Furniture wall from the manufacturer

Furniture walls from the manufacturer may differ in various parameters, ranging from size to the number of shelves and cabinets.

Manufacturers offer classic walls and slides in a modern style, models with two- or three-door wardrobes and lightweight options with several sections.

Manufacture of furniture walls by manufacturers

There are several technologies for the production of furniture walls:

  • short - assembly from already cut canvases;

  • medium - production from blank sheets, includes cutting and assembly;

  • a complete process from the manufacture of the base (furniture board, MDF, chipboard) to the assembly of the finished product. This process is more suitable for large factories, in a small workshop it will be problematic and too costly to carry out all the stages.

Assembling a new furniture wall: instructions and recommendations

When buying new furniture, you must first study the assembly instructions that the manufacturer usually provides.

So, what needs to be prepared for assembling furniture:

  • screwdriver or screwdriver;
  • square, tape measure;
  • drill, hammer drill;
  • furniture stapler;
  • spare corners, screws, as they may simply not be enough.

Oddly enough, but often it is the small parts that are missing during the assembly, which becomes clear after the main work. Not all tools are needed in the process, especially if the parts fit well, so you don't need to buy extra. But you can only find out how much each part of the wall fits the other during the assembly process.

There are some mandatory rules:

  • when assembling, you must follow the instructions exactly;

  • do not lean on the ends of the furniture, they can be broken;

  • if there are wall cabinets in the set, you should first make measurements and mark the walls;

  • modular furniture is often stacked on top of each other to minimize assembly problems. However, small wooden pencil holders often break off during the installation of parts of the headset, so you need to connect one part to another very carefully;

  • take special care when securing the rails for the movement of doors and fittings. There should be no distortions, otherwise the doors will simply not open or will quickly fail.

It is not always easy to assemble the wall according to the instructions. It is better to entrust this process to those from whom the furniture was ordered. This way, you can avoid problems with lack of tools or missing any of the hardware part.

New furniture walls for the living room from manufacturers

The furniture wall is the main element in the living room; the entire stylistic solution of the room depends on the design of this piece of furniture. Furniture fashion is multifaceted, so you can find both classic and ultra creative options in the new furniture walls.

Today, accessories and components from European companies are used for production, for example, Hafele, Boyard, Gamet, Hettich, Salise, Gittero Line, Nomet. Glass, mirrors and stained glass are often used. This allows you to get a trendy modern headset that meets all the style requirements.

The body can be made of several color options: wenge or milk, walnut, gray, mahogany and others. Roller guides, gas lift on the mezzanine - all this is needed in order to simplify the owner's ability to use the wall. That is why the furniture is made taking into account the requirements and wishes of customers.

Custom-made furniture walls from manufacturers

Custom-made furniture walls from the manufacturer have a number of advantages. It is possible to discuss not only the dimensions of the products and the material from which the structure will be made, but also to assemble the set gradually, ordering several parts, if there is no money to purchase the entire set. The main thing is to decide on the design and dimensions.

Very often, custom-made furniture is selected for houses and apartments, as this allows you to fit it even into rooms with complex configurations. Moreover, each client can choose the design that suits his taste best.

Buy a furniture wall from the manufacturer

Furniture walls from the manufacturer are different in content:

  • for children;
  • modular;
  • angular;
  • wardrobes;
  • for the living room;
  • corpus.

Any model can always be ordered directly from the manufacturer.

Furniture walls from the manufacturer in Moscow and St. Petersburg

You can buy furniture walls from the manufacturer in Moscow:

  • at the Stolplit factory;
  • in the World of Furniture online store;
  • not at Best Furniture.

In St. Petersburg, the following factories are engaged in the production of furniture walls: Mebelny Dvor, Eurocorpus, Baltika Mebel and others.

Furniture walls made by Penza

Furniture company Astrid-furniture and furniture factory Mir, Severin offer a variety of products of excellent quality at an affordable price.

The advantage of buying from the manufacturer is:

  • low prices;
  • wide range of products;
  • the ability to make living rooms to order.

The manufacturer can arrange delivery to any region of the country.

Examples of furniture walls from manufacturers at the exhibition

Furniture walls from the factories Voskhod, Olimp-Mebel, Astrid-Mebel and other well-known companies are presented at the Mebel exhibition . Here you can see all the novelties in the field of wall production, conclude a cooperation agreement.

In addition, the Mebel exhibition is a great opportunity to find partners to open your own business for the production or sale of furniture.