufactures wrought iron furniture, including beds with metal headboards.

  2. Ormatek, Nizhny Novgorod. Metal beds for children, hospitals, dormitories.

  3. LLC "Medkompleks", Moscow. Produces metal furniture for medical institutions, including hospitals.

  4. Spectrum Furniture, Moscow offers different options for furniture on a metal frame.

  5. LLC "Triumph", Moscow. Metal beds for hotels, hospitals, work cabins and dormitories.

Where to buy wholesale metal beds?

Metal beds are produced by various companies. Baby cots, beds for bedrooms are usually sold through a retail network. Furniture for workers' cabins, student dormitories, camp sites, hospitals and hospitals is most often purchased in bulk.

You can buy metal products from manufacturers and wholesalers. For example, the company "Metal Beds" is engaged in the manufacture and wholesale of single and bunk beds. Deliveries are carried out throughout Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Representative offices of companies are available on websites on the Internet. There are manufacturers and suppliers of metal beds in many cities.

Metal beds in Moscow

V Moskve krovati dlya obshchezhitiy, bol'nits, khostelov mozhno priobresti i zakazat' v sleduyushchikh tochkakh:

  • IP Bol'shakova vypuskayet armeyskiye krovati, v tom chisle i dvukh"yarusnyye;

  • firma Metallicheskiye krovati vypuskayet krovati s derevyannymi izgolov'yami;

  • OOO Adoga v assortimente predstavleny armeyskiye krovati.

Metallicheskiye krovati v SPb

Priobresti krovati iz metalla v Sankt-Peterburge mozhno v spetsializirovannykh magazinakh, optovykh bazakh i internet-magazinakh.

Priobreteniye mebeli cherez internet priobretayet vse bol'shuyu populyarnost'. Podrobnoye opisaniye modeley, izobrazheniye dayet polnuyu informatsiyu ob izdelii i pozvolyayet poluchit' otzyvy o modeli ot drugikh pokupateley.

Sravniv tseny na neskol'kikh torgovykh saytakh, mozhno smelo delat' pokupki. Eto ekonomit vremya, a v nekotorykh sluchayakh i sredstva.

V roznichnoy i optovoy seti metallicheskiye krovati v Sankt-Peterburge predlagayut:

  • OOO 33 krovati,
  • OOO Stroymatras,
  • AO Medstroy.

V SPb rabotayut kompanii, kotoryye zanimayutsya vnedreniyem novykh dizaynerskikh resheniy v proizvodstve metallicheskikh krovatey. Naprimer, predpriyatiye Metall-Dizayn spetsializiruyetsya na sozdanii eksklyuzivnoy mebeli. Odna iz modeley kompanii eto dvuspal'naya krovat' s kovanym izgolov'yem, otdelannym natural'noy kozhey.

Primery metallicheskikh krovatey na vystavke

Mebel'nyye predpriyatiya, rabotayushchiye s metallizirovannoy produktsiyey, vypuskayut ne tol'ko standartnyye tipovyye izdeliya.

Kompanii starayutsya ne otstupat' ot modnykh napravleniy v inter'yernom dizayne i razrabatyvayut novyye modeli mebeli iz metalla.

Shirokomasshtabnaya vystavka Mebel' eto otlichnaya vozmozhnost' prodemonstrirovat' produktsiyu i nayti novykh partnerov dlya sotrudnichestva.

Uchastiye mebel'nykh kompaniy v vystavkakh podobnogo urovnya pozvolyayet podderzhivat' dostoynyy uroven' proizvodstva metallicheskikh krovatey, vnedryat' novyye modeli, delat' izdeliya boleye privlekatel'nymi i udobnymi.

Metallicheskaya mebel'
Proizvodstvo metallicheskoy mebeli v Rossii
Komplektuyushchiye dlya metallicheskikh lestnits i drugikh vidov
2488 / 5000

In Moscow, beds for hostels, hospitals, hostels can be purchased and ordered at the following points:

  • FE "Bolshakova" - produces army beds, including bunk beds;

  • the firm "Metal Beds" - produces beds with wooden headboards;

  • OOO "Adoga" - the assortment includes army beds.

Metal beds in St. Petersburg

You can buy metal beds in St. Petersburg in specialized stores, wholesalers and online stores.

Purchasing furniture via the Internet is becoming more and more popular. A detailed description of the models, the image gives complete information about the product and allows you to get feedback on the model from other buyers.

By comparing prices on several shopping sites, you can safely make purchases. This saves time and, in some cases, money.

In the retail and wholesale network, metal beds in St. Petersburg offer:

  • LLC "33 beds",
  • Stroimatras LLC,
  • JSC "Medstroy".

There are companies in St. Petersburg that are engaged in the implementation of new design solutions in the production of metal beds. For example, the Metal-Design enterprise specializes in the creation of exclusive furniture. One of the company's models is a double bed with a wrought-iron headboard trimmed with genuine leather.

Examples of metal beds at the exhibition

Furniture enterprises working with metallized products produce not only standard standard products.

Companies are trying not to deviate from fashion trends in interior design and are developing new models of metal furniture.

Large-scale exhibition Mebel is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate products and find new partners for cooperation.

The participation of furniture companies in exhibitions of this level allows maintaining a decent level of production of metal beds, introducing new models, making products more attractive and comfortable.