Furniture centers in Moscow

Despite the active development and popularization of virtual trading platforms specializing in the sale of furniture and interior items via the Internet, visiting trade and exhibition centers is the main way of purchasing furniture for consumers & ndash; both individuals and legal entities.

Furniture center & ndash; this:

  • spacious trade and exhibition areas;

  • points of registration of installments and loans, ATM zones;

  • storage and utility rooms;

  • services of consultants and interior designers;

  • services of transport companies;

  • recreation areas for clients and employees, cafes;

  • sufficient parking spaces.

In addition to the assortment, the availability of additional services and the number of production and trading companies represented, transport accessibility also plays a role in the choice of the center by consumers to visit.

Most of the furniture centers in Moscow are located on the territory between the Third Transport Ring and the Moscow Ring Road. The exception is the shopping center ROOMER, Cascade '' and some others located inside the third transport ring.

Advantages of Moscow furniture centers

The following advantages of specialized trade and exhibition furniture centers for potential buyers can be highlighted:

  • assortment & ndash; in such centers a large selection of products from Russian and foreign manufacturers is presented, thanks to which you can find suitable samples of furniture for any domestic or public premises;

  • a wide price range that allows you to choose furniture for any budget;

  • opportunity to get acquainted with the product visually, study the mechanism of action, test the main functions;

  • qualified advice, assistance in choosing, service and guarantees.

For furniture suppliers and sellers, the key benefits of specialized furniture trade showrooms are:

  • constant client flow. Large shopping centers with a good reputation attract a huge number of potential buyers, including wholesale ones;

  • customer research. Specialized furniture centers are often used as sites for conducting surveys in order to study the demand and preferences of potential consumers;

  • studying competitors & ndash; pricing policy, service and assortment of other companies selling similar goods;

  • participation in joint promotions and sales held by the shopping center.

List of the largest furniture centers in Moscow

Products of several thousand Russian and foreign brands have been rearranged on the Moscow furniture market.

Most of the goods are sold in specialized shopping centers, which are able to provide a constant flow of potential buyers and provide retailers with enough space to display their products.

These include the shopping center Grand and ROOMER, Three Kita furniture house, Armada furniture center, Medvedkovo trading house, Furniture-City and many others.

Many representatives of the leading furniture centers in Moscow take part in the annual Furniture exhibition.