Manufacturer sofas

Sofas belong to the category of furniture for sitting and lying, therefore the main regulatory document, which sets out the requirements for this type of furniture, is GOST 19917-2014.

Types of sofas from manufacturers

The main types of sofas can be distinguished:

  • sofa;
  • sofa bed;
  • couch;
  • sofa;
  • ottoman.

Sofas are classified not only by type, but also by design features. Allocate sofas:

  • upholstered with metal frame;

  • not upholstered with a metal frame;

  • upholstered with timber frame;

  • not upholstered with timber frame;

  • sofas with a frame made of wood or metal, equipped with a mechanism for transforming into a bed;

  • children's sofas with a frame made of wood or metal, equipped with a mechanism for transforming into a bed;

  • wicker sofas made of natural or artificial rattan, bamboo, vine and other similar materials.

Russian market of sofas from the manufacturer

The largest in Eastern Europe, the Russian market of upholstered furniture is one of the most promising and has an enviable growth potential. Most of it is occupied by Russian manufacturers concentrated in the Central, Volga and North-Western districts (they account for over 75% of the market). The factories located here produce products of all categories: from economy class products to luxury sofas.

The bulk of factories and workshops from other regions are focused on the production of economy class sofas, medium and medium-plus & nbsp; price categories. Russian furniture companies engaged in the production of sofas focus exclusively on the domestic market. The share of export of sofas made in Russia is extremely small - deliveries are made only to the neighboring countries (CIS).

If we talk about the products of foreign manufacturers, then they are represented by sofas from Germany, Italy, France, Belarus, Poland and China. Furniture imported from Japan, USA, UK, Canada and some other countries is offered in a smaller volume on the market.

The greatest interest of consumers is caused by sofas from Poland, China and the Republic of Belarus. Products from these countries have an attractive design for average Russian consumers and have an affordable price.

Some foreign firms have their own production sites and trading companies in Russia and sell their products as sofas from the manufacturer.

Trends in the sofa sales market

The continuing recession in the Russian economy has led to a decrease in demand for durable goods, which include upholstered household furniture.

Most of the major players in the market are forced to diversify their business, expanding their assortment with inexpensive products.

Small companies engaged in the production of custom-made sofas look more confident than others against this background. Due to the constant increase in prices for standard products, the cost of custom-made sofas has become more affordable for ordinary consumers.

It is predicted that the demand for models of sofas with a classic design and high-tech upholstery - orthopedic mattresses, upholstery made of materials with memory effect, etc. will continue. Such models have long ceased to be an attribute of people who need special furniture for health reasons, and have become widespread among ordinary consumers.

The niche of mini-sofas and sofas with modern transformation mechanisms looks no less promising. Such models are used to furnish small apartments - the most affordable for most ordinary Russians.

Orthopedic sleeping sofas from the manufacturer

Orthopedic sleeping sofas are one of the most popular types of furniture. Not only restful sleep depends on the state of the sleeping place, but also the health of the spine.

Manufacturers of orthopedic sofas use designs that completely follow the natural position of the body.

The same materials are used in mattresses and sofas. At the same time, hard models will be most suitable for young people, and softer ones for older people.

The most popular are the models with independent springs and latex.

Of the manufacturers, we can mention such companies as:

  • the avant-garde upholstered furniture factory produces not only orthopedic sofas, but also beds and various accessories for living rooms;

  • Dimitrovgrad furniture factory Aurora sells products in 15 Russian regions;

  • factory Allegro-Classic is the official Russian supplier for the IKEA concern;

  • Aisha's Moscow factory uses components from leading Russian and foreign companies in production.

Mattresses for orthopedic sofas from the manufacturer

At the heart of every sofa is an orthopedic mattress. It is very important that it is made of quality materials. Typically, spring structures are supplemented with a 30 mm filler interlayer.

The filler can be made from coconut coir, wool fiber, horsehair, sea grass, memory material.

Furniture factories that produce sofas, as a related product, produce orthopedic mattresses.

