Custom-made furniture

Manufacturing of furniture to order from companies at the exhibition

Standard ready-made furniture, presented on the furniture market in the widest range, does not suit all buyers for a variety of reasons, and many do not know at all how and where to buy suitable furniture for their ideas.

Some buyers dream of stylish interiors and want to have unique furniture that combines aesthetics, practicality, comfort in use and durability. Owners of small-sized apartments and housing with non-standard layouts require furniture that would allow them to use the area of ​​the premises as efficiently as possible.

The solution to the problem in both cases is custom-made furniture , the services of which are offered by individual entrepreneurs, small businesses, furniture factories. Among the advantages of the solution, it should be noted the ability to independently choose the style direction, materials of manufacture and sizes of products, functionality, configuration, color, content, etc.

The abundance of offers often causes problems with the choice of the contractor, so before making a choice, you need to know more about the manufacturers.

Manufacturing custom furniture from manufacturers

The service of custom-made cabinet furniture is offered by four groups of manufacturers:

  • individual entrepreneurs or garages;

  • small businesses;

  • small furniture factories;

  • furniture companies.

If desired, even well-known furniture brands (including foreign ones) will make such original furniture, but the cost of such products is several orders of magnitude more expensive.

Each of the manufacturers has its own advantages and disadvantages, which you should pay attention to when choice:

  • Individual entrepreneurs or "garage workers", as a rule, do not have their own equipment, therefore they order cutting, milling, etc. companies offering this kind of service. Individual entrepreneurs, with rare exceptions, are only engaged in the assembly of finished parts. An order for the manufacture of furniture in such cases can result in quite significant shortcomings in the finished product, which may appear after the customer has accepted the furniture.

  • Small businesses have at their disposal two or three main machines , but the materials are only present as samples, since there is no warehouse. In order to get started, you must first purchase materials and accessories, which may ultimately lead to a delay in the lead time. In addition, custom-made furniture production involves product design. An illiterate project is the main reason for the low functionality and fragility of furniture. Among the advantages is the good quality of furniture products at a low cost.

  • Small furniture factories accept orders for cabinet furniture, having all the necessary equipment: slitting machines, drilling, edge banding machines, etc. All the necessary procedures, from cutting the material to the installation of fittings, are performed by the factory's specialists. The cost of manufacturing furniture at such enterprises is affordable with good quality.

  • Furniture companies that fulfill orders are mostly full-cycle enterprises. For the manufacture of furniture, companies offer materials of their own production or obtained from partners, so that custom-made cabinet furniture can be inexpensive. Enterprises have their own modern equipment, material warehouses, and cooperate with freight carriers. In the online stores of companies, the customer can independently choose the materials for making furniture and apply. Among the advantages is the possibility of making products to order according to a promotional offer or purchasing materials for custom-made furniture with significant discounts. Custom-made cabinet furniture made by the furniture company is guaranteed to meet all standards and GOSTs.

What to look for when ordering custom-made furniture

Before ordering furniture, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

  • the manufacturer has modern equipment;

  • the qualifications of specialists;

  • the quality of materials and accessories;

  • availability of a warehouse or wholesale supplier;

  • suggested terms of order execution.

In small companies offering the service of custom-made cabinet furniture , craftsmen often do the work of a constructor, designer, cutter and assembler.

One should pay attention not to the number of specialists, but to the level of qualifications, the ability to find creative solutions. Furniture made by small business specialists can be many times better and more functional than fakes of unskilled workers of a furniture factory.

Tips for choosing a custom furniture manufacturer

In order for custom-made cabinet furniture to meet the requirements and wishes, it is necessary to take into account two main criteria when choosing:

  • quality of products;

  • meeting deadlines.

In addition to the above criteria, you can determine the level of reliability of an executor using the following tips:

  • Tip 1. Be sure to see the products made by the contractor in person. If the contractor offers to see photos showing custom-made cabinet furniture, ask him to give the phones of customers whose orders have already been completed, or to allow them to visit the production. Many manufacturers offer customers the opportunity to view their exhibits. In such cases, it is necessary to carefully inspect the furniture, paying special attention on the accuracy of work, literacy of the design, the quality of the edgebanding and the installation of accessories. Remember that these are exhibition samples.

  • Tip 2. emotions. Each word of the conversation should be carefully analyzed and the information received should be recorded. During the conversation, it is necessary to find out the possibility of concluding an agreement, which should indicate the following points: production time, furniture maker's responsibility for the failure of the term, warranty period. It should be possible to get acquainted with the materials with which the production of custom-made cabinet furniture will be carried out. Pictures in catalogs do not give an idea of ​​the quality of materials, texture, color, etc., so it is preferable to see and touch them. If there are no samples, you should refuse services.

  • Tip 3. You should visit the production, paying attention during the visit to the cleanliness of the premises and equipment, face and appearance masters, level of discipline. It is also necessary to inspect the furniture in the workshop, paying attention to the fit of parts, processing of edges, etc.

  • Tip 4. Be sure to pay attention to the presence of packing materials in the workshop. Lack of packaging indicates negligence and irresponsibility towards customers. Such a contractor should be abandoned.

  • Tip 5. Even small factories and custom-made furniture companies should have several machines. The production area must to be an edge-gluing and format-cutting machines (if such machines are not available, furniture can be more expensive), a drilling attachment machine, the presence of which makes it possible to be sure of the quality of the additive of parts. In the absence of machines, it is necessary to clarify which company performs these works, where it is located (transportation costs are included in the price of furniture).

  • Tip 6. You should pay attention to the list of proposed additional services company. Reliable contractors always send masters for measurement, and in most cases the measurement service is free. There is an error in the size of the furniture per centimeter, and the headset will not be able to stand in the designated place or the built-in furniture will not fit into the niche. If the potential executor of the order offered to tell him the dimensions of the future furniture, you should refuse to cooperate.

  • Tip 7. If all questions have been agreed upon and it has come to signing a contract, do not be lazy carefully familiarize yourself with the text of the agreement, as it may contain clauses that are absent in the standard agreement.

All these points are important to take into account if you want to choose a reliable manufacturer of furniture products.

Custom-made furniture production from exhibiting companies

A large number of manufacturers and suppliers of domestic and foreign furniture and fittings take part in the annual MEBEL Exhibition and upholstery materials. In most cases, these are well-known brands, as well as companies that are just entering the Russian or foreign market.

At the exhibition, organizations exhibit their best samples or novelties, sometimes offering substantial discounts or promotions. Also at the exhibition you can order the production of one or the production of several items of furniture according to individual sizes. In addition, the exhibition has already interesting options that can be brought directly from the exhibition without spending time on its production.

Come to the exhibition and choose the appropriate option. Admission for professionals and industry representatives is free with prior registration.

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