Furniture production Novgorod, Vladimir

Furniture & ndash; it is an integral part of interior decoration. The quality and design of this attribute is decisive for the appearance of the home. In view of this, special attention should be paid to the manufacturing features. Fortunately, the information regarding this moment & ndash; in abundance.

Furniture production Nizhny Novgorod

There are various enterprises producing high-quality furniture in Nizhny Novgorod:

  1. 'Forest Workshop'. The main feature is & ndash; it is handmade in every position. Furniture is made only of expensive materials.

  2. 'Zakharov's Furniture'. All names are carried out in the singular, which rightfully allows them to carry the status of "Exclusive"
    quo; Slide. The company specializes in the development of design projects, as well as the manufacture of complex furniture for various purposes.

  3. Karina Prom. The manufacturer's assortment includes only high-quality items with a sophisticated design. We produce exclusive furniture for both home and office.

Manufacture of cabinet furniture in Nizhny Novgorod

Another segment of the business in Nizhny Novgorod is the production of cabinet furniture.

Among the companies specializing in the manufacture of cabinet furniture are:

  1. MebelGrad. With the help of special equipment and classical manufacturing methods, the company produces high quality and exquisite furniture.

  2. 'Comfort NN'. The main feature of the company is that it produces cabinet furniture exclusively for kindergartens. Bright colors, original designs and dignified performance & ndash; Here are the three main components of the `` COMFORT NN '' workshop.

  3. Antario. The company produces durable furniture designed for the office space. Durability and reliability alternate with the original design of individual elements. Such furniture will be an excellent option for any type of office.

Furniture production Veliky Novgorod

There are several factories in Veliky Novgorod that specialize in the production of furniture:

  1. 'Florence'. The company not only manufactures furniture of unusual design, but also constantly holds promotions and makes discounts. All categories of home accessories made of wood are available to customers.

  2. 'Cedar format'. The company manufactures not only cabinets and tabletops, but also mattresses made from environmentally friendly materials.

  3. 'Find Furniture'. The main feature of the company is & ndash; is the manufacture of furniture to order. Implementation takes place on projects, both clients and available original options.

Furniture production in Vladimir

The city has a large number of furniture workshops:

  1. 'Inter-M'. It is the first Vladimir's company to produce original furniture items. All projects are carried out by experienced designers.

  2. 'Continent'. Produces only exclusive furniture items. The workshop of the company employs only professionals with the appropriate qualifications and years of experience.

  3. Colosseum. The company has a large workshop, where there is a constant development of new and & nbsp; original furniture positions.

Manufacture of solid wood furniture in Vladimir

There are several enterprises in the city specializing in the manufacture and production of solid wood furniture:

  1. 'Massive Furniture 33'. All positions are made of wood, the main focus is retro style. Each item from the catalog has a high level of durability and environmental friendliness.

  2. 'Ru-Array'. More sophisticated positions of solid wood furniture, which are in high demand in the market. Only the leading masters of the industry work on each model.

This is only a small part of the organizations that manufacture furniture in these ancient Russian cities.

More information about furniture production in Nizhny and Veliky Novgorod, Vladimir and other cities can be found at the annual Mebel exhibition.