Where to buy or order orthopedic sofas for sleeping from the manufacturer?

In Moscow and the Moscow region, there are several furniture factories producing orthopedic sofas and mattresses:

  • Smart Sofas have been exhibiting their furniture in more than twelve retail outlets in Moscow for several years. Their furniture will appeal to those who love laconic forms and minimalism style. The main advantage is the use of independent spring blocks. An exception is the Lancaster model, which uses automobile latex;

  • Sofas "Ascona" uses for its sofas only anatomical mattresses, the surface of which repeats and remembers all the curves of the body;

  • Victoria Factory launches economy class products on the market. Manufacturers produce inexpensive but high quality furniture. The factory has its own sales point in Domodedovo.

Trade salons selling their own furniture exist at each factory. Local furniture is exhibited in many retail outlets in the city.

More and more buyers prefer to purchase goods in online stores. This avoids wasting time in city traffic jams. For example, the site is quite convenient for the selection of a favorable model of an orthopedic sofa

Sofas with spring mechanisms from the manufacturer with and without blocks

When manufacturing sofas, it is important to take into account different parameters: dimensions, design, color, functionality, durability. But the main factor is comfortable rest, without this the sofa will not correspond to its true purpose.

A sofa with a spring block, designed for constant transformation and healthy sleep. Thanks to the stainless steel from which the springs are made, these sofas last a very long time, they are almost forever.

There are three types of springs:

  1. Snake. Is the simplest sofa block. The springs are fixed to the frame with fasteners, resulting in a springy effect.

  2. Bonnel. The springs in this block are called dependent springs because they are connected to adjacent springs by horizontal parallel coils (coils are long thin springs). This whole structure is attached to a metal frame around the perimeter. As a result, when acting on one spring, the load is evenly distributed throughout the structure. These spring blocks are very reliable.

  3. Block of independent springs. Refers to the most comfortable option. In an independent unit, the springs are not tightly coupled to each other. Each spring is in a separate bag and only in some places is connected to the neighboring one. In such a block, only the spring that carries the maximum load is pressed, the rest of the springs are used minimally.

Examples of spring sofas from the manufacturer

Spring sofa manufacturers offer their products directly. Enterprises offer not only finished products, but also custom-made sofas.

Factory Alina Furniture offers both ready-made sofas and custom-made ones. Manufacturers offer a choice of a block of independent springs and a block of bonnel, a variety of sofa transformation mechanisms.

Askona, a healthy sleep goods factory, is part of the Swedish concern Hilding Anders Group. The company offers products in 700 stores in Russia. In addition to sofas, Ascona produces mattresses and pillows for sleeping.

The Pinskdrev factory has a wide assortment from classic to modern .. Despite the fact that the factory is located in Belarus, delivery is carried out throughout Russia.

The ANDERSSEN factory is rightfully considered one of the best sofas in Russia. This company specializes in the production of upholstered furniture. All sofas are modern in design and practical. There are models in which the sofa turns into a bunk bed.

Sofas with an independent spring block from the manufacturer

Today, sofas with an independent spring block are the most demanded in the furniture market. These sofas can be used as a sleeping place.

An independent spring block contains many springs, which are located in separate cells. Due to the fact that inside each spring there is an additional, smaller spring, the block allows anyone to sit comfortably on the sofa.

The design of the spring block allows people of different weight categories to sit on the same sofa, without fear that, on the one hand, the furniture will shrink more.

Eurobook sofas with independent springs from the manufacturer

Eurobook sofa is one of the most reliable models of upholstered furniture designed for daily use. The advantages of this model are easy and simple transformation.

In the manufacture of the sofa, independent spring blocks are used that can withstand heavy loads without losing their elasticity for a long time.

Pantograph sofa with independent springs from the manufacturer

The principle of the pantograph sofa mechanism is very similar to the principle of the Eurobook sofa. But in order to expand this model, you need to apply a little effort, but accidental damage to the floor covering by rollers is excluded.

