Furniture manufacturing

The production of any category of furniture is carried out according to the regulated rules and regulations, and all manufactured products must comply with the safety and quality standards adopted in our country and the world

Furniture manufacturing as a business

The purchasing power of the population is growing extremely slowly, but even during the crisis, the furniture market will remain attractive for Russian and foreign businessmen and investors.

The most interesting now are the Far Eastern Federal District and the North Caucasus Federal District - regions that practically do not have their own furniture production. Due to the fall in the value of the ruble against foreign currencies, imported furniture has become less affordable, and the volume of products supplied from neighboring regions cannot always meet the needs of consumers.

Against the background of the continuing stagnation in the Russian economy, manufacturing companies operating under their own brand are forced to diversify production and expand the segment of furniture of "economy" and "standard" class. For the successful operation of these enterprises, constant development of the production and technological base is required.

Companies engaged in the production and supply of furniture for large retail chains also note a decrease in the volume of orders. The most optimistic forecasts are for companies specializing in the production of custom-made furniture. Most often these are small businesses, the so-called "family" businesses.

In modern realities, such organizations can successfully compete with factories that produce standard products.

Furniture production in Russia

By the beginning of 2017, almost 6,000 companies were employed in the field of furniture production in Russia. The Central and Volga Districts are the leaders in terms of the number of manufacturing enterprises and the total market share. The largest furniture factories in Russia are also located here, engaged in the production of furniture products of all kinds.

Regional manufacturers are mainly represented by small and medium-sized businesses. Until now, in the provinces, you can find furniture of low quality, produced in semi-handicraft conditions, but the demand for such furniture is falling due to the fact that quality products are becoming more affordable for the average buyer.

Least of all furniture manufacturers are registered in the Far Eastern and North Caucasian districts. Most of the furniture products are supplied here from neighboring districts, as well as from abroad (the main suppliers are China and Turkey).

Trends in the development of furniture production in Russia

For modern consumers, one of the most important roles is played by the ergonomics and aesthetic appeal of the purchased furniture.

Of great interest is furniture made of atypical materials - thick cardboard, plastic, composite materials, etc.

This also includes the products of small experimental enterprises owned by young and ambitious businessmen: transforming furniture, furniture of unusual design, frameless upholstered furniture and eco-products. Initial investments in such production are minimal, and the payback is high.

Along with typical models, all this is already popular among young Russian consumers.

Organization of furniture production

When it comes to organizing furniture production, it makes sense to conduct a market research and find out all the necessary information about available technologies, equipment, specialists, since all this will be needed to create a new enterprise or workshop. All this can be found by visiting one of the exhibitions, for example the exhibition Furniture

Examples of organizing furniture production at the exhibition

  • Equipment. If there is a need to purchase equipment, be it individual machines or entire lines for the processing or processing of wood, then the latest trends in this industry can be found at the industry exhibition. Why do many people prefer to buy equipment for organizing furniture production at exhibitions? The fact is that demonstration models not only can be bought cheaper, but also the working unit can be taken away directly from the exhibition pavilion. Another secret of successful shopping at the exhibition is the quality of the exhibition samples. Even if the machine works at the stand, demonstrating the quality of its assembly and the operations performed, you can be sure that this equipment will not let you down. Exhibition samples are checked many times and are the best products from the manufacturer. It is also always useful to look at the execution of an operation and evaluate the operation and performance of the model yourself. Another important point is that next to the operating equipment at the stand there is always a designer and a technologist who will give all the necessary information both about the device of the unit itself and about its potential in the technological process chain.

  • Technologies. Technologies for furniture production can also be purchased at the exhibition. As practice shows, the presented novelties are distinguished by high productivity, low costs for the technological cycle and other advantageous parameters that reduce the cost of production. Therefore, it is always worth considering the feasibility of buying a new technology in comparison with the old one, even if the price of such a purchase will be less - in the long term, the new technology in organizing a furniture production workshop will be more priority and more profitable.

  • Personnel. Recruiting at an exhibition is another item on the list of interests that attract such a large number of visitors to trade shows. Professionals in the field of woodworking are rather narrow specialists, and therefore it is not always possible to find qualified personnel using conventional methods. That is why the search for highly qualified engineering staff and managers at exhibitions is a common thing. In addition to free specialists who offer their services themselves, many companies outbid specialists from competitors, filling their staff with professionals.

  • Assortment. Exhibitions are excellent platforms for marketing research of both supply and demand. So, in order to assess the current trends in furniture design, as well as to see the directions of changes in the design of future collections, a trip to the exhibition will be the least expensive solution to the problem. As practice shows, the organization of furniture production should initially take into account all the advantages of its competitors and the main trends in the furniture market in order to conduct a successful commercial activity.

  • Consumers. Finding buyers at the exhibition is one of the main tasks of all exhibitors. Alternatively, the manufacturer can focus its work on the terms of cooperation with several major customers. Even in this case, it makes sense to participate in industry exhibitions that allow you to demonstrate production capacity and your potential, develop a brand that allows you to remain in demand in the market even if one or several large customers are lost.

