Production of dining tables

The dining table in the interior always plays an important role, since family or friends traditionally gather at it. A wide range of dining tables allows you to choose the best option.

Manufacturers make dining and kitchen tables from different types of materials, shapes, colors and modifications.

Cutting production tables are the main element of the kitchen of every catering establishment. Such tables are designed for cutting, cutting blanks and serving future dishes.

The choice of material for the production of cutting tables is varied. Due to technological requirements, for certain operations in the kitchen, stainless steel tables with a thickness of 3 mm must be used.

Chipboard can be used as the basis for tables. For premium-class tables, a moisture-resistant board is used, in all other cases, a board covered with a waterproof paint.

Manufacture of stainless steel dining tables

Tables made of stainless steel are considered the best option for the production of tables designed for public catering facilities. The stainless steel surface is ideal for storing and handling food. Typically, AISI 430 steel is used for these purposes, which is covered with a plate of pressed shavings.

Modern manufacturers provide a wide range of tables. The difference lies in the size of the table, the number of additional shelves and the side. Depending on the cost of the product, the side can be made of a corner, profile or steel pipe.

Stainless steel does not oxidize, which is very important for maintaining the taste of products. Stainless steel tables are durable and practically indestructible. The strength of the table depends on the number of plates used and the total potential load.

You can order a stainless steel table directly from the manufacturer, having discussed its required dimensions and characteristics.

Kitchen and dining table factories

The range of manufacturers of kitchen tables is quite wide. There are both specialized factories and large companies on the market, where the production of kitchen tables is one of the offshoots.

  • Furniture factory "Vista" is purposefully engaged in the production of kitchen tables and chairs from wood and other materials. The company has created the Italian collection brand, formed from the models of famous Italian brands.

  • Noginsk "Factory of Chairs" has been operating on the market for over 14 years, while it started with the production of only chairs. But today the assortment of the factory is represented by a large name not only of chairs, but also of kitchen tables made of wood and metal.

  • Werzalit is registered in Germany. Its feature is the production of countertops using a patented technology.

  • Italian manufacturer Capanni produces premium kitchen tables. A special place is occupied by the line of semi-antique furniture.

Features of the production of dining tables

Manufacturing dining tables is a very difficult task. The variety of materials, designs, shapes and sizes used requires special tools and knowledge.

  1. Chipboard tables. The simplest is the production of chipboard tables. Such models can be made independently with a limited number of tools. But chipboard tables & nbsp; do not have a high level of performance and durability.

  2. Wooden tables. The technology for producing wooden tables depends on the type of wood selected. In this case, it is very important to properly process the wood in order to maximize the durability of the kitchen table.

  3. Solid tables do not require the installation of additional structures, unlike sliding ones. The production of sliding tables requires the installation of metal elements, most often stainless steel.

  4. A narrow circle of companies is engaged in the manufacture of glass dining tables . This is due to the fact that ordinary glass is not suitable for production. For these purposes, armored is used, for the processing of which special equipment is required. Moreover, the high cost of such glass leaves no room for error.

Production of kitchen and dining tables in Russia

The production of kitchen tables in Russia is quite developed. It is worth noting that the design of kitchen tables is not limited to standard models. Almost every Russian manufacturer produces custom-made tables.

Russian kitchen tables are of relatively high quality and affordable price, since they usually use domestic materials.

The factories "Domoteka", "Drevprom" and others can be referred to the enterprises specializing in the manufacture of kitchen tables.

To choose a Russian manufacturer, you can use special catalogs. Such catalogs are easy to find in large furniture stores and on the Internet. The main thing is to focus on quality rather than price when choosing a manufacturer, since many artisan workshops produce low-quality furniture. This is due to the technological limitations of small industries.

Kitchen models can be used for various purposes: both dining and tables, designed for food processing. Based on the purpose, the type of material, shape and size of the table are selected.

Dining tables made in Russia are of high quality and wide range. The price range varies depending on the enterprise, the material used, the size, shape and the degree of complexity of the technology.

Wooden dining tables deserve special attention. As for their production, wood of Russian production is usually used, which is of high quality.

The following companies specialize in the manufacture of dining tables: Stella, Comforttable, Leader-Mebel, furniture factory Orimex, Kubika.

It is not necessary to order a table of individual design and size, it is easy to choose the best option from the available assortment for any interior.

China Dining Table Manufacturing

Chinese furniture production in recent years has become a leader in the world. Moreover, the quality of Chinese furniture is not inferior to analogs.

Chinese-made dining tables are sold in all major furniture stores along with other manufacturers. These tables are notable for their low cost.

Chinese tables have gained special fame due to the fact that many European furniture brands have moved their own production to China. Due to cheap raw materials and low labor costs, the price of such tables is several times lower than that of products created in Europe. Moreover, quality control and design development are carried out by European specialists.

You can buy Chinese-made dining tables without leaving your home by ordering the required model through the website.

Dining tables made in Malaysia

Tables made in Malaysia occupy a special niche in the Russian furniture market. Moreover, most of these tables belong to the premium category. Malaysian tables are made from solid wood. This technology is considered very expensive, but thanks to the raw materials and labor available, Malaysian tables are sold at affordable prices.

It should be noted that most of the tables are made from hevea, a noble wood typical of the tropics.

Hevea wood is different:

  • increased strength;
  • moisture resistance;
  • not susceptible to pests.

The surface of the Hevea table has a special pattern and color, unlike other types of wood. The Malaysian table will adorn any interior.

Sample dining tables from different countries at the exhibition

You can see the variety of dining tables at specialized exhibitions, which present new models of furniture not only from domestic, but also from foreign manufacturers. One of the famous Mebel exhibitions gives an opportunity to get acquainted with the current industry trends in the shortest possible time.

The exposition presents products of companies from Russia, Malaysia, China, Europe and other countries.

The main task of the Mebel Exhibition is to popularize the industry and create new commercial ties between manufacturers and distributors. It is at the exhibition that many contracts are concluded, and sales markets are expanding.

The exhibition will certainly showcase modern dining tables from different countries.