Furniture manufacturing firms

The furniture market offers a huge assortment of furniture of a wide variety of styles and designs. But for interior items, besides their design, quality and durability are important. Only bona fide and already trusted manufacturers can guarantee such characteristics.

List of firms producing upholstered furniture

Today manufacturers offer sofas, beds, armchairs in a wide price range. At the same time, regardless of financial situation, you can always choose furniture that meets existing needs and taste preferences.

Budget options differ in a slightly simplified design, replacement of wood (for example, chipboard), a choice of relatively inexpensive upholstery fabrics. Despite the low prices, many models are distinguished by their reliability, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

Budget upholstered furniture in a wide range is offered by factories:

  • 'Rival';

  • 'Pinskdrev';

  • Borovichi-Furniture.

Upholstered furniture of slightly higher quality materials and workmanship belongs to the middle price category . For example, sofas cost from $ 300 to $ 700.

At an average price, their products are offered by:

  • 'Living sofas';

  • 'Lagoon';

  • Mebel-Holding.

Elite upholstered furniture & ndash; a necessary attribute in spacious rooms with a professionally executed European-style renovation. In the manufacture of expensive sofas and armchairs, as a rule, natural fabrics, high-quality fittings, and handicraft are used. All this makes interior items stylish, durable and completely safe for health.

The following companies produce such furniture:

  • & laquo; ANDERSSEN & raquo ;;

  • Vanguard;

  • 'Allegro-Classic';

  • 'Shatura-Furniture'.

Kitchen furniture companies

Modern kitchen furniture doesn't have to be expensive. Many manufacturers of kitchen units focus on additional options to ensure the best value for money.

For example:

The firm `` Maria '', which has existed since 1999, annually updates its model range and constantly strives to introduce new technologies. Her assortment includes budget and expensive samples of kitchen furniture.

Forema Kitchen, which has been on the market for 20 years, thanks to the confidence in the quality of its products, provides a 7-year warranty for each unit of the model range. Thanks to the presence of its own production base and design department, the company undertakes and successfully fulfills individual orders for the production of kitchen furniture of non-standard sizes.

The products of the Atlas Lux company, which has existed since the 90s, are certified and meet European quality standards. The manufacturer focuses on reliability, style and exclusive appearance.

Firm `` Rimmy '' offers modern kitchen furniture in the best European traditions and works closely with Italian manufacturers. Consumers can purchase high-quality furniture sets made of cherry, oak, pine and other types of wood at affordable prices.

'Kitchen Planet' is a relatively young company that successfully cooperates with the world's leading manufacturers. Her clients can order measurements of the premises, an individual design project. The company's specialists help customers choose the best models of cabinet furniture, soft corners, household appliances for the kitchen.

The Russian factory `` Grafskie Kitchens '', founded in 1924, is today one of the world's leading manufacturers of kitchen furniture. All its products are characterized by high quality and compliance with European standards.

Examples of well-known furniture manufacturing companies

The rapidly developing market of Russian-made furniture & ndash; one of the most competitive, and it has not yet been oversaturated with products. It simultaneously presents both small young firms and large factories with many years of experience.

The most famous furniture companies:

  • representative office `` Pushe '' cover 37 cities;

  • March 8 stores are available in 90 settlements;

  • Branches of the Sofa Formula available in 97 cities.

The price categories of furniture are very diverse at the moment. Elite models are not available to a wide range of consumers, so they are less in demand, sold in appropriate stores or made to order. Mostly the Russian market operates in the economy class segment, since the affordability of the price forms a greater turnover.

Leading furniture manufacturing companies participate in the annual Furniture exhibition.