Children's furniture from the manufacturer

Children's furniture has special requirements in terms of quality, safety, ergonomics and functionality.

In addition to using safe, wear-resistant materials, the manufacturer must provide its products with a well-thought-out safety system - children's furniture must be stable, comfortable, ensure optimal development of the child's skeleton, match the style and color of the child's age, and not be too difficult to use.

A number of children's furniture items are produced in the format of transformers - they not only change functionally, but also grow with the child.

Advantages of children's furniture from the manufacturer

Ordering children's furniture directly from the manufacturer has a number of advantages:

  • low price. The manufacturer offers products with a minimum mark-up. Large or regular customers are provided with additional discounts and special conditions;

  • prompt shipment. The absence of intermediaries and third-party sales agents allows to reduce the time of delivery of finished products to the end consumer;

  • compliance with the requirements and norms of state standards. The manufacturer bears full responsibility for the manufactured products and is the guarantor of their quality;

  • the possibility of manufacturing an additional batch of furniture, furniture with predetermined parameters, etc.

Children's furniture from the manufacturer is offered by companies of all sizes - from small workshops to full-fledged factories and production associations. With rare exceptions, all typical products are produced in the low and medium price segment, which makes them affordable for the majority of average consumers.

Manufacture and sale of children's furniture from the manufacturer

The sale of children's furniture from a manufacturer is one of the most popular schemes for organizing a furniture business in Russia.

The demand for furniture from the manufacturer remains at a consistently high level regardless of the economic situation in the country. This is due to the high level of consumer confidence in such products, the reliability of transactions, the availability of guarantees, as well as the general increase in the birth rate and, as a result, the expansion of the number of potential end customers.

Wholesale buyers of children's furniture from the manufacturer are:

  • maternity hospitals and children's medical institutions;

  • preschool educational institutions (kindergartens, development centers);

  • educational institutions (schools, specialized and correctional educational institutions, institutions for orphans);

  • institutions of additional education for children (sports sections, creative circles, etc.);

  • children's entertainment centers (playrooms, children's cafes, leisure centers, etc.);

  • retail chains that specialize in the sale of furniture and do not have their own production.

Furniture from the manufacturer supplied for furnishing preschool institutions must meet the requirements of GOST 26682-2016, furniture for children and teenagers for educational institutions - GOST 22046-2002.

Municipal and budgetary institutions purchase furniture, as a rule, through the system of state orders, private - on a competitive basis or on the basis of a free choice of a supplier.

You can learn more about the advantages, production, trade of children's furniture from manufacturers and suppliers at the annual exhibition MEBEL.