Manufacturers take into account the fact that this model is used for sleep and is subject to daily stress. Therefore, the sofa is equipped with an independent spring block, which does not deform or squeak, since the springs are packed separately from each other.

The pantograph sofa fits well into the interior of a small apartment.

Orthopedic sofas with independent springs

Orthopedic sofas with independent spring units are designed for good sleep. These sofas provide back support and adapt to the individual characteristics of the body.

Orthopedic sofas, equipped with independent spring blocks, reduce tension in the back muscles and promote relaxation.

On the springs there are padding materials, on which the rigidity and evenness of the sofa surface depends.

Manufacturers of corner sofas without and with a berth

Corner sofas are chosen for the living room, kitchen, bedroom and all kinds of office spaces.

Corner sofas have great functionality and have a presentable look. Taking up the necessary minimum of space that you are unlikely to be able to use more efficiently, the corner sofa offers more seating.

The size range of corner sofas is extensive: from small sofas to solid models of impressive size. The choice here directly depends on the functional features and parameters of the room used.

In addition to standard designs in the shape of the letter "L", the corner sofa can be made in the shape of the letter "P", assembled and disassembled into various independent pieces of furniture.

When unfolded, the corner sofa usually becomes rectangular and turns into a comfortable bed.

The folding mechanism of the corner sofa can be different:

  • eurobook;
  • dolphin;
  • accordion;
  • with draw-out mechanism.

Manufacturers of corner sofas in Moscow

In the furniture industry, the production of sofas of various models and designs occupies a large niche. Therefore, corner sofas from the manufacturer in Moscow are offered by different companies.

Smart Furniture has been producing upholstered furniture since 1997. A distinctive feature is the combination of stylish design with versatility.

Smart Furniture sofas can be equipped with such additional devices as a folding table, mini-bar, safe and many others. Numerous awards and awards indicate that the manufacturer is serious about his business.

Laguna has been manufacturing upholstered and cabinet furniture since 2009. Design and European quality at a reasonable price are the hallmarks of this manufacturer. Laguna produces furniture of different classes: from economy to luxury options, using natural materials.

"Shatura-furniture". This is one of the most famous manufacturers of upholstered and cabinet furniture. The company has been operating since 1961, and during this time it has taken a leading position in the production of furniture in Russia. The quality of the furniture is confirmed by numerous awards and certificates.

Major manufacturers of corner sofas on the Internet and at fairs

One of the ways to order a corner sofa from the manufacturer is the Internet. Many factories do not even have stores in the standard sense of the word, but work directly from the warehouse online.

In the catalog, you can select the necessary parameters: size, color, material, type of folding. The site contains special offers for cooperation for wholesale customers.

You can view and order a sofa from the manufacturer in large furniture centers, where models of different brands for every taste and price range are often presented.

The advantage of such stores is that you can see the model you like live in order to understand what it is.

You can get acquainted with the major leaders at thematic forums and exhibitions, for example, at the Mebel exhibition of the Expocentre Fairgrounds .

Different types of sofas from manufacturers in Moscow

The sofa is the most popular type of upholstered furniture in Russia. Many consumers choose sofa beds. Since such furniture is notable for its convenience and functionality, it is an ideal solution for a city apartment, making it possible to rationally use the territory of a small room. It can be easily and simply transformed into a comfortable double bed.

It should be added that this type of furniture has very specific conditions of use. Thus, a sofa bed, in general, quite often can be unfolded and folded, compared with other types of sofas, is intended as a sleeping place, and for this reason it can experience a very increased level of stress.

Consider the list of manufacturers that offer upholstered furniture in Moscow:

  • The Vash Style catalog offers a wide selection of the following products - sofas and armchairs. & nbsp;

  • The Accord Mebel factory pleases with a large assortment range.

  • Smart sofas with ergonomic seats and backs are provided by the company of the same name.

  • The Dream Land company offers consumers a huge selection of beds along with mattresses. For the selection of furniture for a bedroom, see the website of the company "Ryton". In addition, with this company, except for beds with mattresses, you can choose comfortable pillows.

