Furniture production Samara and Penza

Every year the number of furniture manufacturing companies is growing.

If quite recently our citizens were chasing Romanian walls, Polish kitchens and German bedrooms, now our manufacturers are able to satisfy consumer demand for solid modern furniture.

In each city, if not furniture factories, then several firms that produce either standard standard products or make custom-made furniture.

Furniture production in Samara

There are no large furniture factories in Samara, therefore the furniture industry is represented by small and medium-sized enterprises.

Many of the companies are engaged in the production of furniture for schools and kindergartens: Svetoch-Plus, Vital, Samara Furniture Company.

The following furniture companies are engaged in the production of custom-made cabinet furniture:

  • Aviakor-Furniture. In addition to kitchen and children's furniture, it produces sofas and soft corners.

  • Aerom. A specialist of this company is ready to manufacture any built-in furniture for individual projects. Here you can order children's rooms, kitchens, sliding wardrobes, dressing rooms, office furniture from laminated chipboard.

  • Samara Interior. Makes any cabinet furniture.

  • Dors. Sliding wardrobes, wardrobes, sliding doors and partitions from a well-known brand.

  • The Samara Chairs enterprise produces furniture for seating from classic models to modern bar stools.

  • Firms "Kontur" and "Start" produce furniture on metal frames and shelving.

  • Company 169 manufactures furniture, stairs, windows and doors from solid wood.

Manufacture of bathroom furniture in Samara

Style Line is engaged in the production of bathroom furniture. The increased humidity of these rooms requires a special approach to the manufacture of furniture. For this, waterproof laminated chipboard is used. All parts are processed with a PVC edge, which protects all ends of parts from moisture.

MDF boards are used for the manufacture of facades. This material can be milled like a piece of furniture. After that, the facades can be painted or covered with a film, which completely protects the furniture doors from swelling when water gets on the furniture. All products have quality certificates and a warranty period of one year.

The company presents its products not only in the Samara market, but also actively supplies them to other regions of Russia.

Furniture production in Penza

About 100 small and medium-sized businesses in Penza are engaged in the production of furniture. Thanks to this, residents of the region can purchase typical, standard furniture or make one to order for furnishing their apartments.

These companies are:

  • furniture factory "Art-Mebel" produces upholstered furniture and sofas;

  • furniture factory "Freya" produces standard kitchens, children's corners.

More and more often, buyers prefer custom-made furniture according to special projects rather than standard headsets. In this case, all the features of the layout of the apartment, the needs of its inhabitants, and the special wishes of the customer are taken into account.

Buyers have the opportunity to actively participate not only in the choice of material, but also in the process of creating project sketches.

Production of cabinet furniture in Penza

The following companies provide services for the production of cabinet furniture:

  1. Bastet. The company offers furniture for bedrooms, kitchens.

  2. Mist company. Her assortment includes beds, wardrobes, desks, kitchen furniture, slides.

  3. Furniture factory "Ros". Offers to the market a wide range of cabinet furniture and soft corners.

  4. Era Mebel produces a wide range of cabinet furniture, including built-in kitchens and wardrobes.

The furniture industry is increasingly using materials and accessories made in Russia for its production. This allows you to reduce the cost of production and make it competitive in the domestic furniture market.

You can learn more about furniture production in Samara, Penza and other cities at the annual Mebel exhibition.