All of the above points indicate that in one visit to an industry exhibition you can get any important information that is necessary for enterprises whose business interests are in the field of woodworking and furniture production.

Analysis of the information obtained at the exhibition can become the basis for marketing research, for setting strategic objectives or a business plan for furniture production organization .

Any other channels of information also allow you to get the necessary information, but in a smaller volume and with a greater investment of time, effort and money. That is why a large number of visitors come to the annual industry exhibitions, including not only the consumer audience, but also all kinds of specialists, media representatives, etc.

Machine tools for furniture production

The quality of furniture production of any organization largely depends not only on the professionalism of the staff working at the factory and the quality of the material used, but also on the equipment used. If the production is not equipped with high-precision and professional machines, then it simply will not be able to work effectively.

Types of machines for furniture production

During the production of furniture, each entrepreneur has to solve a whole range of problems. In order to simplify them, you should use various machines for furniture production.

This may be the following equipment:

  • saw;

  • drilling;

  • for edging;

  • saw.

And that's not the whole list. There is a large variety of machines for furniture production: automatic, mechanical, semi-automatic and others.

Panel saws for furniture production

One of the most popular are format-cutting machines. Thanks to this equipment, it is possible to cut DVM, chipboard, MDF and even solid wood. These furniture machines are used at the initial stage of work, when it is necessary to obtain perfectly smooth parts without chips at the output. They are needed for cross and longitudinal cuts of material, as well as for cuts at an angle.

When choosing such machines, you must focus on the parameters of the cut itself. Its length should not be less than the width of the material with which you plan to work. Width is the distance between the saw (blade) itself and the fence. The height can be determined based on the distance the cutting saw extends.

You should also focus on the driving carriage. Roller guides are capable of guaranteeing multi-shift operation, compared to the ball mechanism.

Milling machines for furniture production

The most popular equipment also includes milling machines for furniture production.

Milling machines are classified into the following types:

  • professional (batch production);

  • lightweight (small production and production of piece parts);

  • industrial (high-speed batch production, where minimum participation of working personnel is required);

  • special (for non-standard tasks).

The scope of milling machines is huge: starting with the production of various souvenirs and ending with the production of wooden furniture.

Furniture edging machines

Dlya kachestvennogo vneshnego vida gotovogo izdeliya na proizvodstve mebeli neobkhodimo vypolnyat' takuyu operatsiyu, kak oblitsovka kromok. V svyazi s etim stanki dlya obrabotki kromok zanimayut vazhnuyu nishu vo vsom proizvodstvennom protsesse izgotovleniya korpusnoy mebeli.

Otlichayutsya stanki dlya obrabotki kromok sleduyushchimi parametrami:

  • skorost'yu podachi;

  • nalichiyem uzlov obrabotki;

  • maksimal'no dopustimym razmerom detali;

  • gabaritami samogo stanka.

Sverlil'no-prisadochnyye stanki neobkhodimy dlya vypolneniya vysokotochnogo prosverlivaniya skvoznykh ili glukhikh otverstiy v ploskostyakh libo tortsakh listovogo materiala, a takzhe bruskovykh detalyakh.

Stoimost' stankov dlya mebel'nogo proizvodstva

Opredelyayetsya ona iskhodya iz konkretnoy modeli, imeni brenda, komplektuyushchikh i dopolnitel'nykh optsiy. Bol'shinstvo oborudovaniya dlya izgotovleniya mebeli nakhoditsya v sredney tsenovoy kategorii. Ne stoit priderzhivat'sya pravila, chto chem dorozhe stanok, tem on luchshe.

Bessporno, boleye dorogoye oborudovaniye pozvolit vam izgotavlivat' detali luchshego kachestva i vypolnyat' s nimi razlichnyye operatsii. No nuzhno li eto vam?

Yesli vashe proizvodstvo ne nuzhdayetsya v tekh ili inykh operatsiyakh s materialom, to rekomendovano priobretat' stanki, oriyentirovannyye isklyuchitel'no pod vashe proizvodstvo (razmery materiala, optsii i t.p.). Eto pozvolit vam sekonomit' na priobretenii oborudovaniya dlya izgotovleniya.

Stoit pomnit', chto ikh stoimost' zakladyvayetsya v sebestoimost' gotovoy produktsii, a sledovatel'no, i vashu pribyl'.

Neratsional'nym budet primeneniye dorogostoyashchego mnogofunktsional'nogo stanka dlya vypolneniya neskol'kikh operatsiy.

Vybor instrumenta dlya mebel'nogo proizvodstva

1789 / 5000

For a high-quality appearance of the finished product in the production of furniture, it is necessary to perform such an operation as edge banding. In this regard, edge processing machines occupy an important niche in the entire production process of manufacturing cabinet furniture.