  • Creative bean bags from the I-Divo company can add variety to the interior of an apartment.

Order and buy a sofa in Moscow from the manufacturer

When ordering a sofa in Moscow, you should give preference to well-known manufacturers of upholstered furniture.

It is better to choose a company that:

  • in the production of furniture uses only high quality materials;

  • careful quality control of manufactured goods is carried out;

  • will take into account the wishes of consumers and provide the opportunity to amend the sofa manufacturing department in order to improve the final product;

  • warranty service and individual solution to any consumer issues;

  • is constantly developing new models of upholstered furniture, taking into account fashion trends and consumer demand;

  • offers good discounts.

Eurobook sofas from the manufacturer in Moscow

Eurobook sofas have a convenient folding mechanism. This mechanism works like this: the seats can be pulled out towards themselves, and the back can be lowered into the free space, being in a horizontal position. The frame is made of different types of wood.

Additionally, eurobooks have special boxes for linen, and when folded they look quite compact. This furniture is used for daily and long-term use.

Eurobook sofas in Moscow are offered by the Monolit factory, the Divan v Dom company and the Stoke of sofas.

Sofas Amsterdam from a manufacturer in Moscow

Sofa Amsterdam is the most "home" option. The transformation mechanism "Eurobook" allows for ease and convenience of folding. High quality upholstery and comfortable surfaces can make a sofa a good space to sit comfortably and also a great place to sleep well.

Sofas Amsterdam from the manufacturer in Moscow are offered by & nbsp; Furniture for Home, Sofas and Beds, Stolplit factory and others.

The Amsterdam sofa can be simply folded out, creating a straight and comfortable place to sleep. This furniture not only decorates the apartment, but also makes it possible to more reliably prepare a place in the house.

The Amsterdam roll-out sofa has an original folding design, which makes it possible to reliably use the corner place of the room for a comfortable place to sleep.

Orthopedic sofas Amsterdam with pantograph are also available. These sofas are the optimal solution for people with back problems.

Sofas accordions from the manufacturer in Moscow

The accordion sofa got its own name due to the fact that its layout resembles the movement of the musical instrument of the same name. This mechanism is based on 3 combined hinge-locks of a metal frame. As a result, one third of the structure creates a place to sleep and a seat, and the other two - a backrest.

Accordion sofas from a manufacturer in Moscow are offered by the following companies: Divano, Dream-Mebel, online store and others.

The main advantages of accordion sofas are:

  • Compact dimensions. In order to transform such a model, an additional bed is not needed, for this reason it is placed next to the wall. When folded, the sofa can take up a small area, which makes it easy to fit into the interior and a small room.

  • Ease of use. To transform the sofa with the accordion system into a comfortable sleeping place, thanks to the special handle, lift the seat up until you see a click of the latch and then pull it towards you. As a result, the entire structure of the seat can be moved forward, then the double backrest folds out into one area, creating an almost double seat.

  • Comfort and practicality. The ease and comfort of unfolding makes it possible to actively use the sofa accordion as a place to stay during the day and to sleep at night. Another advantage of this design is the presence under the seating area of ​​a huge drawer where linen is folded. Such a model makes it possible to use a removable type of covers, which can increase the period of operation, and can facilitate maintenance during use.

Leather sofas in Moscow from the manufacturer

Leather sofas are a reflection of your wealth combined with exquisite taste. Manufacturers offer a choice of leather sofas with a variety of transformation mechanisms designed for a good sleep. Such a sofa is appropriate both in the bedroom and in the living room and even in the nursery.

The following companies are engaged in the production of leather sofas in Moscow:

  • furniture factory "Britannica";
  • Mikmar;
  • furniture factory "Finnco-mebel".

Sofas made of genuine leather are a durable piece of furniture that will last for many years. The upholstery is always not worn out and does not wear out.

Modern designs of sofas from leading suppliers and manufacturers can be seen at the annual exhibition MEBEL!