Edge processing machines differ in the following parameters:

  • feed rate;

  • the presence of processing nodes;

  • maximum allowable part size;

  • the dimensions of the machine itself.

Drilling and filler machines are necessary to perform high-precision drilling of through or blind holes in the planes or ends of sheet material, as well as bar parts.

Cost of machines for furniture production

It is determined based on a specific model, brand name, accessories and additional options. Most of the furniture making equipment is in the middle price range. You shouldn't adhere to the rule that the more expensive the machine, the better it is.

Undoubtedly, more expensive equipment will allow you to make better quality parts and perform various operations with them. But do you need it?

If your production does not need certain operations with the material, then it is recommended to purchase machines oriented exclusively to your production (material dimensions, options, etc.). This will allow you to save on the purchase of manufacturing equipment.

It is worth remembering that their cost is included in the cost of the finished product, and therefore your profit.

It would be irrational to use an expensive multifunctional machine for performing several operations.

Choosing a tool for furniture production

Buying industrial equipment always starts with a visit to a major exhibition. As practice shows, in each industry there are several significant exhibitions that are worth visiting both for specialists who buy equipment and for industrialists who produce such equipment.

If a company needs a tool for furniture production, then it is worth choosing those models that will have the best performance in their industry and will provide maximum productivity and return on investment.

Alternatively, the buyer may be interested in certain technical characteristics of the equipment / tool or the production of models with specified parameters. It's worth visiting the exhibition anyway.

The fact is that it is the exhibition area, where all the leading enterprises of the industry gather, that is the optimal place to assess the market conditions, production capacities of enterprises, price levels and other parameters that may be of interest to a potential buyer.

In order to buy a tool for furniture production of the highest quality and at the best favorable price, it is necessary to negotiate with the selected applicants for the contract.

To assess the production capacity of an enterprise, there is no need to go to the shops and conduct a production audit - this stage is often carried out by large customers, but just before the signing of the contract.

The fact is that for many European companies the level of compliance of production with certain criteria is important, which includes both the production capacity of the shops and the economic and environmental indicators of the enterprise. It is much easier to get all the necessary information at the exhibition first-hand.

Choosing a supplier of tools and equipment for furniture production

As for the exhibition, it is an ideal platform for prompt selection of a supplier. This is especially true of prices: at an exhibition event you can get the greatest discount and even pick up equipment from the stand.

If a tool for furniture production is an exhibition sample, then this is an opportunity for the buyer to purchase a ready-made model, and not wait a month, which in most cases is required to manufacture non-flow equipment and tools. If the products are produced in-line, the company always sells a huge number of ready-made models at the exhibition.

As for the discount, the exhibition is a platform with increased competition - competitors can be in the adjacent box, and it is in the interests of any manufacturer to receive as many orders as possible.

In the overwhelming majority of cases, it is those manufacturing companies that receive the greatest material return from the exhibition, which at the stand demonstrate their equipment in working mode. If the dimensions of the exhibition space and the tool itself for furniture production allow it, then it makes sense to turn the stand into a demonstration area.

On the spot, potential buyers will be able to evaluate both the quality of the equipment itself and the quality of the operations that it performs. More often than not, the products displayed at the stand become handouts. With a well-processed sample available, a potential buyer is more likely to make a purchase decision.

As practice shows, demonstration samples of machines and equipment become a trial purchase if the manufacturer is just entering the market and does not have a well-known brand and years of consumer confidence or reputation in the industry.

For a manufacturer, visiting an exhibition allows you to demonstrate your products to interested potential consumers. It is at exhibitions on the B2B market that about 50-70% of all contracts are concluded.

At the same time, the cost per target contact is low. That is why manufacturers are ready to offer cooperation on favorable terms - when calculating profits, the volume of orders will cover the losses from discounts for customers.

With the competent work of managers, the company can conclude so many contracts that the production capacity will be provided with a load for several years in advance. This does not mean at all that during this time the manufacturer will not spend the advertising budget on exhibitions.

On the contrary, maintaining a leading position in the market, increasing consumer confidence and brand awareness requires constant work of the company's advertising department. Otherwise, the intangible assets of the manufacturer, that is, the brand and trade marks, will greatly fall in value.

You can also find a suitable supplier or manufacturer of furniture products at the annual Furniture exhibition .

Requirement for equipment for furniture production

If you want your production to work as efficiently as possible and bring you profit, then the equipment you have installed must meet the following basic requirements:

  • Accuracy and quality of all operations. The material should be cut without chips, and drilling should be carried out in precisely specified dimensions.

  • Ergonomics. The control of such furniture making machines should be comfortable and easy.

  • Safety. The personnel working for such equipment must be reliably protected from various injuries.

The annual Mebel exhibition will be held at the Expocentre Fairgrounds.

At the exhibition you can get acquainted with modern equipment for the manufacture of cabinet or upholstered furniture, learn the latest novelties, innovative technologies and much more from the furniture industry.